Thunder Aggressively Pursue Pau Gasol

If players can meet up on team USA playing in the Olympics, just think of what can happen when the second best team in the world gets players to play together. That's right, team Spain (or Espana) has both Serge Ibaka and Pau Gasol, and the Thunder are one of the front runners to acquire the Spaniard in costless agency.

Mark Stein reported today that Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook went to Los Angeles today to meet with Pau Gasol. This is huge in Oklahoma City. Sam Presti hasn't been known to go after costless agents, but at the same time he needs to keep his two superstars happy, because their impending costless agency could be coming up in just a few years. Obviously Serge has played with him before, so the familiarity could be there, plus it gives them a big man who knows how to play with the ball in his hands as a passer and as a shooter.

The other key thing about this is that the Thunder only have around 8 million in cap space. Does this mean they finally grant all Thunder fans worldwide their wish and amnesty Kendrick Perkins? If so, it would be a huge improvement in the front court of the Oklahoma City Thunder, and this is a situation that needs to be closely monitored for future action.