LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers Agree On Two-Year Deal
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

On Friday morning, LeBron James announced that he will return home to join the Cleveland Cavaliers, where he spent the first seven years of his career. On Saturday afternoon, it was announced by ESPN that LeBron James’ contract will be two-years, $42.1 million. James’ deal includes a player option after the first year.

James made his announcement to Sports Illustrated stating that he is going “back home” to Cleveland. James spent four years with the Miami Heat where he made it to the finals every season and won two championship rings.

The four-time MVP left empty promises in Cleveland to which he wants to fulfill now. He tagged the four years with the Miami Heat as “being in college,” where he gained four years of experience and matured as a superstar.

He is ready to turn over a new leaf with the young talent filling the Cavaliers roster. James wants a player option attached to his contract, so he can opt out and sign for the maximum allowed contract next summer. It is expected that a new TV deal for the NBA will boost the value of max deals, and James wants to be ahead of the curve. Despite whatever uneasy feelings this might create with the Cleveland faithful, James assured the team and fans that he is committed to staying with the Cavs long-term.

"I always believed that I'd return to Cleveland and finish my career there," James wrote in his announcement letter on Friday.

LeBron’s decision created a domino effect throughout the league as other costless agents made their decisions once James settled with his.