Clippers - Thunder Live (108-131)
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The Clippers defense struggled once again and has now failed to keep their opponents to under 100 points in six straight games. The 131 points they gave up was a season high and it doesn't get easier as they face the offensively-charged Dallas Mavericks tomorrow night in Dallas.

Great team effort for the Thunder as they ran all over the Clippers to hand them their fourth straight loss. Great output by the Thunder's bench which allowed them to post 131 points. McGary, Jackson and Waiters combined for a total of 50 points off of 19-0f-25 shooting from the field. If the Thunder can continue to recieve anything near this output, it would make a huge difference for the Thunder moving forward.

4th Quarter (0:00): All over here in Oklahoma City with the Thunder winning in convincing fashion 131-108. 

4th Quarter (0:20): Three makes from downtown this quarter for Jamal Crawford as he now leads the Clippers with 21 points

4th Quarter (0:40): Jeremy Lamb from downtown once again, his second of the match

4th Quarter (1:00): Dahntey Jones to line and hits two free throws to get on the board

4th Quarter (1:10): Mitch McGary heads to the line and splits a pair of free-throws

4th Quarter (1:24): Jamal Crawford making use of garbage time, hitting another three-pointer

4th Quarter (1:47): Mitch McGary again, this time slams it home with authority 

4th Quarter (2:02): Jamal Crawford hits from beyond the arc for the first time today

4th Quarter (2:56): Waiters to the line again and perfect from the stripe

The Thunder's bench has been fantastic today with 52 bench points lead by 16 from McGary, 15 from Jackson and 12 from Waiters

4th Quarter (3:06): Turkoglu again from downtown

Thunder - 121 Clippers- 94

4th Quarter (3:23): Dion Waiter with the tough layup with heavy contact

4th Quarter (3:41): CJ Wilcox again, this time with a nice and-1 at the rim.

4th Quarter (3:48): Mitch McGary continues his stellar performance with the strong and-1. Hits the free-throw to give him 16 points for the match. He has really impressed tonight

4th Quarter (4:50): CJ Wilcox hits from in close, 7 points this quarter for the rookie

With 29 points in 28 minutes, Kevin Durant is likely to be done for the game with the Thunder up 25

4th Quarter (5:45): Hedo Turkoglu left wide open and hits a three-ball

Deep into the reserves now with Ish Smith replacing Reggie Jackson

4th Quarter (6:00): Ekpe Udoh slams home a dunk and is fouled. Misses the free throw 

4th Quarter (6:54): Jeremy Lamb swishes in a three-ball to get himself on the board

We have 7 minutes of garbage time now

4th Quarter (7:22): Dion Waiters draws the foul and makes two from two from the line up

4th Quarter (7:39): CJ Wilcox again after the Dion Waiters turnover leads to an easy layup

4th Quarter (7:59): CJ Wilcox hits from way downtown to get his first points of the night

Thunder - 111 Clippers - 79

4th Quarter (8:30): Another assist for Reggie Jackson as he dishes to Perry Jones III for the dunk

4th Quarter (8:55): Mitch McGary hits the fadeaway from the free-throw line

4th Quarter (9:20): Andre Roberson to the line where he has struggled this season. Makes one of two but the Thunder get the rebound.

4th Quarter (9:44): A put back layup for Ibaka off of the Dion Waiters miss, giving him 14 for the game.

4th Quarter (10:32): Jamal Crawford hits from mid-range off of the Chris Paul pass

4th Quarter (10:53): Reggie Jackson dishes to Dion Waiters for the corner three! The two bench dynamo's have worked well together today.

4th Quarter (11:34): Austin Rivers kicks off the quarter with a transition slam

Thunder - 101 Clippers - 75

3rd Quarter (0:00): Thunder have a game-high 26 point lead to finish the third.

11 rebounds now for Russell Westbrook, a game-high.

3rd Quarter (0:11): Russell Westbrook good from beyond the arc!

3rd Quarter (1:12): Jamal Crawford hits on the assist from DeAndre Jordan

3rd Quarter (1:30): Russell Westbrook again perfect from the strip, hitting two of two

Thunder - 96 Clippers - 73

3rd Quarter (1:47): Reggie Jackson from waaaaaay downtown to beat the shot-clock buzzer 

3rd Quarter (2:14): Chris Paul makes the mid-range jumper. He's been on form from there today

3rd Quarter (3:06): Russell Westbrook hits two of two free throws, now has 14 points for the game

3rd Quarter (3:07): Technical foul on Jamal Crawford and the free throw made by Kevin Durant

Another turnover by the Clippers gives them 7 for the quarter

3rd Quarter (3:22): Big three-ball from Serge Ibaka puts the Thunder up by 19

3rd Quarter (3:48): The big Andre Roberson block leads to a Kevin Durant layup in transition

3rd Quarter (4:22): Westbrook makes the tough shot and has now made 5 of his last 7 shots

3rd Quarter (4:41): Chris Paul sinks two from two from the charity stripe

3rd Quarter (5:05): Chris Paul again good from mid range

3rd Quarter (5:50): Kevin Durant goes to the line and sinks both free throws, giving him 26 points for the game

Thunder - 81 Clippers - 67

After just two first half turnovers, the Clippers now have 6 in the first 6 minutes of the second half.

3rd Quarter (6:43): An alley-oop now as Chris Paul links up well with DeAndre Jordan to cap off a 7-0 run.

3rd Quarter (7:13): A three-pointer now for Matt Barnes who now has 15 points

3rd Quarter (7:45): Matt Barnes with the nice mid-range jumpshot

3rd Quarter (8:07): Back-to-back turnovers now for the Clippers now as Andre Roberson slams down the transition jam

3rd Quarter (8:33): Russell Westbrook gets out in transition for the athletic finish at the rim

3rd Quarter (8:57): DeAndre Jordan points back in the Spencer Hawes miss

3rd Quarter (9:19): Kevin Durant hits off the glass for the jumpshot

3rd Quarter (9:27): Nick Collison draws the charge on a flying Matt Barnes

The Thunder with their largest lead of the match:
Thunder - 75 Clippers - 58

3rd Quarter (9:55): Good ball movement ends in the Kevin Durant three ball

3rd Quarter (10:26): Russell Westbrook hits on the mid-range jumper

3rd Quarter (10:33): Austin Rivers hits the short jumper

3rd Quarter (10:45): Insanely athletic drive and dish by Westbrook for the Collison slam

3rd Quarter (11:15): Kevin Durant dishes beautifully to Serge Ibaka for the slam

3rd Quarter (12:00): Glen Davis and Steven Adams will both not return

Just two first half turnovers for the Clippers however they are being outrebounded 33-14.

Clippers top performers: Chris Paul 12 points, 8 assists. Spencer Hawes 17 points, 7/12 shooting, 2-4 from 3pt. 

Thunder top performers: Kevin Durant 19 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assists. Reggie Jackson 12 points, 3 assists, 5/5 shooting

2nd Quarter (0:00): Thunder finish the half ahead 66-56

2nd Quarter (0:01): Matt Barnes tips in his own miss to finish the first half.

2nd Quarter (0:19): Two made free throws for Kevin Durant

2nd Quarter (0:31): Chris Paul hits on the driving lay up

2nd Quarter (0:44): Westbrook bullies Paul in the post and hits the baby hook.

A high scoring quarter so far as the Thunder lead the quarter 36-24.

2nd Quarter (1:02): Jackson fouled in transition and makes one of two.

NBA UPDATE: Damian Lillard has been named as the replacement for Blake Griffin for the All Star Game.

Thunder - 60 Clippers - 58

2nd Quarter (1:19): Jackson with the beautiful feed to Ibaka who is fouled trying to put it in

2nd Quarter (1:43): Hawes all alone and hits the three-pointer. He now has his season-high alreay with 17 points.

2nd Quarter (2:12): Spencer Hawes again with the mid-range jumper!

2nd Quarter (2:43): Westbrook with his first FG of the game, a classic pull up jumper

2nd Quarter (3:14): Jackson hits again with the nice floater!

2nd Quarter (3:33): After Adams splits two free throws with his left hand, the Thunder deliberately foul DeAndre Jordan to allow Adams to leave the floor. Jordan makes one of two.

2nd Quarter (3:35): Adams to take the free-throws however still looking very ginger and will return to the locker room.

11 points and 6 rebounds in just 8 minutes for Thunder rookie Mitch McGary off of the bench

The Thunder currently out-rebounding the Clippers 29-11

2nd Quarter (3:35): Steven Adams fouled but leaves the court with what looks like a potential dislocated finger

The Thunder's 27 bench points have been the key so far, especially with just 8 for the Clippers.

Thunder - 55 Clippers - 44

2nd Quarter (3:46): Great turn-around jumpshot by Spencer Hawes who has a team-high 12 points for the game.

2nd Quarter (4:09): Durant respondes with two free throws 

2nd Quarter (4:26): Chris Paul hits two free throws

2nd Quarter (5:01): Austin Rivers with the step-back three pointer.

Thunder - 53 Clippers - 39

2nd Quarter (5:24): Steven Adams with the nice hook shot after the Reggie Jackson dime

2nd Quarter (5:52): Russell Westbrook with his first points of the night with two free throws

2nd Quarter (6:35): DeAndre Jordan with the put back after the Austin Rivers miss.

2nd Quarter (6:56): MCGARY! McGary now with the add-1 and has 11 points after the made free throw.

2nd Quarter (7:05): Jamal Crawford splits a pair of free throws after the Reggie Jackson foul

2nd Quarter (7:15): Dion Waiters with the deep 2 to give the Thunder a 10 point lead.

2nd Quarter (7:33): Jamal Crawford with the and-1 off of the 22 foot jumpshot

2nd Quarter (7:48): Reggie Jackson with the pretty floater who now has 9 points on 4/4 shooting.

The Thunder bench now shooting 9/13 for 20 points.

2nd Quarter (8:30): Reggie Jackson hits from mid-range again with the nice step-back.

2nd Quarter (8:44): Austin Rivers makes the floater with the help of a friendly roll.

Thunder - 40 Clippers - 30

2nd Quarter (9:07): Again by McGary who has 8 quick points on 4/4 shooting.

2nd Quarter (9:27): Tough layup from Hawes who now has 11 points for the game.

2nd Quarter (9:45): Mitch McGary runs the floor well and is found with the nice dish from Dion Waiters.

2nd Quarter (10:04): Nick Collison puts back in the Dion Waiters miss

2nd Quarter (10:18): Jamal Crawford with the tough jumper

A 12-0 run now for the Thunder as the Clippers call for a time out.

2nd Quarter (10:32): Dion Waiters with the nice reverse lay up off of the great Reggie Jackson dish.

Thunder - 32 Clippers - 26

2nd Quarter (11:19): Reggie Jackson with the strong and-1 in the paint. Hits the free throw.

2nd Quarter (11:40): Dion Waiters fouled in transition and splits a pair of free throws.

2nd Quarter (12:00): Westbrook scoreless in the first quarter.

​1st Quarter (0:00): Thunder lead 28-26 after one quarter, led by Durant who has 15 points on 7-10 shooting. 

​1st Quarter (0:05): Mid range jumper for Reggie Jackson, right in the grill of Chris Paul.

​1st Quarter (0:46): Another layup for McGary who has fired up the crowd.

​1st Quarter (1:00): Lay up for Mitch McGary, just the second field goal of his NBA career

​1st Quarter (1:22): Mid-range jumper for Chris Paul

​1st Quarter (1:54): Lay up for CP3

1st Quarter (1:58): DeAndre Jordan splits a pair of free-throws for the Clippers.

1st Quarter (2:11): Another jumper for KD. This time with the Dirk-esque fadeaway.

1st Quarter (2:25): Three pointer for Matt Barnes, his second for the quarter.

1st Quarter (2:35): Tough jumper for Durant who is on fire.

1st Quarter (2:59): Time out Clippers as the score is tied at 18.

1st Quarter (3:18): Another jumper for Durant who has 11 points to start the quarter.

1st Quarter (3:58): Three point jumper for Hawes. He's on fire to start the game.

1st Quarter (4:26): Outside jumper for Spencer Hawes

1st Quarter (4:46): Slam dunk by Kevin Durant!

1st Quarter (5:01): Fast break layup for Matt Barnes

1st Quarter (5:22): Lay up for Jamal Crawford

1st Quarter (5:43): Mid-range jumper for KD who is now 2-2 from the field.

1st Quarter (6:03): Again for Hawes who now has four points early.

1st Quarter (6:46): Spencer Hawes scores from in close.

1st Quarter (7:13): Kevin Durant from downtown!

PGA Golfer Bubba Watson in attendance tonight. 

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook still yet to score after almost 5 minutes of action.

​1st Quarter (7:52): Nice mid-range jumper by Chris Paul after the nice crossover.

​1st Quarter (8:31): Huge block by Adams on Matt Barnes, forcing a jump ball.

​1st Quarter (9:14): After three offensive rebounds for the possession, Ibaka is fouled on a three pointer by DeAndre Jordan.

1st Quarter: (10:23): Matt Barnes gets the Clippers on the board with a three pointer after some good ball movement from the Clippers.

​1st Quarter (10:42): Serge Ibaka gets to the line and sinks two free throws. 

1st Quarter (11:06): Steven Adams starts off the scoring with a powerful and-one.

1st Quarter (12:00): Serge Ibaka wins the tip for the Thunder and we're under way in Oklahoma City!

Spencer Hawes to start in the place of Griffin

The players are on the court with a lively crowd out this afternoon in Oklahoma City.

Who will now replace Griffin in the All-Star game? Damian Lillard? Dirk Nowitzki? Mike Conley? 

The betting line has shifted from -3.5 points in OKC´s favour to -7.5 points with the news that the Clippers will be without Griffin.

Latest reports out of the Clippers camp have announced that All-Star Power Forward Blake Griffin will miss a projected four to six weeks after needing surgery to fix a staph infection in his right elbow.

The Thunder currently sit at 14-8 on their homecourt while the Clippers are an impressive 13-11 on the road.

This afternoon match up in Oklahoma City looks to be a monumental encounter for both teams as the end of the regular season is starting to come into sight. With both teams sitting well below where they sat in the rankings at this time last year, they will look to make a run leading up to the All-Star break to kick their season into gear.

The Thunder enter this matchup coming off a heart breaking loss at home to the Pelicans where an Anthony Davis three at the buzzer led to a Pelicans 116-113 victory. That game truly epitomized the Thunder´s season thus far as, just when it seemed as though they were on the right track, with Russell Westbrook capping off a sensational performance with three game-tying free-throws in the final seconds, they were cut down once again. The loss places the Thunder at 25-25, three games behind the Phoenix Suns for the highly coveted eight seed in the ultra-competitive Western Conference. With 32 games left to play, there is still more than enough time to make up the deficit but with the Thunder still not playing their best basketball, they must switch into top gear sooner rather than later. 

Despite sitting comfortably in the playoff picture in the sixth seed, it is possible that the Clippers are entering this afternoon´s matchup in a worse position than the Thunder. In the midst of a season-high three-game losing streak, the Clippers lost a nail-biter to the lowly Brooklyn Nets before back-to-back blowouts at the hands of the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Toronto Raptors. Coming towards the end of their extensive eight-game road trip, the Clippers have shown an inability to win consistently on the road, going just 2-4 thus far. Against the Raptors on Friday, the Clippers gave up a 20-point first quarter lead to ultimately go down 123-107. Allowing the Raptors to shoot 53 percent from the field and 43 percent from downtown highlighted the Clippers´ season-long defensive shortcomings as the Clippers have allowed five straight opponents score 100-plus points. 

The Thunder and Clippers have met just once this season, with the match lacking star-power as it went three quarters without Kevin Durant or Russell Westbrook. Despite the absence of their two best players, the Thunder fought hard before falling, 93-90. These two Western Conference powerhouses have plenty of history, with the Thunder being responsible for ending the Clippers´ playoff run last year with a tough fought 4-2 victory. The last time these two teams took the court in Oklahoma City was perhaps the most controversial match of all of last year’s playoffs. Leading 104-97 with just 49 seconds to play, the Thunder scored the final eight points, including a Kevin Durant three and three Russell Westbrook free-throws to clinch a 105-104 victory and take a 3-2 series lead. Looking back further, the personal battle between Serge Ibaka and Blake Griffin never disappoints dating back to 2012. Both on and off the court, there is a clear disdain between the two and there is never a lack of scuffles and physicality on the court.

Russell Westbrook vs Chris Paul:

These two polar opposite players are still two of the best point guards in the league today, however, play completely different styles of basketball. Westbrook plays with such a controlled ferocity that is unrivaled throughout the league, whereas Paul plays in such a deliberate and calculated nature that it is no surprise he is so efficient. Russell Westbrook comes into this encounter in such form that statistics can only begin to explain. Over his past three games, he is averaging 39.3 points, 10.3 assists and 8.6 rebounds, while shooting 55 percent from the floor. Not one to need video game numbers to illustrate his dominance, Chris Paul himself has been consistent lately despite the Clippers´ struggle. After Westbrook prevailed in the playoff series last season, Paul will want to take this opportunity to seek revenge and look to settle the argument over the best point guard in the NBA.

Kendrick Perkins will miss this game due to a one game suspension for initiating head-to-head contact with Pelicans guard Tyreke Evans

Clippers guard J.J. Redick is expected to miss a third straight game with back spasms. 

The Thunder rank number one in the league in rebounds per game at 46.4, whereas the Clippers rank just number 24 with 41.5 per outing.

Hello, everyone. Welcome to VAVEL USA´s Live of the Oklahoma City Thunder and Los Angeles Clippers from the Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City Thunder.