Score Blazers - Grizzlies in NBA Playoffs 2015 Game 1 (86-100)
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End 4th: These two teams will play again on Wednesday in Memphis. Player of the game for the Blazers: LaMarcus Aldridge Player of the game for Memphis: Beno Udrih

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4th 0:00: Memphis 100 Portland 86

4th 1:01: Tim Frazier with a missed layup and a fastbreak turnover. He likely wont be seeing any minutes for the remainder of Portland's post-season run

4th 2:27: Freeland, Crabbe, Frazier, Leonard, and Gee in for the Blazers

4th 2:27: Allen Crabbe hits a three

4th 2:50: Portland has been outscored in every quarter except for the 4th.

4th 3:12: LaMarcus Aldridge drains a three

4th 5:00: Tony Allen with the and-one

4th 5:11: Nicolas Batum downs a 3

4th 5:50: Memphis still has not put their reserves into the game.

4th 7:04: Portland has made 5 three point shots out of 20 attempts

4th 8:11: Damian Lillard with the and-one

4th 8:33: Meyers Leonard drains another three pointer. The Blazers could have used his production earlier in the game

3rd 0:00: Memphis 86 Portland 62

3rd 0:28: LaMarcus Aldridge with another and-one

3rd 1:11: The Blazers have put Meyers Leonard, CJ McCollum, Allen Crabbe, and Steve Blake into the game

3rd 1:47: LaMarcus Aldridge with the and-one

3rd 1:56: Aldridge now commits a frustration foul. It will be interesting to see how Terry Stotts plays the rotation for the rest of the game.

3rd 2:48: This game is over for the Blazers. They are in a 30 point hole nearing the end of the 3rd quarter, and the Grizzlies are only extending their lead.

3rd 5:31: Blazers commit unforced turnover. They are not coming back into thisd game unless they start knocking down threes

3rd 6:20: Grizzlies not letting the Blazers make a run. They lead by 21

3rd 8:16: Memphis cals timeout after Blazers end up with a 3 pointer after 2 near turnovers

3rd 8:51: The Blazers are playing wel on both ends of the floor so far.

3rd 9:34: LaMarcus Aldridge hits his signiture shot over Zach Randolph on the baseline

3rd 10:00: Blazers lob to Lillard. They look much more composed this half

HALFTIME: The Blazers are shooting 11% form three. That's a ridiculously bad number for a team that relies on the shot for their offense to function.

HALFTIME: The Blazers are desperate for another player to get into double figures. Damian Lillard and the other starters (excluding Aldridge) combined for 14 in the first half. Aldridge has 16. The Blazers bench has combined for 9 points. The Blazers are shooting 32%

HALFTIME: The Grizzlies are playing better than they have all year on the offensive end, which is what's expected during the playoffs. The Blazers have not been able to match the intensity that the Grizzlies have brought to this game.

HALFTIME: The Portland Trail Blazers have not been able to find their grove on the offensive end, as well as allowing too many inside points on the defensive end. This is the worst game the Blazers have played all year.

2nd 0:00: end 2nd. Memphis 58 Portland 39

2nd 0:44: If the Blazers want to get back into the game, they are going to need one of their signiture 3rd quarter comebacks

2nd 0:44: Marc Gasol with the and-one

2nd 1:28: The Grizzlies are now responding with a run of their own. Potland calls timeout

2nd 2:40: Mike Conley with the and-one!

2nd 3:53: Chris Kaman with the second chance bucket

2nd 4:10: Aldridge hits the second chance bucket. Blazers now on a run

2nd 4:46: Damian Lillard catches the oop and finishes with a finger roll off of the inbounds pass

2nd 5:41: Grizzlies call timeout to stop the Blazer run. The Blazers would love to see Damian Lillard knowck down some permiter shots soon.

2nd 6:15: Damian Lillard scores his first points of the game, Blazers down by 11

2nd 6:43: Chris Kaman with the and one! Offensive rebounds are going to be huge for Portland in this game.

2nd 7:31: LaMarcus Aldridge with the and-one! If the Blazers can get him going they may have a chance to get back into this game.

2nd 8:30: The Grizzlies defense is not playing very well this game, in fact they are being carried by their offense, and by the fact that the Blazers are missing shots that they usually make.

2nd 8:32: Robin Lopez draws the foul and goes to the free throw line.

2nd 9:00: If the Blazers cant get a solid offensae running soon, this game will be all but over. They cant seem to score on more than 2 possessions in a row.

2nd 10:24: Memphis nails a three followed by a wide open jumper. they lead 32-18

2nd 11:28:  Batum makes the Blazers first three of the game.

2nd 12:00: Meyers Leonard has checked into the game for the Blazers

1st 0:00: Memphis ends the quarter with a 25-15 lead

1st 0:47:  Grizzlies respond with a run of their own, now carry an 8 point lead

1st 1:12: LaMarcus Aldridge headed to the line looking to extend the Blazers comeback 

1st 2:05: The Blazers make theior first perimiter shot off of an inbounds pass, and then Allen Crabbe makes a reverse layup. The Blazers need to keep this offensive momentum shift into the second quarter.

1st 2:49: LaMarcus Aldridge picks up a technical foul after fighting for an offensive rebound. Play looked clean

1st 3:03: Blazers continue to go to Aldridge despite his struggles

1st 3:48: The Blazers offense was starting to function again, before a timeout slowed their offense down. Lillard goes 1-2 on free throws

1st 5:45: after a messy offensive play, Aldridge finishes with the jam. Blazers back in the game

1st 8:00: The Blazers need to start functioning on the offensive end. The Grizzlies defense isn't playing well, but Aldridge is not hitting his shots

1st 8:31: Marc Gasol goes 1-2 on his free-throws

1st 8:47: The Blazers finally score with a LaMarcus Aldridge layup

1st 9:29:  The Blazers are now 0-6 to start the game

1st 10:57: The Grizzlies open up the scoring with a layup from Zach Randolph

8:10 PM: The game has tipped off!

8:09 PM: The Blazers will start CJ McCollum tonight

8:03 PM:  Update: The Hawks have won game 1 against the Brooklyn Nets

7:55 PM:  The Cleveland Cavaliers won earlier today against the Boston Celtics at home, the final score was 113-100.

7:54 PM: Around the league: The Hawks are leading the Nets by 6 with 1 minute remaining in the game

7:50 PM: The game will likely have a delayed tip-off because of the Hawks-Nets game running over scheduled time.

Blazers Injury Updates for Portland - Memphis game 1:  Nicolas Batum and guard CJ McCollum also plan to play Game 1. Afflalo will not play.

Grizzlies Injury Updates for Portland - Memphis game 1: Grizzlies guard Mike Conley is questionable with a sprained right foot, and Tony Allen plans to play.

Although the Grizzlies took the series 4-0, it is clear that the Portland Trail Blazers' players are not worried.

Here is Blazers' coach Terry Stotts' feelings on the series:

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Here are some of the Blazers' players thoughts on the upcoming series against the Grizzlies:

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Today’s NBA playoff games are: Spurs-Clippers, Blazers-Memphis, Celtics-Cavs, and Hawks-Nets. VAVEL will have LIVE coverage of every NBA playoff Portland - Memphis live game this year, so make sure to check back every day for more LIVE content.

Recap of yesterdays playoff results: The Golden State Warriors beat the New Orleans Pelicans and retained home court, taking a 1-0 series lead. The Washington Wizards pulled off a win in Toronto in order to steal home court advantage, taking a 1-0 series lead. The Bulls beat the Bucks in Derrick Rose’s first playoff game in 3 years. Rose had 23 points on the night. The Rockets also won at home, taking a 1-0 series lead over the Dallas Mavericks.

The Grizzlies are 31-10 at home on the season, so it will be vital to playoff survival for the Blazers to steal home court by winning either Portland - Memphis game 1 or 2.

Here are VAVEL's complete first round predictions

Memphis also lost last year to the eventual champions, only in the first round of the playoffs. They will be looking to move further into the playoffs this year, and play championship favorites the Golden State Warriors.

Last year, the Portland Trail Blazers won the series on a sensational shot from Damian Lillard with 0.9 seconds left on the clock in game 6. The shot went down as one of the greatest in Portland Trail Blazers history. They went on to lose to the eventual NBA champions, the San Antonio Spurs in 5 games.

Key Players for the Grizzlies on offense and defense: Marc Gasol, Zach Randolph, Bench Players.

The Grizzlies need to keep their offense in the paint during this Portland - Memphis live game. The Blazers will shut down any attempt at an outside shot from them. Marc Gasol will likely take on Robin Lopez for their first few possessions of the Portland - Memphis game to get him into foul trouble. If Lopez gets early fouls, the Blazers will be in deep trouble, as Chris Kaman is getting older, and may not survive a long stint against Gasol, and Meyers Leonard is foul prone.

Key players for the Blazers on offense: Damian Lillard, LaMarcus Aldridge, Bench Players

Key players for the Blazers on defense: Robin Lopez, LaMarcus Aldridge, Nicolas Batum

The Blazers are going to have to run their offense from the inside out, drawing double teams on LaMarcus Aldridge, and swinging back out for three. Lillard’s man likely won't leave him, so look for one of the Blazers’ role players to have a big Portland - Memphis game. Defense will be a challenge, as the Blazers’ coach Terry Stotts focuses on defending the perimeter shot.

The Blazers Keys to this Portland - Memphis game are: 1. Defensive Rebounds 2. Three point shooting 3. Hold Randolph and Gasol to a combined 35 points.

The Grizzlies keys to this Portland - Memphis game are: 1. Control the paint 2. Stop the three ball 3. Limit bench production

The Blazers need Damian Lillard and LaMarcus Aldridge to combine for 45 points, while two bench players need to score at least 10 each (CJ McCollum, Steve Blake, Chris Kaman, and Meyers Leonard are the options). Batum will need to spread the ball, as well as help prevent the Grizzlies from getting offensive boards.

The Grizzlies will need Gasol and Randolph to dominate on both ends of the floor if they want to win this Trail Blazers vs Grizzlies live game. Robin Lopez was a top five offensive rebounder in the league, before an injury dropped him off of the list. LaMarcus Aldridge is also very capable of shooting over Randolph.

This will be a relatively low scoring Trail Blazers vs Grizzlies  game, as long as the Blazers defense can hold their ground in the post. On the offensive end, look for Damian Lillard, CJ McCollum, and Meyers Leonard (yes, Leonard) to rain a three point barrage on the Grizzlies. The Grizzlies will fight in the paint, and take few outside shots.

The Portland Trail Blazers will be relying on a strong showing for Damian Lillard on the offensive end, while looking for Aldridge to show defensive dominance in the post. Robin Lopez will also be a key player in limiting Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol’s points.

Both teams have been struck by injuries late in the season, with the Grizzlies suffering injuries to Mike Conley and Tony Allen. Blazers’ guard Wesley Matthews tore his achilles tendon in early 2015 and will not play in the playoffs. Aaron Afflalo sustained a strained shoulder close to the end of the season, and Dorell Wright will not play because of a fractured hand.

Welcome to VAVEL USA’s LIVE coverage of the NBA Playoffs. The Portland Trail Blazers vs the Memphis Grizzlies live tips off at 5:00 PM PST.