Score Milwaukee Bucks - Chicago Bulls in 2015 NBA Playoffs Game 2 (82-91)
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Postgame: Jimmy Butler led the way for Chicago with 31 points, and helped the Bulls down the Bucks 91-82.  Next game is Thursday at 7.  Thanks for sticking with VAVEL for this game, and make sure to keep following the NBA Playoffs on VAVEL USA

End 4th Quarter

Bucks can't hit any shots down the stretch.

Timeout.  Bulls up 91-82

54.5 4th Quarter- Derrick Rose with a stepback jumper.  

Mirotic appears to be in a lot of pain on the sideline

1:41 4th Quarter- Gasol with the block

2:10 4th Quarter- Middleton hits a big bucket for the Bucks

Pachulia has been ejected from the game with his second technical of the night.

Timeout.  Bulls up 89-80

2:48 4th Quarter- Pachulia and Mirotic get into a scuffle after a lose-ball

3:44 4th Quarter- Jimmy Butler drills another three-pointer.  He has 31 on the night.

4:00 4th Quarter- Technical Foul on Bucks Zaza Pachulia, Rose hits the free-throw

4:37 4th Quarter- OJ Mayo at the free-throw line.  Makes both shots.

Butler gets shoved by OJ Mayo, he'll get two free throws.  Hits 1 of 2.

5:46 4th Quarter- Pachulia hits a big basket for the Bucks

6:07 4th Quarter- Jimmy Butler buries a three-pointer in OJ Mayo's face

Milwaukee has gone cold offensively

Butler makes the free-throw

7:07 4th Quarter- Jimmy Butler with a dunk and a foul

Timeout, Bulls up 78-74

7:14 4th Quarter- MCW commits his fourth foul on Derrick Rose

7:45 4th Quarter- Tony Snell hits his first three

Butler hits 1 of 2 free-throws

8:10 4th Quarter- Jimmy Butler fouled, gets two free-throws

8:29 4th Quarter- Noah blocked by Henson

9:02 4th Quarter- Jimmy Butler hits a three-pointer for Chicago

9:50 4th Quarter- OJ Mayo hits another floater

10:09 4th Quarter- Bulls commit a 24 second violation

Timeout Bulls

10:34 4th Quarter- OJ Mayo with a floater to put Milwaukee up 72-71

Bayless hits both free-throws

10:57 4th Quarter- Bayless gets fouled, two free-throws for him

11:38 4th Quarter- Bayless commits a foul

Start 4th Quarter

End of 3rd Quarter- Chicago 71-Bucks 64

41.1 3rd Quarter- Aaron Brooks drains a long three-pointer, Jared Bayless responds with a layup for Milwaukee

1:00 3rd Quarter- OJ Mayo with a jumper

2:00 3rd Quarter- Gasol is fouled by Henson, makes 1 of 2 free-throws.  Aaron Brooks comes in for Rose

2:21 3rd Quarter- Henson hits a shot with three Bulls around him

Timeout Bucks

2:54 3rd Quarter- Jimmy Butler hits a wide open layup, assisted by Rose

3:27 3rd Quarter- Mike Dunleavy hits a three for Chicago

3:48 3rd Quarter- Henson answers with a jumper

4:04 3rd Quarter- Rose drains a three

4:20 3rd Quarter- Jimmy Butler fouled by OJ Mayo, misses both free-throws, but gets the rebound

4:24 3rd Quarter- Bucks turn it over

4:34 3rd Quarter- Rose is fouled, hits both free-throws

4:52 3rd Quarter- Middleton hits a three, he has 20 points

5:19 3rd Quarter- Michael Carter Williams hits a floater


5:31 3rd Quarter- Jimmy Butler hits a reverse layup, and gets fouled.

6:12 3rd Quarter- Middleton fouled by Butler, makes the basket and the free-throw

6:24 3rd Quarter- Derrick Rose gets to the basket

6:41 3rd Quarter- Bucks can't capitalize in transition, turn it over

7:16 3rd Quarter- Foul on Derrick Rose, Pachulia hits jumper

7:31 3rd Quarter- Gasol hits a jumper from the free-throw line

Ilyasova hits both free-throws

8:24 3rd Quarter- Ilyasova fouled by Noah on shot attempt

8:46 3rd Quarter- Giannis commits an offensive foul

9:08 3rd Quarter- MCW hits a floater

9:39 3rd Quarter- Giannis hits a pull-up jumper

Rose hits both free throws

9:54 3rd Quarter- Blocking foul on Middleton, free-throws for Derrick Rose

10:14 3rd Quarter- Derrick Rose hits his first shot, a three-pointer

10:34 3rd Quarter- MIchael Carter-Williams fouled by Derrick Rose, misses the free throw

11:05 3rd Quarter- Middleton responds with a basket, but Jimmy Butler buries a jumper on the other end

11:29 3rd Quarter- Gasol makes the Bulls first bucket

11:47 3rd Quarter- Giannis misses the first shot of the quarter

Start of 3rd Quarter

Halftime- After a hotly contested first half, both teams go into the break with Chicago up 39-38.  Make sure to stick with Vavel USA for the rest of this game!

End 2nd Quarter

1.0 2nd Quarter- Mirotic hits a layup off a pass from Rose

1:26 2nd Quarter- Mirotic hits a three, Bucks turn it over and Mirotic hits a layup

1:46 2nd Quarter- Middleton hits his second three off a Chicago turnover

Middleton hits both free-throws

2:34 2nd Quarter- Middleton gets fouled on a layup attempt, he'll have two shots

2:52 2nd Quarter: Butler hits 1 of 2 free-throws


2:52 2nd Quarter- Jimmy Butler fouled, he'll shoot free throws

3:29 2nd Quarter- Mike Dunleavy hits his third three of the evening

3:48 2nd Quarter- Michael Carter-Williams is fouled, hits both shots

4:03 2nd Quarter- Mike Dunleavy hits his second three of the game

4:58 2nd Quarter- Mirotic is at the foul line, makes 1 of 2

5:17 2nd Quarter- Ilyasova hits a layup

5:32 2nd Quarter- Snell commits an offensive foul, Bucks ball.  

Timeout Bulls

5:57 2nd Quarter- Mayo passes to Ilyasova who lays it in

6:29 2nd Quarter- Noah lays it in

6:53 2nd Quarter- MCW hits a floater 

7:02 2nd Quarter- Butler fouled, hits both free-throws

Carter-Williams, Pachulia, Ilyasova, Middleton and Mayo on the floor for Milwaukee

Noah, Rose, Mirotic, Snell and Butler on the floor for Chicago

8:08 2nd QuarterPachulia taking free throws, hits 1 of 2

8:22 2nd Quarter: Jimmy Butler hits a layup, Chicago ties the score at 20.

8:53 2nd Quarter- Butler blocks Middleton's jumper

Four Technical fouls administered: Mayo, Henson, Noah and Butler

Timeout Bucks up 20-18

8:53 2nd Quarter- Henson and Noah get in a argument, then Mayo and Jimmy Butler get into an altercation

No free throws for Mirotic

9:02 2nd Quarter- Nikola Mirotic gets fouled behind the three-point line by Henson

9:40 2nd Quarter- Great ball movement by Bucks, Mayo misses a three, Bulls turn it over.  

Butler hits the free-throw

10:04 2nd Quarter- Jimmy Butler cuts through the lane, hits the layup and gets himself to the free-throw line.

10:36 2nd Quarter- Newly checked-in Aaron Brooks hits a much needed floater for Chicago

11:04 2nd Quarter- Bayless hits another one for Milwaukee

11:20 2nd quarter- Offensive foul on the Bulls

11:35 2nd Quarter- Bayless hits a jumper for the Bucks

Start of 2nd Quarter

End of 1st Quarter, Bucks up 16-11

5.7 1st Quarter- Jared Dudley hits a corner three for Milwaukee

28.8 1st Quarter: Rose dishes to Gasol for a layup

1:10 1st Quarter- OJ Mayo fouled by Gibson

Timeout Bulls

1:20 1st Quarter- After misses by Butler and Rose, Gasol gets the rebound and gets fouled.

3:11 1st Quarter- Mike Dunleavy hits a three for Chicago

3:48 1st Quarter- Chicago turns it over again, Henson scores for Bucks

4:13 1st Quarter- Atetokounmpo gets fouled, hits both free-throws

4:20 1st Quarter- John Henson hits a layup for Milwaukee, misses the free throw.  Bucks get the rebound.  

4:34 1st Quarter- Noah hits a shot for the Bulls.

5:13 1st Quarter- Rose turns it over, Bucks miss wide open layup

Timeout Bucks. Score: 7-4 Bucks in lead.

5:30 1st Quarter-Rose misses a three

6:08 1st Quarter- Bucks force another 24-second violation

6:55 1st Quarter- Atetokounmpo blocks Gasol's shot, hits a layup

7:19 1st Quarter- Bulls 24-second violation, Bucks ball.

7:36 1st Quarter- Middleton hits a three.

8:05 1st quarter ET- Rose misses a three, rebound Bucks

8:51 1st quarter- Milwaukee makes its first bucket by Middleton.

9:30 1st Quarter- Bulls turn it over.

8:12 PM- Both teams turn it over, Pau Gasol with the dunk to put the Bulls up 4-0

8:11 PM- Chicago up 2-0, Bucks ball

8:11 PM- Misses by both ends before Jimmy Butler hits an and-1.

8:10 PM- Chicago wins the tip.

8:00 PM- Welcome to the Milwaukee Bucks vs. Chicago Bulls live presented by VAVEL USA.  Tip-off between the Bulls and Bucks will be shortly.

The only negative for Chicago for this Bucks - Bulls live was their 19 giveaways which led to 25 points for the Bucks off those miscues. Milwaukee had just 13 turnovers leading to 13 points on the other end. 

Last postseason, the Bulls averaged 90.0 points. In Game 1, they put in 103 points, which is a terrific start. It helps to have Derrick Rose in the lineup and an improved Jimmy Butler. Also, adding a low post scorer in Pau Gasol has boosted the Bulls offense. 

Something that probably made Tom Thibodeau very happy from Saturday's Game 1 was the sharing of the ball. The Bulls had 30 assists on 38 made baskets. The unselfish play and ball movement bolstered the Bulls offense. Chicago's bigs were phenomenal with their top of the key passing, finding their guards for backdoor cuts. 

Also worth noting from Game 1, the Bulls out-rebounded the Bucks, 52-41. The Bulls big men - Taj Gibson, Pau Gasol, and Joakim Noah - combined for 35 of those 52 rebounds. The Bucks will have to do a better job of boxing out Chicago's bigs, but it's easier said than done. The Bulls, with Gasol and Noah up front, are lengthy while the Bucks are a bit undersized. Then Gibson hops off the bench and brings a ton of effort. 7 of Gibson's 11 total rebounds came on the offensive glass. VAVEL USA's Game 1 recap. 

As mentioned before Game 1, the Bulls are also healthy at the right time, with the exception of Kirk Hinrich, who could provide more perimeter defense once he is able to return. Speaking of Captain Kirk, he will sit out once again with a hyper-extended left knee. Taj Gibson, who suffered a right knee strain in Game 1, is not in danger of missing this game. He is fully expected to play.

The Bucks cannot afford to play a slow paced game. They need to up the tempo and find early offense, otherwise once the Bulls defense sets in, the Bucks will have a tough time finding quality shots. Chicago was, after all, top four in opponents field goal percentage and top two in opponents three-point field goal percentage. 

"Bucks - Bulls live is the first playoff game for a lot of people on this team," Jerryd Bayless said. "There were a lot of nerves and whatnot, but we got rid of it today and have a great opportunity on Monday."

Meanwhile, the young and inexperienced Bucks were led by Khris Middleton's 18 points and four steals. Milwaukee shot 39.3 percent as a team, and no one, other than John Henson and Jerryd Bayless, shot 50 percent or higher. They also shot just 25 percent from three-point distance. 

Jimmy Butler, who has been leading the Bulls all season long, scored a game-high 25 points and added six assists on 8 of 14 shooting from the field in 35 minutes. Pau Gasol chipped in a double-double with 10 points and 13 assists to go along with four assists and three blocks, though he did not shoot well, going 5 of 17 from the floor. 

"You can't think that way when you're on the floor and you're in a battle," Rose said about not playing in a playoff game for a long time. "When you step on the floor, all those thoughts have to be in the back of your mind. You have to have a clear mind. You've got to be very confident and believe in the work that you put in to get back on the floor. That's all the things I was working on. I only had three goals tonight -- to have fun, to have no expectations and to compete," he added.

"[Rose] is a special player," Joakim Noah said. "It was special to watch him play like that. He was having a lot of fun out there on the court.

It was surely encouraging to see Rose play at a high level. He looked very spry on the court, as he was attacking the basket at will, showing us flashes of the old D Rose. His teammates were certainly inspired and happy for Rose. 

This will be Game 2 of the seven-game series between the Bucks and Bulls at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois. Tip-off is at 8 pm Eastern Time. 

Hello, NBA world and welcome to VAVEL USA's Live event of the Milwaukee Bucks vs Chicago Bulls today. My name is Talar Kahwajian here to guide you through this game!