New Orleans Pelicans - Golden State Warriors Live Score in 2015 NBA Playoffs Game 2 (87-97)
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Final: Until then, good night folks! I'm Vahan Shakhpazyan, signing off.

Final: Game 3 will be on Thursday, April 23rd, in New Orleans.

Final: Omer Asik came live late in the game and compiled 13 boards. They need his defensive efforts and rebounding in this series to put up a good fight.

Final: Anthony Davis logged 26 points, 10 rebounds, two steals, and two blocks.

Final: Eric Gordon made a huge impact with his shooting, knocking down five threes for 23 points.

Final: The Pelicans hung in there for most of the night. They played with better effort as a team but couldn't close.

Final: Green stuffed the stat sheet again with 14 points, 12 rebounds, five assists, two steals, and two blocks. He does all the small things.

Final: When Curry couldn't find his touch tonight, it was Thompson who came through in the fourth. He finished with 26 points on 11 of 17 shooting.

Final: The Warriors take a commanding 2-0 lead in the series, first time they have a 2-0 lead in a series since 1989.

Final: Warriors - 97 Pelicans - 87.

​4th Quarter (:15): The Warriors are dribbling out as they have sealed this game.

​4th Quarter (1:02): Timeout Pelicans!

​4th Quarter (1:02): Curry weaves to the lane, draws a crowd and finds Bogut for a two-handed dunk! What a superb pass!

​4th Quarter (1:32): Curry is scoreless in the fourth, Thompson has 14 on 6 of 8 shooting.

​4th Quarter (1:32): Thompson takes it to the hole for an and-one! That may have just done it. He has certainly carried the Warriors tonight.

​4th Quarter (2:12): Timeout Warriors. They are up by six.

​4th Quarter (3:33): Thompson with yet another jumper.

​4th Quarter (3:57): Green takes it on Asik, as Cole travels on the other end.

​4th Quarter (4:43): Evans side steps to the lane for a layup in traffic.

​4th Quarter (5:04): Thompson is not cooling down tonight, hits another three.

​4th Quarter (5:17): Asik picks up his fifth foul. I'm not sure what he was trying to do there.

​4th Quarter (5:58): Timeout on the floor.

​4th Quarter (6:11): Gordon with another long bomb and Thompson responds with a long two! Back and forth we go!

​4th Quarter (6:37): Thompson answers back. He's been brilliant all game long.

​4th Quarter (7:04): What a tough finish by Gordon at the rim. Asik collecting some offensive rebounds is helping the Pels. Just a two-point game.

​4th Quarter (8:30): You have got to love Davis' aggression tonight, attacking the rim every time he touches the ball.

​4th Quarter (9:00): Warriors have opened up an eight-point lead.

​4th Quarter (9:15): Green to Iguodala on the alley-oop!

​4th Quarter (9:24): Warriors defense tightening up.

​4th Quarter (9:43): Livingston takes it to the hole for two more, and we've got a timeout by New Orleans. GSW up, 79-73.

​4th Quarter (10:07): Draymond Green fires back with a three.

​4th Quarter (10:17): Rejection on one end by Dante Cunningham leads to a Norris Cole and-one play. Great effort by the Pelicans.

4th Quarter (11:04): Thompson with a sweet baseline drive to the rim and the flush!

3rd Quarter (:00): That does it for the third quarter. We are all knotted up at 71.

3rd Quarter (:39): Oh my, Davis with another strong move to the rim and the finish.

3rd Quarter (1:35): Barbosa takes it to the hole for a layup. He is turning back the hands of time.

3rd Quarter (1:48): Davis spikes another one into the stands, what a block again!

3rd Quarter (2:35): Davis is playing center now. He hits a two in the lane and gives his team the lead.

3rd Quarter (3:29): Evans is staying aggressive, drawing plenty of fouls. He just needs to hit them. He is, however, holding his injured knee.

3rd Quarter (5:02): Steph Curry with a crossover move and drills a shot in the face of Norris Cole.

3rd Quarter (5:12): Asik picks up his fourth foul. He has to sit.

3rd Quarter (5:32): Bogut finds Curry for a lay up.

3rd Quarter (5:52): A few free throws by the Pelicans and it's tied again.

3rd Quarter (6:23): Asik seriously needs to wake up out there. He is a little too loose with the ball.

3rd Quarter (7:04): Timeout on the floor.

3rd Quarter (7:49): Gordon playing really well tonight, hits another three.

3rd Quarter (8:25): There you go Asik, cleans up the miss by Gordon.

3rd Quarter (8:59): Curry is trying to push the tempo, and the Pelicans are starting to get sloppy.

3rd Quarter (9:24): Gordon comes out of the timeout and hits a long two. He's been efficient.

3rd Quarter (9:49): Curry making it look easy. Takes it in on Davis on the switch for a layup.

3rd Quarter (10:23): Thompson is hot now. He hits another. He's got 12 on 5 of 8 shooting.

3rd Quarter (10:36): Davis just erased Bogut's shot. What a beautiful block!

3rd Quarter (11:22): Second chance opportunity for the Warriors and Thompson gets a two.

3rd Quarter (12:00): Asik is back out on the floor.

Halftime: Anthony Davis is having a more effective first half. He is not forcing the issue, seems more collective in this game.

Halftime: The Pelicans need Asik to make his presence felt to have a chance. They need his rebounding and defense, and he needs to find openings near the rim.

Halftime: The Pelicans keep switching on picks, and the Warriors are taking advantage of it.

Halftime: Curry has 16 points with three three-pointers. Anthony Davis has 14 points and three rebounds.

2nd Quarter (:00): That does it for the first half. Despite the Pelicans playing well, Golden State has come all the way back to take a three-point lead.

2nd Quarter (:09): Curry knocks down a three to give GSW a three-point lead.

2nd Quarter (:38): Bogut with a sweet behind the back dish to Barnes who takes it in for a lay in.

2nd Quarter (:53): Ryan Anderson with a strong move to the basket and the finish.

2nd Quarter (1:30): Here comes a Hack-A-Bogut.

2nd Quarter (1:32): Asik has a cut on his chin. He wil get stitches and return.

2nd Quarter (1:56): Omer Asik is heading to the locker room with an apparent jaw injury.

2nd Quarter (1:56): We got a timeout on the floor.

2nd Quarter (2:00): Evans quiets the crowd with a three of his own.

2nd Quarter (2:16): Thompson with another three and we are tied!

2nd Quarter (2:54): Thompson bangs home a three.

2nd Quarter (3:33): Omer Asik has really been a non-factor in this series.

2nd Quarter (3:50): Curry with a nice pump fake to draw the foul and hits the shot.

2nd Quarter (3:59): Gordon is 5 of 6 for 13 points.

2nd Quarter (4:29): Davis another flip shot inside the painted area.

2nd Quarter (5:39): Davis flips a shot inside, and Curry dishes to Green for an easy two.

2nd Quarter (5:55): Steph Curry swishes home a long two.

2nd Quarter (6:11): Bad knee and all, Evans is taking it to the rim.

2nd Quarter (6:25): Timeout on the floor! Pelicans up, 39-32.

2nd Quarter (8:03): Cole hits another one. He's got 9 off the bench.

2nd Quarter (8:25): Wow! How about this guy Barbosa. Misses a shot, grabs his own miss, and puts it in with a foul!

2nd Quarter (8:47): Cole comes out of the timeout and drills a three. He's calm and collective. The guy does have two rings.

2nd Quarter (9:04): The Warriors are charging back with their second unit. Surprising to see Thompson on the bench. He is usually in there with the second unit when Curry is resting.

2nd Quarter (9:04): Barbosa to Speights to Iggy for a corner triple! Timeout New Orleans.

2nd Quarter (9:55): Cole hits again, this time with a runner, but it's Barbosa again, with a crossover and the finish!

2nd Quarter (10:17): Speights one more from the top of the key. He is automatic from there.

2nd Quarter (11:33): Speights gets the Warriors going to open the second.

​1st Quarter (:00): That does it for the first quarter, Pelicans up 11, 28-17.

​1st Quarter (:26): Barbosa stops the drought with a transition layup.

​1st Quarter (:35): Warriors have gone scoreless for over 4 and a half minutes.

​1st Quarter (1:27): Pondexter finds Davis for a two-handed flush! Pelicans aggressively attacking the rim, up 11.

​1st Quarter (2:31): Davis with the quick first step to get to the rim for two. Pels up 9. The crowd is a little silent now.

​1st Quarter (3:07): Cole misses, Davis puts it back in and NOP has a seven-point lead.

​1st Quarter (3:30): Pondexter makes a surprising move to the rim and gets an and-one.

​1st Quarter (3:55): Solid start by the Pels. They are remaining calm no matter how loud it gets in the building and how many threes the Warriors hit.

​1st Quarter (3:55): Timeout Golden State. Pelicans up 17-15.

​1st Quarter (4:05): Gordon hits yet another three!

​1st Quarter (5:02): Iguodala pushes ahead and finds Bogut for a one-hand flush!

​1st Quarter (6:33): Stephen Curry with another three. He's got 8.

​1st Quarter (7:15): Gordon rattles home another three. Good start for him.

​1st Quarter (7:35): Timeout on the floor. Pelicans up 11-10.

​1st Quarter (7:41): Bogut just assassinated Asik with a monsterous block.

​1st Quarter (8:05): Curry with a three in transition!

​1st Quarter (8:52): Evans makes a nice move to score, but Draymond Green quickly answers with a triple.

​1st Quarter (9:42): Curry lost the ball, gathered it and shot an off balance corner J, all good.

1st Quarter (9:55): Davis again. He seems calm to start this game off.

1st Quarter (11:00): Anthony Davis gets going early.

1st Quarter (11:27): Gordon hushes the crowd with a three.

1st Quarter (11:47): Bang! Thompson off the screen for a long two!

1st Quarter (12:00): We're underway!! Let's go!

10 minutes until tipoff!

Almost game time!!!

So, that is, Jrue Holiday is out, but Tyreke Evans will definitely play.

Evans will play tonight!

Tyreke Evans is out on the court warming up as well. He is determined to play, but his status will be known after his warm ups.

Holiday is going through pre-game rituals. His status is now game-time decision, as is Tyreke Evans. If Evans is unable to play, Norris Cole will get the start.

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Jrue Holiday is actually expected to play. Draymond Green, who sustained a minor ankle injury in Game 1, is also expected to play.

Andrew Bogut and Draymond Green, who have both been key to the Warriors' success this season, mainly on the defensive end, played superb in Game 1. They each filled up the stat sheet. Bogut had 12 points, 14 rebounds, five assists, two blocks, and two steals. Green logged 15 points, 12 rebounds, seven assists, three steals, and two blocks. Although these two don't put up big scoring numbers, they do the dirty work on the floor. Both are underrated passers, excellent rebounders, terrific one-on-one defenders, and smart players.

"It's definitely a different level, a different atmosphere," Davis added. "It's so loud I can't hear my teammates or my coaches." That's what you call a home court advantage.

"I'm not so sure the decibel level is legal, and I'm serious," Williams said. "They've done studies on that. For the competition committee, there's got to be something to that. It does get a little out of hand. Their fans, I've talked about it for years, they have some of the best fans in the league."

The Warriors crowd, that has been loud all season long, received some compliments from Pelicans head coach Monty Williams in today's shootaround. However, Coach Williams said that the noise in the building is excessive.

If Holiday and Evans are both unable to play, the Pelicans will have a hard time finding a legitimate play maker. Eric Gordon, who scored 16 points and added three assists on Saturday, would probably become the primary ball handler. He has had experience as a ball handler, but it won't be as good as Evans, who also puts pressure on defenses with his ability to get to the paint and attack the rim. Evans did, after all, average 5.0 assists per game during the season, while Holiday averaged 7.9 assists. Gordon averaged just 3.3.

Also questionable for Game 2 is Jrue Holiday due to his ailing leg issue. After playing 21 minutes in Game 1, he feels soreness in his leg. Holiday sat out 42 games during the season because of this injury. For the Warriors, David Lee, who is dealing with a back injury, will sit out Game 2 as well.

The terrible news for the Pelicans in Game 1 was that they lost Tyreke Evans after the first quarter. He went down with a left knee bone bruise and was deemed a game-time decision on Sunday, but he is officially listed as questionable. Evans was in uniform at practice on Sunday and said he "feels better" but the knee was "still sore."

Davis finished with 35 points, seven rebounds, and four blocks on 13 of 23 shooting. Quincy Pondexter followed suit with 20 points, nine rebounds, and six assists. Pondexter was given the task of defending Stephen Curry all game long. The Pelicans wanted size on Curry to disrupt him, but it did not make much of a difference. VAVEL USA's recap of Game 1.

"I think the whole team was nervous," Davis said. "This is our first time as a unit in the playoffs, and our pace was good. We were moving fast, but our minds were moving fast as well."

After just 15 points in the first three quarters, Davis piled on 20 points in the fourth quarter alone. He seemed a little nervous to start the game, as he was forcing the issue, but he started to feel more comfortable as the game went on, allowing the game to come to him.

In Game 1, Curry was dazzling once again, carrying his team to a 25-point lead, but Anthony Davis and the Pelicans charged back to make a late rally, cutting that lead to four with nine seconds left. Though, it was too late, but Davis came up big for New Orleans in the fourth quarter.

However, Curry was not worried about those free throws. After the game, he said they will fix the free-throw shooting next game and should be able to get back on track from the line.

Though Curry and Thompson were terrific, they uncharacteristically missed a few free throws. Curry, a 91.4 percent free-throw shooter on the season, hit 4 of 7, while Thompson, an 87.9 percent shooter from the charity stripe, went 6 of 9. The Warriors, as a team, shot 61.8 percent from the foul line in Game 1, going 21 of 34.

Here are Stephen Curry highlights from Game 1:

"I was locked in and focused the whole night," Curry said. "In those situations, you want to get the crowd back into it. There's a weird kind of tension, especially in the second half when they made a couple runs. But in the playoffs, you have to expect anything. And whenever you're on the floor, just try to make an impact."

Stephen Curry was absolutely murderous on Saturday, racking up 34 points, five assists, four rebounds, and three steals on 13 of 25 shooting. His Splash Brother, Klay Thompson, added 21 points of his own to go with three assists and two blocks.

The Golden State Warriors took Game 1 from the inexperienced New Orleans Pelicans on Saturday afternoon in Oakland, winning 106-99.

Hello, hoop fans around the world and welcome to Game 2 of the New Orleans Pelicans and Golden State Warriors Live from the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California. I am Vahan Shakhpazyan and will be your host for tonight's Live Event.