Score San Antonio Spurs - Los Angeles Clippers in 2015 NBA Playoffs (111-107)
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Final: What an outstanding playoff game this was. Very intense. Good night, folks. Catch you guys next time! 

Final: Griffin finishes with a triple-double of 29 points, 12 rebounds, and 11 assists. His first career playoff triple-double.

Final: Patty Mills was huge down the stretch with Parker out. He finished with 18 points. Parker ended with just one point.

Final: Duncan posted 28 points, 11 rebounds, and four assists on 14 of 23 shooting. 

Final: The series is now tied at 1-1, the only series that is not 2-0. 

​Overtime (:00): Griffin misses a three, and that's ball game! Spurs steal Game 2!

​Overtime (:04): Mills hits both free throws!

​Overtime (:04): Mills is fouled. Back to the line. 

​Overtime (:05): Redick hits a three! Two-point game. Timeout SAS. 

​Overtime (:11): Timeout LAC. 

​Overtime (:11): Mills grabbed the rebound and was fouled. He hit both free throws to give the Spurs a five-point lead.

​Overtime (:11): Duncan fired up a long three because the shot clock was winding down and missed. Redick got an open look from three to tie, but he missed!

​Overtime (:44): Paul nails a clutch three to cut the lead in half.

​Overtime (:56): Leonard gets an easy two, defensive breakdown by the Clippers. Spurs on a 6-0 run, gain a six-point lead. Timeout LAC.

​Overtime (1:24): By the way, Griffin has a triple-double, his first career playoffs triple-double.

​Overtime (1:24): Barnes misses a three, and the Spurs release a long pass to Mills, who leaked out for the lay up. Timeout Clippers.

​Overtime (1:42): Duncan across the lane for another shot while falling down.

​Overtime (2:32): Redick hits a big time three in transition. We are tied again!

​Overtime (3:03): Duncan with a turnaround one hander over Jordan. 

​Overtime (3:23): Griffin hammers one home! 

​Overtime (3:47): Mills with a top of the key jumper. Another huge shot. 

​Overtime (3:56): Griffin hits both.

​Overtime (3:56): The Clipppers picking up a ton of offensive rebounds. Griffin just picked one up and drew a foul.

​Overtime (4:18): Green with an enormous three to start the OT.

Overtime (5:00): Overtime is underway! 

​4th Quarter (:00): Paul misses the game-winning shot, Barnes almost tipped it in. Overtime! 

​4th Quarter (:08): Mills hits two clutch free throws for the tie! 

​4th Quarter (:08): Griffin loses the ball! Mills goes the other way and draws the foul!

​4th Quarter (:32): Barnes steals it away! 

​4th Quarter (:50): Paul hits both. Clippers up two, their first lead of the fourth quarter.

​4th Quarter (:50): Terrible foul by Mills. Paul goes to the line to give the Clippers the lead. 

​4th Quarter (:56): Jordan rejects Duncan! Clippers ball, and Paul is fouled. 

​4th Quarter (1:20): Griffin outmuscles Leonard on the switch for two! 

​4th Quarter (1:36): Belinelli with a tough corner jumper. Huge shot!!

​4th Quarter (2:03): We are tied at 90-all!

​4th Quarter (2:03): Duncan throws it away, Redick draws the foul on the other end, looking to tie the game at the line. 

​4th Quarter (2:50): Jordan misses both. 

​4th Quarter (2:50): Diaw picks up his fourth foul, hacking Jordan on purpose. Spurs still up two, 90-88.

​4th Quarter (3:12): Jordan makes his first and misses his second, but Clippers corrall the offensive rebound. Then Barnes draws a foul on Duncan, who picks up his fifth. 

​4th Quarter (3:17): Parker is experiencing tightness in his right Achilles. He will not return.

​4th Quarter (3:17): Hack-A-Jordan again. It's hilarious. Jordan chucked up a three anticipating the foul, but the refs give him just two free throws.

​4th Quarter (3:29): Duncan misses, Diaw cleans it up!

​4th Quarter (3:52): No clear path foul. The refs were checking to see if it was, but it wasn't.

​4th Quarter (3:52): Manu is headed to the locker room as well. 

​4th Quarter (3:52): Ginobili with a costly turnover. He is fouled out. 

​4th Quarter (4:01): Jordan makes both free throws! Spurs up 2. 

​4th Quarter (4:01): Another Hack-A-Jordan after the Spurs missed. 

​4th Quarter (4:23): DeAndre hits one of two this time.

​4th Quarter (4:23): More Hack-A-Jordan after a few offensive rebounds by the Clippers.

​4th Quarter (4:51): Tony Parker is in the locker room. Guess his ankle and thigh were not fine after all. 

​4th Quarter (4:51): Hack-A-Jordan time again! 

​4th Quarter (4:51): Diaw air balls a three, and Duncan fumbles into the camera men trying to save it. 

​4th Quarter (5:10): Redick misses the techincal free throw. That just barely spun off. 

​4th Quarter (5:18): Popovich receives a technical. He was yelling at the ref because Duncan was trying to intentionally foul Jordan before Redick fired up that three, but the refs did not call it. 

​4th Quarter (5:18): Redick drills a tough three! Spurs up 5. Timeout called by Popovich. 

​4th Quarter (5:56): No turnovers for San Antonio for over 12 minutes. 

​4th Quarter (6:22): Griffin to Jordan for another alley oop finish! 

​4th Quarter (6:41): Ooooh! Leonard uses a spin move to lose Redick and drills a fade away jumper. Spurs up 10. What a move. 

​4th Quarter (7:23): Parker still without a field goal. 

​4th Quarter (8:45): Timeout on the floor. Spurs up eight. 

​4th Quarter (8:57): Duncan, with Jordan draped all over him, hits another one off the glass. Vintage, folks, vintage Timmy!

​4th Quarter (9:30): Diaw finally gets one to go. 

​4th Quarter (9:47): Mills scored 8 of the last 10 points for the Spurs, but he goes back to the bench. Parker replaces him.

​4th Quarter (10:16): Patty Mills pulls up for a top of the key jumper in transition after the steal. Rivers comes back with a lay up of his own. 

​4th Quarter (10:31): Diaw has missed some easy shots. Duncan is back in. 

​4th Quarter (10:49): Turkoglu answers back with a long two. 

​4th Quarter (11:10): Danny Green finally drills a three using a beautiful fake. 

4th Quarter (12:00): Final quarter is underway! It should be a superb finish. 

3rd Quarter (:00): Quarter is over. Spurs up by three. 

3rd Quarter (:03): After Crawford went to the rim for two, Mills responded with another three! 

3rd Quarter (:30): Mills quickly gives the Spurs the lead back with a three! 

3rd Quarter (:45):Redick puts the Clippers ahead by one, their first lead since the first quarter.

3rd Quarter (1:18): Spurs missing a lot of open threes again. 

3rd Quarter (1:48): Jordan comes out of the game.

3rd Quarter (2:02): This time Jordan misses both.

3rd Quarter (2:02): Another Hack-A-Jordan in the backcourt on Jordan, which stops a fast break by the Clippers. Brilliant play. 

3rd Quarter (2:41): Wow! Jordan makes both free throws.

3rd Quarter (2:41): Hack-A-Jordan time!

3rd Quarter (2:41): Timeout on the floor. What a terrific game! Spurs up two.

3rd Quarter (2:57): Crawford raddles a three off a Paul steal! 

3rd Quarter (3:24): Griffin finding Jordan in the lane for two. Griffin has eight assists. 

3rd Quarter (3:44): Leonard hits a huge three to respond! 

3rd Quarter (4:07): Griffin answers with an and-one play on the other end, stops a 6-0 Spurs run.

3rd Quarter (4:17): Parker to Diaw in transition. 

3rd Quarter (4:35): Duncan takes Griffin this time and Jordan comes over to goal tend his shot. Duncan has 22. 

3rd Quarter (5:14): Leonard with another baseline J.

3rd Quarter (5:45): Paul clears space and knocks down another mid-ranger. 

3rd Quarter (6:54): Chris Paul puts in a long bomb! Clippers cut the lead to three. Timeout San Antonio.

3rd Quarter (7:21): Leonard cleans up Parker's miss with an offensive rebound and put back. Parker is 0 of 5 from the field.

3rd Quarter (9:28): Barnes knocks down a corner three! Five-point game. 

3rd Quarter (9:58): Marco Belinelli checks in for Green early in the half.

3rd Quarter (9:58): Jordan just stuffed it on Splitter and a foul. Let's see if that gets the Clippers going. 

3rd Quarter (10:07): The Spurs are going with the bigger Green on Paul. Timeout Clippers.

3rd Quarter (10:36): Tim Duncan, my goodness! Again with the banker. Vintage performance. VINTAGE!

3rd Quarter (10:47): Parker gets his first point of the game from the foul line.

3rd Quarter (11:19): Duncan, on the verge of losing the ball, recovers and scores again!

3rd Quarter (12:00): We're back in action!

Halftime: Baynes did not play a minute in that first half. Splitter played 11 minutes, already one more minute than he played all of Game 1. 

Halftime: Parker goes scoreless in the first half. Can't happen in the second half.

Halftime: Paul and Griffin have combined to score 30 of L.A.'s 47 points. 

​2nd Quarter (:00): The first half ends. Spurs shot 48 percent in the half, much better than Game 1.

​2nd Quarter (:23): Parker is 0 of 4, scoreless. 

​2nd Quarter (:44): Duncan again!! He is taking Jordan back to school!

​2nd Quarter (1:00): Paul hits Griffin with the pass for a face up mid-range jumper. 

​2nd Quarter (1:20): Duncan with another graceful shot! 

​2nd Quarter (2:24): Griffin remains aggressive, attacks for another two. Never seen him this aggressive and engaged. 

​2nd Quarter (2:40): We've got another timeout. Spurs up 5. 

​2nd Quarter (3:30): Parker to Duncan who remains perfect from the field. 

​2nd Quarter (3:22): Griffin attacks the lane and finishes in traffic. 

​2nd Quarter (3:48): Chris Paul with another mid-range jumper. 

​2nd Quarter (4:06): Leonard with a one-handed shot in the paint that gets the soft touch. 

​2nd Quarter (4:41): Belinelli steals a pass in the backcourt, takes it at Matt Barnes with a strong finish!

​2nd Quarter (5:54): Belinelli finally hits a three to give the Spurs a one-point lead. Timeout Clippers. 

​2nd Quarter (6:08): No Aron Baynes for San Antonio. Pop going with Matt Bonner. 

​2nd Quarter (6:27): Green to Duncan for a floater. Duncan has not missed a shot yet.

​2nd Quarter (6:46): Griffin tosses the lob to Jordan for a reverse jam! 

​2nd Quarter (7:04): Ginobili slides to the paint, hits the shot, and draws a foul!

​2nd Quarter (7:26): Splitter cannot get out. He just got fouled in the act. He has to stay in to shoot his free throws, but he looks really winded. 

​2nd Quarter (7:40): Crawford, meanwhile, hits another! 

​2nd Quarter (7:59): Splitter looks tired. He is asking for a rest.

​2nd Quarter (8:12): Crawford hits a mid-range jumper. 

​2nd Quarter (8:26): Spurs have gone cold in the second quarter. They are 1 of 8.

​2nd Quarter (8:55): Austin Rivers gets a runner to go. It's a tie game!

​2nd Quarter (9:28): Crawford tosses a pass up to Griffin for the oop and jam! 

​2nd Quarter (9:55): Doc Rivers has been hit with a technical. Joey Crawford stopped Spurs' fast break in doing so, though. 

​2nd Quarter (10:08): Patty Mills picks up his third foul. Cory Joseph comes off the bench. 

​2nd Quarter (10:52): Ginobili takes it hard to the hole, gets the lay up and a foul!

​2nd Quarter (11:56): Griffin gets the second quarter started for the Clips with a two inside. 

​2nd Quarter (11:56): Gregg Popovich's interviews are hilarious! 

1st Quarter (:00): The quarter comes to an end. Spurs lead 28-24. They are shooting 55 percent, much better. 

1st Quarter (:03): Jordan has three blocks in the first quarter already. #DeAndreJordanEffect

1st Quarter (:46): Paul slices the D and finds Jordan inside for a two-handed flush!

1st Quarter (1:24): Leonard is so efficient from the corner, hits another one. 

1st Quarter (1:44): Paul takes Diaw to the hole on the switch. 

1st Quarter (2:06): Ginobili has a red rash on his neck from the foul, but the refs say a common foul. 

1st Quarter (2:06): Patty Mills gets the steal, hands it to Ginobili who gets clothes lined by Matt Banres. Referees taking a look to see if it's a flagrant. 

1st Quarter (2:15): Timeout on the floor. Great start by both teams. The Spurs are far more efficient tonight. 

1st Quarter (2:51): Griffin takes Leonard in the post for a two, and Duncan connects with Diaw on the other end for an easy reverse lay up. 

1st Quarter (3:06:) Leonard answers with a corner three of his own. 

1st Quarter (3:25): Griffin finds a wide open Paul for a straight away three!

1st Quarter (4:05): Diaw hits another, uses the one-legged Dirk fade away.

1st Quarter (4:21): Jordan working the offensive glass, gets a tip in to go. 

1st Quarter (4:54): Diaw takes it to the body of Jordan for a one handed shot from 5 feet out. 

1st Quarter (5:36): As I say that, Green hits a wide open three from the same corner that he missed from earlier. 

1st Quarter (5:54): Key note: Earlier Danny Green missed a wide open corner three. Those are ones the Spurs need. 

1st Quarter (5:54): Griffin side steps Diaw and leaves him in his rear view for another superb dunk! 

1st Quarter (6:57): Redick buries a three, we are tied!

1st Quarter (7:19): Duncan is 4 of 4 for eight points, puts in another one. 

1st Quarter (7:50): Leonard, who was initially blocked, recovers and puts in a corner two.

1st Quarter (8:10): Griffin throws down Redick's three-point miss!

1st Quarter (8:28): Duncan takes it on Jordan for a running hook and a foul. "Never gets old," Reggie Miller says.

1st Quarter (9:09): What a beautiful bounce pass from Splitter to Duncan for a lay in.

1st Quarter (9:17): Jordan smacks Parker's layup out of boards!

1st Quarter (9:51): Jordan deep in the lane, gets a shot to go over Duncan. 

1st Quarter (10:10): Parker two early misses already. They need him, badly!

1st Quarter (10:56): Chris Paul gets the Clippers going with the first bucket of the game, Duncan answers. 

1st Quarter (12:00): Game 2 is underway. Let's go!! 

Alright guys, it's almost time. Are you guys ready?

Red T-Shirts reading "We Are L.A." flood the STAPLES Center.

Less than 30 minutes until tip-off!

Aron Baynes hoping to have a better game, practicing his shot.

Danny Green, six points in Game 1, looks to have a bounce back game. 

Marco Belinelli getting some shots off. 

We are an hour away! 

Tim Duncan getting some mid-range shots up.

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I've always seen Game 2's as the most important and pivotal game of a seven-game series, so it's crucial for both teams. The Clippers would love to take a commanding lead heading into San Antonio, while the Spurs would love to steal one game in L.A. to take home court advantage. Can they get it done? If anyone can, it is the Spurs, but it won't be easy with the way the Clippers have been playing lately.

As Ginobili mentioned, free-throw shooting, which is usually not a problem for the Spurs, was atrocious in the last game. They shot 14 of 26, good for 53.8 percent, which is way below their regular season average of 78.0 percent that was fourth best in the league. The Clippers shot 60.7 percent from the charity stripe in Game 1, but that is a normal considering that Gregg Popovich used the Hack-A-Jordan tactic. Expect Popovich to use that strategy a lot more in this game.

Manu Ginobili, who contributed 10 points, seven rebounds, and six assists in the loss, said that the Clippers simply played better on Sunday. "We made a bunch of mistakes. But overall, they just played better," Ginobili said. "Their defense was way more solid. We could not get anything easy. Even in situations where we got something easy, we could not make shots. Free throws - we missed a lot early in the game. But they just played better."

However, Splitter is expected to see an increase in his minutes in Game 2. In Game 1, he only played 10 minutes and put in four points and three rebounds. Parker (ankle/thigh) also suffered two minor injuries in Sunday's contest, but he will definitely play tonight.

Speaking of Baynes, not only was he posterized twice by Griffin, he was also taken down into the front row by Matt Barnes while fighting for the ball. He also missed a handful of easy buckets around the rim (one can be seen in the video below). Baynes played 20 minutes and logged five points and five rebounds on 2 of 7 shooting from the field. He was given the minutes due to Tiago Splitter being limited by a calf injury. 

Blake Griffin was phenomenal as well, posting 26 points, 12 rebounds, six assists, three steals, and three blocks in 43 minutes. He also had two sensational dunks over Aron Baynes that really sparked the crowd and his teammates. 

Jamal Crawford, for instance, had a very efficient shooting night as well, going 7 of 10 from the field for 17 points. "Jamal is on of those guys that I don't worry about that much as far as rhythm goes just because it seems like he could not play for a year and come out on the court and give you 20, 30 points on any given night," Blake Griffin said of his teammate. "The way he played tonight was unbelievable, and it looks like he hasn't even lost a step. He worked hard to get back, and I think it showed."

No one expects the Spurs to play like they did the other night, especially Danny Green. He tends to bounce back after having poor shooting nights. On the other end, don't expect the Clippers to shoot lights out like they did. No way the Spurs will allow them to hit more than 50 percent of their shots on back-to-back games, especially in the postseason.

Kawhi Leonard was by far the best and most efficient player for the Spurs in Game 1. He posted 18 points, six rebounds, four steals, and three assists on 7 of 12 shooting. Tim Duncan recorded a double-double with 11 points and 11 rebounds, but he shot 4 of 10 and was quiet the entire night. VAVEL USA's Game 1 recap. 

What Parker may be talking about is Danny Green, who had a handful of clean looks from behind the arc, but missed many of them. Green scored just six points on 1 of 7 shooting from three and 2 of 11 overall. He has been a crucial part of their three-point game over the last few seasons, and the Spurs need a better outing from him to be successful against this hungry Clippers team. 

"But we just didn't make shots. We had the shots" - Tony Parker

The Spurs did not have a good shooting night by any standards on Sunday, but they still remained within striking distance for most of the game. That is a concern for Los Angeles. San Antonio is known for their excellent ball movement and offensive execution. They showed flashes of that in Game 1, but were discouraged by all the missed shots. They got great looks, just didn't go in. 

Even so, the Clippers played an amazingly flawless game, but the key now is consistency. They held the Spurs to 36.6 percent shooting while making 51.3 percent of their own shots, which is probably the best offensive and defensive game the Clippers have played in a playoff game. Can they continue the same level of play? 

"We won. It's one game. It is what it is. I know from guarding Tony he missed a lot of shots that he could have made," Chris Paul said. 

The Clippers convincingly took Game 1, 107-92, led by Chris Paul's efficient play. He logged 32 points, seven rebounds, six assists, and two steals on 13 of 20 shooting. Paul was great in every facet of the game, as he did a masterful job on Tony Parker as well, holding him to 10 points on 4 of 11 shooting. Though, Paul felt that Parker missed some makeable shots. 

We are in for another good one between the three and six seed out West. These two teams played in a highly contested Game 1 on Sunday in the STAPLES Center where the crowd was rocking and roaring all game long. Even Steve Ballmer was on the edge of his seat, screaming so loudly that his head was about to explode!

Hey, hoop fans all over the world! Welcome to Game 2 of the San Antonio Spurs versus Los Angeles Clippers Live event from the STAPLES Center in Downtown, Los Angeles, California.