Score Toronto Raptors - Washington Wizards in 2015 NBA Playoffs Game 3 (106-99, WSH)
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Wizards stat leaders: Marcin Gortat 24 points, 13 rebounds, 5 assists and 4 blocks. John Wall 19 points and 15 assists. Paul Pierce 18 points, 4-of-7 from three. Bradley Beal added 16 points. Drew Gooden 12 points, 7 rebounds and 3 blocks. Otto Porter 11 points and 8 rebounds.

Raptors stat leaders: DeMar DeRozan 32 points, 6 assists and 6 rebounds. Kyle Lowry 15 points and 7 assists. Amir Johnson 14 points and 12 rebounds. Jonas Valanciunas 8 points and 10 rebounds. Patrick Patterson 10 points off the bench.

The Washington Wizards defeat the Toronto Raptors 106-99!!! Take a 3-0 series lead!!!


4th Quarter (0:00) Louis Williams misses the last chance shot.

Wizards 106 Raptors 99

Raptors Timeout

4th Quarter (0:04) Otto Porter is fouled after a Raptors miss. Makes 1 of 2 free throws.

Wizards 105 Raptors 99

Wizards Timeout


4th Quarter (0:40) Kyle Lowry makes the BIG three-pointer for Toronto!!!

4th Quarter (0:47) Paul Pierce is fouled. Makes both free throws.

4th Quarter (0:50) Washington turns it over and Kyle Lowry connects on the floater on the other end. Wizards lead cut to 4!!!

Wizards 100 Raptors 94

Wizards Timeout

4th Quarter (1:06) Patrick Patterson is fouled on the offensive rebound. Makes both free throws.

Wizards 100 Raptors 92

Raptors Timeout

4th Quarter (1:12) John Wall is fouled as he runs the ball pass half court. Makes both free throws.

4th Quarter (1:19) Amir Johnson is fouled on the inbounds pass. John Wall prevented the dunk. Makes both free throws.

Wizards 98 Raptors 90

Raptors Timeout

4th Quarter (1:58) THE TRUTH!!! Paul Pierce hits another three-pointer for Washington!!!

4th Quarter (2:38) Otto Porter with a BIG three-pointer for Washington!!!

4th Quarter (2:52) DeMar DeRozan draws the foul at the basket. Makes both free throws.

4th Quarter (3:02) Bradley Beal makes an aggressive move to the bucket and draws the foul. Makes 1 of 2 free throws.

Wizards 91 Raptors 88

Wizards Timeout

4th Quarter (3:08) John Wall dives on the floor to retain his deflected pass and calls a timeout.

4th Quarter (4:22) Otto Porter responds with a three-pointer of his own!!!

4th Quarter (4:40) Terrence Ross makes a tough three-pointer to tie the game.

4th Quarter (5:01) John Wall blazes around the screen and makes the layup.

4th Quarter (5:35) The calls stands. Gortat was fouled, made the bucket, and heads to the line for the bonus free throw. Misses the free throw.

4th Quarter (5:35) Marcin Gortat makes the close range shot and is fouled. However, the officials are reviewing making sure the foul occured before the shot clock expired.

4th Quarter (6:01) The Wizards turned the ball over once again leading to an Amir Johnson layup. Take a one-point lead real quick.

4th Quarter (6:24) Patrick Patterson comes out of the timeout with a three-pointer.

Wizards 84 Raptors 80

Raptors Timeout

4th Quarter (6:38) Paul Pierce nails a HUGE three-pointer to extend the Wizards lead!!!

4th Quarter (7:33) After a Wizards turnover, DeMar DeRozan makes the layup. He now has 30 points on the night!!!

4th Quarter (8:11) Louis Williams makes the mid range shot.

4th Quarter (8:33) Drew Gooden drives and makes the bucket plus the foul. Misses the free throw.

4th Quarter (8:53) DeMar DeRozan responds with a close range bucket.

Bradley Beal misses the techinal free throw.

DeMar DeRozan was called for a technical foul after Otto Porter blocked his shot. He wasn't happy and shoved Porter

Wizards 79 Raptors 74

Official Timeout

4th Quarter (8:57) Otto Porter makes nice block on DeMar DeRozan

4th Quarter (9:10) Marcin Gortat makes a nice post move and finishes with the left hand.

4th Quarter (9:27) Tyler Hansbrough gets fouled on the way up. Makes 1 of 2 free throws.

4th Quarter (9:35) Nene was just called for his 5th foul. He leaves the game.

4th Quarter (9:50) Bradley Beal enters the game and knocks down the mid range jumper.

That got the Washington crowd going!!!

4th Quarter (10:17) John Wall goes coast to coast and makes a spin move to makes the layup and draws the and one!!! Makes the bonus free throw!!!

4th Quarter (10:49) Louis Williams heads to the line on a tripping foul by Nene. Makes 1 of 2 free throws.

4th Quarter (11:12) Washington turns it over on the their first possession. Kyle Lowry draws the foul on the other end. Makes both free throws.

Wizards 72 Raptors 70


3rd Quarter (0:22) John Wall makes a nice left-handed layup

3rd Quarter (0:37) Louis Williams drives hard off the screen and converts the layup

3rd Quarter (0:59) John Wall is fouled as he attacked the basket on the fast break. Makes both free throws.

3rd Quarter (1:44) Marcin Gortat makes 1 of 2 free throws

Raptors 68 Wizards 67

Raptors Timeout

3rd Quarter (1:44) Marcin Gortat draws the foul on the Amir Johnson

3rd Quarter (1:56) DeMar DeRozan finds Amir Johnson for the floater and the Raptors regain the lead as the Wizards have gone ice cold in the quarter.

3rd Quarter (2:45) Amir Johnson crashes the offensive boards once again and gets the putback layup.

3rd Quarter (3:16) Amir Johnson gets Drew Gooden up in the air and draws the foul. Misses both free throws.

3rd Quarter (3:34) Bradley Beal gets fouled. Makes both free throws.

3rd Quarter (4:03) DeMar DeRozan knocks down the mid range jumper

3rd Quarter (4:24) Paul Pierce gets fouled at the rim. Makes both free throws.

3rd Quarter (4:39) After the Wizards fifth turnover of the quarter Kyle Lowry converts the layup.

3rd Quarter (5:03) Terrence Ross responds with a layup of his own.

3rd Quarter (5:22) John Wall sets up Marcin Gortat for the layup

3rd Quarter (5:39) Jonas Valanciunas grabs the miss by Lowry and lays it in.

3rd Quarter (6:17) John Wall misses the technical free throw

This has been a sloppy game by both teams in the quarter with plenty of fouls and turnovers 

Wizards 61 Raptors 56

Wizards Timeout

3rd Quarter (6:16) Terrence Ross was called for a technical foul on a delay of game as he punched the ball into the stands after the ball was thrown out of bounds by his team.

The Wizards are already over the foul limit in the quarter.

3rd Quarter (7:23) John Wall turns it over and is called for the blocking foul on DeMar DeRozan. Makes both free throws.

3rd Quarter (8:18) Nene converts the layup on the lob pass by John Wall.

3rd Quarter (8:41) Amir Johnson capitalizes on the second chance opportunity with the close range shot.

3rd Quarter (9:34) Jonas Valanciunas hits the turn around jumper over Gortat

3rd Quarter (10:37) Marcin Gortat finds Nene for the layup

3rd Quarter (11:00) Nice interior passing gets Jonas Valanciunas free for the dunk.

3rd Quarter (11:23) Paul Pierce starts the quarter with a three-pointer!!!

Second half is underway!!!

After a blistering start the Raptors were held to 40.4 percent shooting from the field. The Wizards shot 45.5 percent from the field.

The Wizards had 18 assists on 20 made field goals. Outrebounded Toronto 23-to-22. Fast break advantage of 13-to-3. 

Washington Wizards stat leaders at halftime: Marcin Gortat 17 points on 8-of-10 shooting, 5 rebounds, 3 assists, and 2 blocks. Bradley Beal 11 points, 5 rebounds and 3 assists. John Wall 8 points and 9 assists. Drew Gooden 10 points and 3 rebounds off the bench. Otto Porter 4 points, 4 rebounds and 2 steals.

Toronto Raptors stat leaders at halftime: DeMar DeRozan 22 points on 8-of-15 shooting. Kyle Lowry 6 points. Patrick Patterson and Terrence Ross with 5 points apiece. Amir Johnson 4 points and 8 rebounds.

After scoring 35 points in the first quarter the Raptors were held to 13 in the second as Washington's defense really picked it up.

Wizards 54 Raptors 48


2nd Quarter (0:06) After a DeMar DeRozan air ball three-pointer, John Wall milks the clock and finds Marcin Gortat in the paint for the layup.

2nd Quarter (0:48) Bradley Beal is fouled as he received the lob pass and was fouled on the way up for the layup. Makes both free throws.

2nd Quarter (1:14) John Wall hooks up with Marcin Gortat for the pick and roll dunk!!!

Wizards 48 Raptors 48

Wizards Timeout

2nd Quarter (2:02) Greivis Vasquez makes the floater in the lane to tie the game.

2nd Quarter (2:38) Paul Pierce converts the nice layup.

2nd Quarter (3:06) Amir Johnson skys over the defender to get the offensive rebound and putback.

2nd Quarter (3:41) DeMar DeRozan is fouled as he drove baseline. Makes both free throws

2nd Quarter (5:08) Marcin Gortat is fouled before he could receive the lob pass from John Wall. Makes 1 of 2 free throws.

2nd Quarter (5:27) John Wall gets the steal and is fouled. Raptors over the limit. Makes both free throws.

Wizards 43 Raptors 42

Raptors Timeout

2nd Quarter (5:39) Bradley Beal finds John Wall on the fastbreak. Wall finishes the strong drive to give the Wizards the lead!!!

2nd Quarter (5:58) Wizards offensive rebound, John Wall finds Marcin Gortat for the layup.

2nd Quarter (6:34) John Wall goes coast to coast and draws the foul at the rim. Makes both free throws

2nd Quarter (7:20) Both teams turned the ball over, but Louis Williams stopped the drought with a reverse layup

2nd Quarter (8:50) Drew Gooden makes 1 of 2 free throws

Raptors 40 Wizards 36

Official Timeout

2nd Quarter (8:50) After a couple offensive rebounds, Drew Gooden pump fakes and draws the foul.

2nd Quarter (9:48) Drew Gooden knocks down his third three-pointer of the game!

2nd Quarter (10:55) Patrick Patterson makes sure of it. Hits a three-pointer.

2nd Quarter (11:37) Patrick Patterson starts the quarter with a long two-point field goal. The refs will take a look later to see if it was a three.

DeMar DeRozan accounted for 20 of the Raptors 35 points in the quarter. Marcin Gortat led the Wizards with 10 points, 4 rebounds, and 3 assists.

Raptors 35 Wizards 33


1st Quarter (0:27) John Wall was called for the offensive foul as he looked to attack the basket. If he converted it would have tied the game.

1st Quarter (0:40) Marcin Gortat hits the hook shot baseline.

Raptors 35 Wizards 31

Wizards Timeout

1st Quarter (1:13) Drew Gooden hits his second three-pointer of the game!

1st Quarter (1:39) Otto Porter makes another layup

1st Quarter (1:55) HE CAN'T BE STOPPED!!! DeMar DeRozan hits another three-pointer. He has 20 points in the quarter!

1st Quarter (2:34) John Wall races down and makes his first shot of the game.

1st Quarter (2:50) DeMar DeRozan comes out of the timeout and makes a difficult layup.

Raptors 30 Wizards 24

Raptors Timeout

1st Quarter (3:08) Drew Gooden makes his first shot of the game, and it's a three-pointer!

1st Quarter (3:20) Amir Johnson scores in the paint setup by Kyle Lowry.

1st Quarter (3:41) Bradley Beal answers with a three-pointer of his own.

1st Quarter (4:01) DeMar DeRozan again, hits the three-pointer.

1st Quarter (5:15) Terrence Ross answers quickly with a dunk.

1st Quarter (5:22) Otto Porter enters the game and makes a nice driving layup.

Raptors 23 Wizards 16

Wizards Timeout

1st Quarter (5:43) Terrence Ross drains the three-pointer, the fourth of the game for Toronto.

1st Quarter (6:33) The man is on FIRE!!! DeMar DeRozan converts the close range bucket. 12 points less than six minutes in!!!

1st Quarter (7:07) DeMar DeRozan hits another shot from mid range.

1st Quarter (7:28) Marcin Gortat hits the close range shot setup by John Wall.

1st Quarter (7:43) DeMar DeRozan hits a three-pointer. He already has 8 points.

1st Quarter (7:56) Bradley Beal knocks down another three-pointer setup by John Wall on the break.

1st Quarter (8:29) Kyle Lowry drains his second three-pointer of the game.

1st Quarter (8:45) Wizards quickly responds with a Marcin Gortat layup.

1st Quarter (8:53) DeMar DeRozan makes another two-point field goal and draws the foul. Makes the bonus free throw.

1st Quarter (9:11) John Wall finds Marcin Gortat for the dunk

1st Quarter (9:49) Bradley Beal ties the game with a three-pointer

1st Quarter (10:03) DeMar DeRozan knocks down the 20-foot jumper.

1st Quarter (10:26) Kyle Lowry drains the three-pointer, huge bucket for him.

1st Quarter (10:47) After a Raptors offensive rebound, Jonas Valanciunas gets the dunk

1st Quarter (11:05) Nene knocks down the mid range jumper

1st Quarter (11:37) Marcin Gortat gets his first bucket of the night by either team. Nice interior pass by Nene

Here we go!!! Game 3 has begun!!!

10 minutes till tip-off between Toronto and Washington in Game 3 in the first round at the Verizon Center!!!

Washington Wizards starting lineup: PG: John Wall, SG: Bradley Beal, SF: Paul Pierce, PF: Nene, C: Marcin Gortat

Toronto Raptors starting lineup: PG: Kyle Lowry, SG: DeMar DeRozan, SF: Terrence Ross, PF: Amir Johnson, C: Jonas Valanciunas

30 minutes till gametime!!!

We are about an hour away from tip-off between the Toronto Raptors and Washington Wizards!!!

If the Wizards can grab Game 3 at home this series is all but finished as no team has ever come back down 0-3 in the series.

After an atrocious Game 1, the Wizards back court of Wall and Beal carried this team as they combined for 54 points on 20-of-47 shooting. Wall also tied his career-high with 17 assists, which is also a franchise playoff record.

John Wall is the table setter for Washington and his pace to the game has been key, “I think just with our pace of getting the ball up the court faster, it was tough for them to rotate. Me making some shots early on, not picking up my dribble and getting to the basket got guys open, got us open looks and we knocked them down.”

Bradley Beal had this to say about their game plan, “We’ve got to play like we’re down 0-2. Nothing changes. We can’t stop being aggressive.” Beal has exemplified being aggressive as he scored 28 points to lead all scorers in Game 2, most of those came attacking the paint and not settling for jumpers.

Toronto point guard Kyle Lowry has been taken out of this series thus far. In the two games combined he has scored 13 points on 5-of-20 shooting, and has committed 10 total personal fouls and one technical. He will play tonight even though he suffered a shin injury and is still dealing with a back injury. The Raptors need their All-Star to play well if they want to stay in this series. He is the engine that makes this team go, and when he doesn’t contribute this team has trouble winning games. VAVEL USA's recap of Game 2. 

All-Star guard DeMar DeRozan had this to say leading up to Game 3, “Nobody’s ready to go home, nobody’s ready to pack it up. We understand how bad we played these last two games and we want to do a lot better.”

Washington has turned the tables as they’ve gone 16-of-42 from behind the arc for 38.1 percent. Now during the regular season they were efficient shooting the three ball as they were ninth in the NBA shooting 36 percent, but they only made a total of 497 for 27th in the league. They only averaged 16.8 attempts per game, but during these first two games they’ve attempted 21 shots per game from the perimeter. That is not the identity of Washington but they are more than capable of making them and they are making a point of emphasis to do so.

Toronto during the regular season was one of the better three-point shooting teams as they shot 35.2 percent and made a total of 726, which was eighth in the NBA. In these first two games the Raptors have shot and abysmal 13-of-47 which comes out to 27.7 percent. When they don’t make three’s this offense becomes limited without a consistent low-post presence. 

The one advantage the Raptors have had in both games over Washington was their ability to play better in the first and fourth quarters. The Wizards were outscored, 111-to-82, in the first and fourth quarters, but they beat them up in the middle quarters 117-to-77. In three of those four middle quarters the Wizards held the Raptors under 20 points.

Toronto was a little above average away from Air Canada Centre with a road record of 22-19. Obviously, for them to stay in this series they will need to grab at least one for their season to stay alive and head back home. The Raptors relinquished home court advantage last postseason against the Brooklyn Nets, but they weren’t down 0-2 heading on the road so this climb to making it a seven-game series will be much tougher.

Washington is up 2-0 and now head home for two-straight at Verizon Center with the opportunity to sweep the series on their home floor. Only Atlanta and Cleveland have been better at home then Washington in the Eastern Conference as they hold a record of 29-12, which is seven games better than a year ago. 

The most glaring statistic to describe Washington’s advantage in this series thus far is the rebound margin. The Wizards have a 106-to-76 rebounding advantage on the glass, including 29-to-15 in the offensive boards giving Washington tons of second chance points. If Toronto has any aspirations of making this a competitive series they need to be more aggressive when they attack the boards because Washington has been the bully’s on the block in the first two games.

What makes Washington’s surprising start to this series was the fact they won on the road. On the season they went 17-24 on the road and lost 15 of their last 19 away from Verizon Center. I guess it’s the playoffs because they’ve won seven of their eight road games in postseason play.

The Washington Wizards will host the Toronto Raptors tonight at 8:00 PM EST as they lead the series 2-0 heading into Game 3. In the previous eight regular season meetings the Raptors had won seven of those contests, but in the first two games of this series the Wizards have been the dominate team.