Score Cleveland Cavaliers - Boston Celtics in 2015 NBA Playoffs Game 4 (101-93)
Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James (23) drives to the basket against the Boston Celtics during the first quarter of a first-round NBA playoff basketball game in Boston, Thursday, April 23, 2015. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)
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As always, thanks for tuning in throughout the series. Liam O'Brien, signing off. 

Cavaliers will face the winner of the Chicago-Milwaukee series (which the Bulls lead, 3-1) in the Eastern Conference Semifinals. 

Celtics shot just 39% from the field and 65% from the free throw line. Cavs shot 40% from the field and 74% from the line. 

Despite shooting just 4-of-17 from the field, Thomas led Boston with 21 points, while Sullinger chipped in 21 as well. Bradley had 16 points in 40 minutes of play. 

LeBron James finishes with 27 points, 10 rebounds, and 8 assists. Kyrie Irving drops 24 to go along with 11 rebounds, and Timofey Mozgov scores 12 to accompany his 11 boards. 

Cavaliers win 101-93, knocking out the Celtics with a sweep. 

4th Quarter (0:23): Offensive foul on Thomas knocking down Dellavedova on a screen. Thomas is gone after scoring 21 points. 

4th Quarter (0:29): Irving rebounds Datome's miss and gets fouled. He makes two. 101-93. 

Ball went off of Irving last. Celtics ball with 36 seconds left. 

Official review on whether the inbounds pass when off of Irving or Smart. 

4th Quarter (0:37): Bradley hits two free throws. 99-93 Cavs after Thomas fouled LeBron out of bounds. 

4th Quarter (0:37): Thomas makes a layup. 99-91 Cavs. 

4th Quarter (0:44): Kyrie Irving hits a free throw. 99-89 Cavs. 

4th Quarter (0:48): Thomas hits two at the line. 98-89 Cavs. 

4th Quarter (0:52): Shumpert hits both at the line. 98-87 Cavs. 

4th Quarter (0:53): Luigi Datome drives to the bucket and scores. 96-87 Cavs. 

4th Quarter (1:00): Shumpert hits two at the line. 96-85. 

4th Quarter (1:04): Smart posts up and scores. 94-85 Cavs. 

4th Quarter (1:10): LeBron takes on a myriad of defenders and banks home the runner. 94-83 Cavs. 

4th Quarter (1:32): Sullinger makes a layup. 92-83. 

4th Quarter (1:59): Thomas makes the layup. 92-81. 

4th Quarter (2:06): Thompson hits a foul shot. 92-79 Cavs. 

4th Quarter (2:07): Thomas hits two at the line. 91-79 Cavs. 

4th Quarter (2:47): Marcus Smart hits two of two at the line. 91-77. 

4th Quarter (3:15): LeBron hits a fadeaway. 91-75. 

4th Quarter (3:58): James hits both at the line. 89-75 Cavs. 

4th Quarter (4:26): Bradley hits a corner three. 87-75 Cavs. 

4th Quarter (4:42): Thompson makes two of two at the line. 87-72 Cavs. 

4th Quarter (5:12): Shumpert makes a J over Olynyk. 85-72. 

4th Quarter (5:46): Shumpert gets to the line and makes two. 83-72 Cavs. 

4th Quarter (6:03): Bass bullies his way to the paint and scores with the foul. 81-72 Cavs. 

4th Quarter (6:26): Irving drills a fadeaway. 81-70 Cavs. 

4th Quarter (6:52): Marcus Smart drives baseline and scores. 79-70. 

4th Quarter (7:32): Bradley makes one of two at the line. 79-68 Cavs. 

4th Quarter (7:43): Irving drives and scores. 79-67 Cavs. 

4th Quarter (7:55): Sullinger grabs Thomas' miss and scores with the foul. 77-67 Cavs. 

4th Quarter (8:17): LeBron bullies his way to the rim and scores. 77-64 Cavs. 

4th Quarter (9:00): Irving nets a three. 75-64 Cavs. 

4th Quarter (10:14): Sullinger drains a trey. 72-64 Cavs. 

4th Quarter (10:59): James drives past Jerebko and scores. 72-61 Cavs. 

Boston holds Cleveland to just 13 in the third quarter. Cleveland was settling for threes on way too many occasions. They're in foul trouble too; Kyrie has 4, Thompson has 4, and Mozgov has 4. 

3rd Quarter (0:00): Sullinger tips in Smart's miss at the buzzer. 70-61 Cavs after three. 

3rd Quarter (0:32): Smart hits one at the line. 70-59 Cavs. 

3rd Quarter (0:50): LeBron finds Shumpert in the corner who drains a trey. 70-58 Cavs. 

3rd Quarter (1:45): Smart soars to finish Bradley's miss. 67-58 Cavs. 

3rd Quarter (2:24): Thomas hits both. 67-56 Cavs. 

3rd Quarter (2:40): Bradley drives baseline and scores. 67-54. 

3rd Quarter (3:00): Irving hits a floater. 67-52 Cavs. 

3rd Quarter (3:18): Thomas picks off a pass and strides for the finish. 65-52 Cavs. 

3rd Quarter (3:43): Sullinger hits a free throw. 65-50 Cavs. 

3rd Quarter (4:09): Isaiah Thomas hits two foul shots. 65-49 Cavs. 

3rd Quarter (4:16): LeBron hits a jumper. 65-47 Cavs. 

3rd Quarter (5:21): Isaiah Thomas finally hits a three. 63-47. 

3rd Quarter (6:23): Mozgov hits two at the line. 63-44 Cavs.

3rd Quarter (7:07): Turner makes a 14-footer. 

Crowder is done for the game. 

3rd Quarter (7:48): LeBron beats Sullinger off the dribble and scores. 61-42 Cavs. 

Celtics are 8-17 from the line. 

3rd Quarter (8:41): Irving hits two at the line. 59-42 Cavs. Four fouls on Bradley. 

3rd Quarter (9:49): Bass throws down a Thomas miss. And-one. 57-42 Cavs.

3rd Quarter (10:18): Bradley hits pull-up J. 57-40 Cavs. 

3rd Quarter (10:24): Thomas hits the two free throws. 57-38 Cavs. 

Smith has been ejected from the game with a flagrant two call. 

J.R. Smith hit Crowder, causing the injury. 

Crowder is shaken up on the floor. 

Revisit Perkins' illegal screen on Crowder here. 

Isaiah Thomas is currently 0-for-7 for the Celtics. 

Celtics shot just 15-40 from the field (0-for-8 from three) with 10 turnovers in the first half. 

Sullinger leads Boston with 10 points. Zeller has 8 and Crowder has 7 for the C's. 

LeBron has 13 points, Mozgov has 10, Irving has 10, and Smith has 8 at the half for Cleveland. 

2nd Quarter (0:01): LeBron takes the contact and finishes to end the half. 57-36 Cavs at halftime. 

2nd Quarter (0:30): Perkins gets to the line again and makes two. 55-36 Cavs. 

2nd Quarter (0:45): Perkins gets an offensive rebound, is fouled, and hits one free throw. 53-36. 

2nd Quarter (1:01): Thomas hits two free throws. 52-36 Cavs. 

2nd Quarter (1:19): LeBron hits one foul shot. 52-34 Cavs. 

2nd Quarter (1:31): Crowder drives and scores. 51-34 Cavs. 

2nd Quarter (1:44): Crowder misses both of the flagrant free throws. 51-32 Cavs. 

Flagrant 1 called on Perkins for the illegal screen. Double technicals assessed to Perk and Crowder. 

Perkins and Crowder get involved in an altercation. Officials will discuss. 

2nd Quarter (2:30): Dellavedova hits a corner three off of a LeBron feed. 51-32 Cavs. 

2nd Quarter (2:57): Shumpert hits two at the line. 48-32 Cavs. 

2nd Quarter (3:09): Irving hits a turnaround over Thomas. 46-32 Cavs. 

2nd Quarter (3:32): LeBron hits one of two at the line. 44-32 Cavs. 

2nd Quarter (3:51): Crowder hits two at the line. 43-32 Cavs. 

2nd Quarter (4:48): Thompson gets an offensive board and puts it back. 43-30. 

7-0 Boston run. 

2nd Quarter (5:04): Sullinger scores inside. 41-30 Cavs. 

2nd Quarter (5:34): Crowder banks home a floater. And-one. 41-28 Cavs. 

2nd Quarter (6:20): Sullinger hits a floater. 41-25 Cavs. 

2nd Quarter (6:37): Kyrie Irving hits Zeller with the euro-step and scores. 41-23 Cavs. 

2nd Quarter (7:42): Smith crosses up Smart and hits a J. 39-23. 

2nd Quarter (8:06): LeBron gets by Bass and finishes inside. 37-23 Cavs. 

Celtics are getting murdered on the glass. If they don't start corralling these defensive rebounds, it's game over. 

2nd Quarter (9:48): LeBron cans a three. 35-23. 

2nd Quarter (10:31): Mozgov gets the and-one off of Dellavedova's feed. 32-23 Cavs. 

2nd Quarter (11:17): Smart drives to the cup and scores with the foul on the fast break. 29-23 Cavs. 

2nd Quarter (11:46): Sullinger knocks down a midrange J. 29-21 Cavs. 

Cavs lead after one, 29-19. 

1st Quarter (0:12): Irving strokes a three. 29-19 Cavs. 

1st Quarter (1:14): Sullinger finishes inside. 26-19. 

Kevin Love is out for the game. 

1st Quarter (1:38): James Jones hits two free throws for Cleveland. 26-17 Cavs. 

1st Quarter (1:54): Sullinger finishes inside. 24-17 Cavs. 

1st Quarter (2:14): Shumpert hits a pull-up J. 24-15 Cavs. 

1st Quarter (3:33): Olynyk hits one foul shot. 22-15 Cavs. 

1st Quarter (3:44): Irving hits one of two at the line. 22-14 Cavs. 

1st Quarter (4:02): Bradley rises up and knocks down a long two. 21-14 Cavs. 

1st Quarter (4:27): LeBron attacks and scores. 21-12 Cavs. 

1st Quarter (4:52): Thomas finds Zeller inside. 19-12 Cavs. 

1st Quarter (5:22): Love's shoulder pops out of place after tussling with Olynyk. He rushes to the locker room. 

1st Quarter (6:14): Mozgov hits one free throw. 18-10 Cavs. 

Zeller flashes to the bucket and scores. 17-10 Cavs. 

1st Quarter (7:00): Thomas turns it over and Irving scores on the break. 17-8. 

1st Quarter (7:38): LeBron hits two at the line. 15-8 Cavs. 

1st Quarter (7:57): J.R. Smith cans a two. 13-8. 

1st Quarter (8:20): Mozgov scores inside. 11-8 Cavs. 

1st Quarter (9:07): LeBron finds Mozgov on the pick-and-roll. 9-8 Cavs. 

1st Quarter (9:29): Zeller hits running hook. 8-7 Celtics. 

1st Quarter (10:05): Bradley drives and scores. 7-6 Cavs. 

1st Quarter (10:26): Mozgov wipes up a LeBron miss and scores. 7-4 Cavs. 

Tyler Zeller hits a J. 5-4 Cavs. 

1st Quarter (11:02): Cavs corral an offensive board an Smith drains a three. 5-2. 

1st Quarter (11:30): Avery Bradley wets a midrange J. 2-2. 

1st Quarter (11:49): Love hits a midrange J instantly. 2-0. 

Brad Stevens dropped some inklings of the 04' Red Sox in his pregame speech. 

Can the Celtics keep their season alive? Let's get this show on the road!

Cavs fans have infiltrated the Garden. 

Jae Crowder will start for Boston in place of Marcus Smart, who arrived late to shootaround this morning after oversleeping. 

Cleveland Cavaliers head coach David Blatt on the play of Kevin Love"Kevin has been great. Maybe he didn't score as much in the second game as he did tonight, or in the first game, but he's been engaged at both ends."

Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens heading into Game 4, "You have a game Sunday, you prepare for the game, play to the best of your ability."

Cleveland Cavaliers - Boston Celtics Live Score, Result and Commentary

In Game 3, we also witnessed the emergence of Cleveland power forward Kevin Love. The final member of the Big Three finally broke out of his shell, finding success shooting threes (6-for-10) while providing the Cavaliers with valuable buckets down the stretch. In addition to scoring 23 points, Love also compiled nine rebounds and three assists as well, turning in a well-rounded performance to accompany his knockdown three-point shooting. It appears as if Love has finally found his niche with Cleveland. Not as the post player he was originally designed to be, but as a spot-up three-point shooter. He has made nine of his 17 three-point attempts in the first three games of the series, cementing himself as a key asset from beyond the arc. With this asset, the likes of Irving and James can now penetrate with the knowledge that Love and J.R. Smith (15 points on 6-of-12 shooting in Game 3) will be spotting up on the perimeter and that Thompson or Timofey Mozgov will be available down low. Obviously, the Celtics are forced to dedicate extra attention to Irving and James when they drive to the basket, leaving Love wide open on the outside. In addition, Boston's closeout attempts were remarkably lethargic in Game 3, which handed Love even more time to set himself and fire. 

A crucial factor in today's contest will be whether the Celtics can keep the Cavaliers off of the offensive boards. Cleveland power forward Tristan Thompson had what seemed like a field day on the offensive glass in Game 3, corralling rebounds at the most critical times in the matchup. He completely outmuscled Boston center Tyler Zeller on numerous occasions, grabbing a Kyrie Irving miss with 2:17 left in the game to set up an open Love three to provide the Cavaliers with a 98-92 lead, and grabbing a James miss to create an opportunity for yet another Love three with 26 seconds remaining to put the Cavs' up by eight, a play which undoubtedly decided the outcome of the game. Overall, the rebounding battle was even at 45, and the Cavaliers grabbed only two more offensive boards than their counterparts. However, these offensive rebounds came at the most essential moments of the game. It's a seemingly recurring theme; when the Cavaliers need to garner an extra possession, Thompson is present to outwork and outhustle the Celtics bigs to corral a key rebound. One way of combating this issue is to provide more minutes to the likes of Jared Sullinger (10 points and eight rebounds in 17 minutes in Game 3) and Kelly Olynyk (zero shots in three minutes in Game 3) rather than Zeller and Jonas Jerebko, two players who haven proven themselves to be  incompetent on the boards in this series. Sullinger's big body could pay dividens in boxing out the aggressive Thompson, and Olynyk's long frame could aid in grabbing these boards. 

Once again, as we all predicted, we are witnessing the pure genius of LeBron James. The four-time MVP was absolutely sensational in Cleveland's 103-95 win in Game 3 compiling 31 points, 11 rebounds, 4 assists and 4 steals in front of a hostile TD Garden crowd, one which this writer was a part of. He imposed his will on the offensive end, making jumper after jumper and driving his way to the basket with ease. As far as passing the ball, he repeatedly dropped unparalleled dimes, including one to a spotting up Kevin Love with 26 seconds remaining to clinch the victory. His impact was also felt on the defensive end as he seemingly flew around the court making play after play to thwart the Celtics' attack. In one instance, James came from approximately 15 feet away to swat the dunk attempt of a driving Evan Turner in the second half, an astounding showing of athleticism, quickness, and overall intelligence. Boston reserve forward Jae Crowder attempted to use his physicality to combat James' skill set, which was successful in short stretches. However, LeBron made quick adjustments and continued to expose the Celtics on the offensive end, using his shooting abilities to overpower Crowder's defensive tactics. James has been wildly consistent throughout the series, putting up 30 points and nine rebounds in Game 2 to accompany his stat line of 20 points and seven assists in Game 1. In terms of today's matchup, it's not a question of whether or not James can bring the "it" factor, rather it's a question of whether or not the Celtics can contain him in any way, shape, or form. Playing Crowder for 31 minutes appeared to be their best bet, and even that strategy failed to come to fruition for Boston. 

Hello, all! Welcome to the Live event of the Cleveland Cavaliers - Boston Celtics Live score of Game 2 from the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. My name is Liam OBrien and I will be your host.