Atlanta Hawks - Brooklyn Nets in 2015 NBA Playoffs Game 5 (115-120)
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Final: So the series will head back to Atlanta tied at two. That will do it for this Live. 

Final: The Hawks have not played well. They don't look like the Hawks we saw early in the year. 

Final: Joe Johnson struggled but managed to score 17 points, grabbed six rebounds, and dished five assists. 

Final: Deron Williams bounced back with a monster performance, finishes with 35 points and seven assists. He tied his playoff career-high. 

Overtime (:00): It's over. Nets win!! They have tied the series at 2!

Overtime (:04): Millsap misses a three.

Overtime (:11): Johnson calmly nails both free throws.

Overtime (:11): Teague runs all the way in for a layup. Nets up 118-115. Johnson is now fouled.

Overtime (:20): Williams drains both free throws. Nets up 5.

Overtime (:20): Korver misses another three. Loose ball foul on Atlanta. Williams will head to the line.

Overtime (:25): Korver misses a couple of threes, but Carroll grabbed two offensive rebounds. Hawks still with the ball, down three.

Overtime (:54): Hawks 113 Nets 116. Young misses the free-throw. Timeout Hawks.

Overtime (:54): Young pushes a corner two in and gets fouled!!! 

Overtime (1:10): Hawks miss! Nets rebounds. Nets with a one point lead and the ball.

Overtime (1:25): Bogdanovic drills a three!! What a shot by the Rookie!

Overtime (1:44): Horford gets a floater to go down. Nice ball movement by the Hawks.

Overtime (2:07): Tied at 111!

Overtime (2:07): Lopez picks up the loose ball, gets to the hole, and draws a foul! Chance to tie the game again.

Overtime (2:28): Millsap dishes to Carroll for the corner three!!

Overtime (2:53): Johnson, struggling all night, hits floater! 

Overtime (3:18): Korver steps in to knock down a top of the key jumper. 

Overtime (3:33): Young puts back Lopez's miss. We are tied at 106!

Overtime (4:36): Millsap turns in the lane and banks it in to start OT.

Overtime (5:00): Overtime is underway. Here we go!

​4th Quarter (:00): The Hawks did not even get the shot off. We are going to overtime!!

​4th Quarter (:06): Williams misses a turnaround jumper. Hawks grab rebound and call for time. 

​4th Quarter (:16): Millsap takes it to the rim easily. No defense. Tied at 104! Nets call time.

​4th Quarter (:24): Hawks called a timeout. 17 on the shot clock, 24 on the game clock. 104-102 Nets lead. 

​4th Quarter (:31): Johnson misses. Two point Nets lead still.

​4th Quarter (:51): Millsap blocks Williams attempt, Nets recover it though. Shot clock reset. I don't think it should have.

​4th Quarter (1:15): Teague got fouled again and went 1 of 2 again. 

​4th Quarter (1:25): Lopez barely found the handle, but he still got it to go. Nets lead by 3!

​4th Quarter (1:53): Williams hits a looooooooong three at the shot clock buzzer!!!!

​4th Quarter (2:18): Hawks 101 Nets - 99. 

​4th Quarter (2:19): Teague blows by the Nets defense and gets to the hole again. Timeout Nets! Hawks regain the lead.

​4th Quarter (2:49): Millsap snatches the rebound from Anderson and puts in a two. What a gritty play.

​4th Quarter (3:13): What a graceful feed by Williams who finds Bogdanovic cutting backdoor! 

​4th Quarter (3:57): Teague knocks down a floater and we are tied again! What a game.

​4th Quarter (4:08): Hawks 95 Nets 97. 

​4th Quarter (4:33): Teague explodes to the rim for two.

​4th Quarter (4:43): Johnson answers back with a three-ball.

​4th Quarter (5:08): What a big time three by Antic!

​4th Quarter (5:40): Teague goes one of two again.

Timeout on the floor.

​4th Quarter (5:40): Hawks 89 Nets 94. 

​4th Quarter (5:40): Teague is headed back to the free-throw line, as he draws the fourth foul on Williams. 

​4th Quarter (6:17): Teague gets one of two as well. Still a five point Nets lead.

​4th Quarter (6:17): Hawks have missed nine of their last 11 attempts, as Teague draws a foul and gets to the line.

​4th Quarter (6:26): Lopez hits one of two.

​4th Quarter (6:26): Lopez is fouled. He will head to the line for two.

​4th Quarter (7:00): Hawks 88 Nets 93.

​4th Quarter (7:00): Williams another three!!! He is in fuego!!! Someone check this man, please! HE HAS GONE WILD!

​4th Quarter (7:22): Williams now hits a three! He is on fire. This is his night!

​4th Quarter (8:30): Williams gets to the hole. He has 24 points!

​4th Quarter (9:04): Korver with a three-point answer!

​4th Quarter (9:16): Hawks 85 Nets 85.

​4th Quarter (9:17): Anderson, three!! We are tied!!! Brooklyn will not go away. Timeout ATL. 13-3 run.

​4th Quarter (9:52): Hawks 85 Nets 82.

​4th Quarter (9:52): Offensive foul on Schroder!!

​4th Quarter (10:03): Bogdanovic splashes home a three!!

​4th Quarter (10:16): Another excellent put back by the Hawks. Scott finishes Schroder's miss, plus a foul!

​4th Quarter (10:32): Wow wee!! Another cross over by Williams and another jumper. 

​4th Quarter (11:15): Bogdanovic to Williams for a corner three!! Five point game!

3rd Quarter (:00): Hawks offense has picked up but the Nets remain within striking distance.

3rd Quarter (:00): Hawks - 82 Nets 74. 

3rd Quarter (:01): Anderson does not complete the three-point play though.

3rd Quarter (:01): Not a good defensive play by the Hawks. They let Anderson go all the way to the rim in 3 seconds to get a foul and one. 

3rd Quarter (:48): Schroder gets to the cup again. He is a much improved player.

3rd Quarter (1:25): Plumlee misses both.

​3rd Quarter (1:25): Hack-A-Plumlee taking place now? 

​3rd Quarter (2:45): Schroder gets the floater to go down out of the timeout.

​3rd Quarter (3:09): Hawks 76 Nets 69.

​3rd Quarter (3:09): Jack scores a long two. Timeout Hawks!

​3rd Quarter (3:21): Bogdanovic buries a three. Big time shot!

​3rd Quarter (3:30): Williams is on the bench, by the way.

​3rd Quarter (3:30): What a scrappy play by Millsap, locking Lopez up for a jump ball. 

​3rd Quarter (3:58): Korver drills a long corner two. Williams is shaken up. 20-second timeout for BKN.

​3rd Quarter (4:18): Teague and Horford connect again.

​3rd Quarter (4:35): Williams finds Lopez for a two-handed slam.

​3rd Quarter (5:00): Teague with a superb set up for Horford. Hawks up 10!

​3rd Quarter (5:32): Millsap now with a put in two.

​3rd Quarter (6:03): Johnson hit all three free throws.

Timeout on the floor.

​3rd Quarter (6:03): Hawks 68 Nets 59.

​3rd Quarter (6:03): Horrible foul by Carroll who bit for Johnson's fake behind the arc with a second left on the shot clock and picked up a foul.

​3rd Quarter (6:29): Millsap with a tough face up shot. Budenholzer asking for a foul as well.

​3rd Quarter (7:12): Korver rolls home a three! Back and forth we go!

​3rd Quarter (7:26): Williams uses a screen to knock in a long two.

​3rd Quarter (7:40): Horford buries a top of the key jumper. Offensive picking up as well.

​3rd Quarter (7:57): Johnson with a quick respond. Pace picking up here.

​3rd Quarter (8:14): Another tip in by the Hawks, this time it's Horford.

​3rd Quarter (8:32): Carroll turns it over, which leads to a Deron Williams layup.

​3rd Quarter (8:52): Young to Bogdanovic who flies in for a one handed dunk!

​3rd Quarter (9:32): Millsap tips it away from Lopez and gets an easy score. Hawks up 8.

​3rd Quarter (10:11): Lopez follows a miss with a dunk, and Horford gets an alley-oop finish on the other end!

​3rd Quarter (11:18): Lopez with a quick answer. 

3rd Quarter (11:35): Teague gets to the lane for two.

​Halftime: Williams has come alive in this game, scoring 13 first half points.

​Halftime: Carroll is carrying the Hawks again. They need more production from Horford and Korver again. 

Halftime: Hawks 51 Nets 45. 

2nd Quarter (:00): That does it for the first half.

2nd Quarter (:27): Carroll gets rejected, regains possession and puts in a two over Lopez. What determination!

2nd Quarter (:48): Lopez tips in Young's miss to end a 9-0 Hawks run.

2nd Quarter (1:09): Teague puts in a three! Hawks up 6 now.

2nd Quarter (2:44): Hawks 46 Nets 43.

2nd Quarter (2:50): Great ball movement by Atlanta in transition, and Scott gets a good look at a three. Hawks back up by 3! Timeout Nets.

2nd Quarter (3:37): Carroll buries another three. He's got 13!

2nd Quarter (3:46): Horford is back into the game, by the way.

2nd Quarter (4:40): Johnson hits a deep two from the corner. 

2nd Quarter (4:58): Carroll bangs home a three. He is having another solid game. 

2nd Quarter (5:25): Beautiful feed by Lopez to Young!

2nd Quarter (5:37): Hawks 37 Nets 39. 

2nd Quarter (5:37): Lionel Hollins calls a timeout. 

2nd Quarter (6:25): Scott attacks the rim for a soft jam. 

2nd Quarter (6:46): Hawks 35 Nets 39.

2nd Quarter (6:46): Williams then finds Johnson for a three! Williams looks spry tonight.

2nd Quarter (7:00): Williams shakes the defense and goes all the way for a layup. Vintage Williams.

2nd Quarter (7:10): Millsap takes it at Lopez and Hawks has regained the lead!

2nd Quarter (7:55): Bazemore answers within seconds. 

2nd Quarter (7:59): Lopez attacks the undersized Scott in the lane and finishes.

2nd Quarter (8:48): Schroder gets to the lane again. 

2nd Quarter (9:08): Horford is back on the bench. He re-taped his pinky finger. 

2nd Quarter (9:26): Korver drills another three. 

2nd Quarter (10:17): Schroder stops the bleeding for Atlanta with a driving layup. He stops a 13-0 Nets run.

2nd Quarter (10:35): Al Horford has gone to the locker room with an apparent hand injury. 

2nd Quarter (10:35): Hawks 24 Nets 32.

2nd Quarter (10:36): Jack hits a floater! Timeout ATL!

2nd Quarter (10:49): The Hawks do not look good at all.

2nd Quarter (11:19): Anderson puts in a straight away three! Six-point Nets lead.

​1st Quarter (:00): Hawks 24 Nets 25.

​1st Quarter (:00): Quarter comes to an end. Brooklyn finished on a 11-3 run. 

​1st Quarter (:09): Jack with a bounce pass to Lopez in the pick n roll for another easy two for the big man. 

​1st Quarter (:28): So many turnovers by the Hawks. 

​1st Quarter (1:30): Young knocks down a two. One-point Hawks lead.

​1st Quarter (1:56): Johnson feeds Lopez for an easy two inside the paint. Too easy. 

​1st Quarter (2:18): Millsap answers back with a triple of his own. 

​1st Quarter (2:30): Williams hits a three!

​1st Quarter (3:03): Hawks 21 Nets 16.

​1st Quarter (3:03): Williams with the post game. He has 8 points already. Timeout ATL.

​1st Quarter (4:11): Pero Antic buries a corner three. Good start by the Hawks.

​1st Quarter (4:46): Hawks 17 Nets 14.

​1st Quarter (4:48): Millsap finds the cutting Carroll who's got seven early points. Timeout Brooklyn.

​1st Quarter (5:42): Carroll knocks down a straight away three.

​1st Quarter (6:21): Bogdanovic takes it in for two.

​1st Quarter (6:32): Hawks 12 Nets 12.

​1st Quarter (7:16): Korver touches the pass to Horford for an easy lay in. 

​1st Quarter (7:36): Williams was left wide open in the corner as he hits another three. Great start for him.

​1st Quarter (7:53): Off the steal, Korver pulls up for three, book it!

​1st Quarter (8:11): Great back cut by Carroll, even better pass for the easy two.

​1st Quarter (8:24): Young with a baby hook. 

​1st Quarter (8:39): Carroll finds Horford for an easy duece.

​1st Quarter (9:00): Bogdanovic whips a pass to Williams who knocks down the three!

​1st Quarter (9:14): Lopez missed the free-throw and on the other end, Teague is fouled.

​1st Quarter (9:25): Lopez flips it in and a foul! 

​1st Quarter (9:33): Again a slow offensive game for the Hawks. 2-2 tied so far.

​1st Quarter (10:38): The streaking Lopez quickly responds.

​1st Quarter (10:42): Teague blows by Williams for the first two points of the game.

​1st Quarter (10:57): Barclays Center looks empty again.

1st Quarter (12:00): We are underway!

Deron Williams is indeed in the starting lineup.

Can the Nets tied it up at two apiece?

We are almost under way! 

"I think they're a confident group, just like we are. It's the playoffs," Hawks head coach Mike Budenholzer said. "I think they've played well really for stretches from the beginning, and it's going to be a series."

"We know they're going to make adjustments, but we really feel we can compete with these guys and we have a lot of confidence right now," Lopez said.

The Hawks will just have to stick with their game plan. They have been moving the ball around still, but they are simply not making shots. Although, Kyle Korver got a little antsy and fired up quick shots late in the game, which won't make the coaching staff very happy. Either way, they have given the Nets a lot of confidence heading into tonight's game. 

This game is more important to the Nets than it is to the Hawks of course. If Brooklyn loses tonight, their season will be virtually over. They will be down 1-3 heading back to Atlanta which is not ideal. They will have to control the rebounding like they did in Game 3 to manage another victory. The only negative I see in Game 3 was that the Net starters played heavy minutes since they got nothing out of their bench. Lionel Hollis basically used a seven-man rotation. Johnson and Lopez played 42 minutes apiece, while Young played 41. Bogdanovic logged 34 minutes. Williams only played 26 minutes because he was benched in the fourth due to his knee concerns. Without him, that bench becomes even thinner since Jack will be in the lineup. 

The one and only Nets starter that is struggling so far is Deron Williams.  He has scored a combined five points over the last two games, which is quite disappointing for a starting point guard and a three-time All-Star. Though, according to his teammate Joe Johnson, Williams has been playing with severe tendinitis in his knee and is considered a game-time decision for Game 4. If he is unable to go, Jarrett Jack, who had a superb Game 2, will take his place as a starter. 

Rookie Bojan Bogdanovic played major minutes in this one, and he had an amazing game, scoring 19 points on 7 of 13 shooting. He also added three steals and three rebounds. Bogdanovic was hitting timely threes to stop any momentum the Hawks were gaining during the game. They need more of his spot up, efficient shooting to try and even the series at two. VAVEL USA's recap of Game 3. 

Also chipping in a double-double on Saturday was Joe Johnson. He scored 16 points and nabbed 10 rebounds to go with five assists and two steals. Johnson was highly inefficient, but he found ways to be effective. Thaddeus Young, who had just two points in Game 2, apologized to his teammates and told them he would have a better game, and he delivered. Hitting 50 percent of his shots, Young scored 18 points, corralled 11 boards, and dished out three assists. 

The Nets received excellent production from their starters in Game 3. Their bench only scored 13 points, but their starters were phenomenal all game long. Brook Lopez led the way with 22 points and 13 rebounds. Lopez has improved his rebounding game at the right time, averaging 11.3 rebounds per game during the playoffs while his season average was just 7.4.

While Horford and Korver were struggling, DeMarre Carroll was carrying the offensive load. He scored 22 points and grabbed six rebounds while shooting 9 of 12 from the floor. Paul Millsap, despite not shooting efficiently, also had a huge night. He put in 18 points, 17 rebounds, five steals, and three assists. 

Kyle Korver had a terrible shooting game on Saturday. He compiled two points on 1 of 8 shooting from the field and 0 for 5 from three-point distance. When Korver goes a game without a three-point make, then you know the Hawks are struggling. Al Horford was also abysmal, scoring a mere seven points on 3 of  12 shooting. 

The first-seeded Hawks have not met expectations during the playoffs. Some did, after all, predict this team to simmer down during the playoffs. They are shooting 39 percent from the field in this series so far, which is the worst percentage from all 16 playoff teams, and this is only against the eighth-seeded Nets. One can say that it does not look good for the Hawks even if they are able to get past Brooklyn. 

The Atlanta Hawks lead the series 2-1, as the Nets were able to get their first win of the series in Game 3 on Saturday, 91-83. 

Hello, hoop heads around the world! Welcome to Game 4 of the Atlanta Hawks vs Brooklyn Nets Live score from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. I am Vahan Shakhpazyan here to guide you through this Live.