J.R. Smith And Kelly Olynyk Suspended, Kendrick Perkins Fined
Barry Chin/The Boston Globe via AP

After what transpired in Game 4 between the Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers, the NBA announced that J.R. Smith has been suspended two games, Kelly Olynynk has been suspended one game, and Kendrick Perkins has been hit with a $15,000 fine.

Smith has been suspended for smacking Jae Crowder in the face early in the third period. He was ejected from the game, as Crowder hurt his knee during the fall. Crowder has been diagnosed with an ACL strain.

Here is a video of that play:

Meanwhile, Olynyk has been suspended for grabbing Kevin Love’s arm and eventually dislocating his shoulder as the two were tangled up, battling for a loose ball. Love called it a “bush-league play,” strongly believing that Olynyk did it purposely. Olynyk will serve his suspension the first game of next season.

Here is a look at that play:

Earlier in the day, the Cavaliers ruled out Kevin Love for the entire semifinals with an acute anterior inferior glenohumeral dislocation with the corresponding ligament and labrum tearing and humeral head bone bruising.

Lastly, Perkins has been fined for deliberately shoving Jae Crowder. This play happened before Smith eventually injured Crowder and forced him to miss the rest of the game. Perkins' hit on Crowder was changed to a Flagrant 2, hence the fine.

Here is a video:

It was a physical Game 4, one that cost the Cleveland Cavaliers their starting power forward and shooting guard.