San Antonio Spurs - Los Angeles Clippers in 2015 NBA Playoffs (111-107)
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Final: Again, amazing game. Have a great night, folks. I am Vahan Shakhpazyan, signing off! 

Final: Jordan made a huge mistake tipping that ball in. That shot was going down by Griffin. That sealed the game. 

Final: Game 5 is on Thursday in San Antonio at 9:30 pm ET. 

Final: What a sensational game that was. Series shifts to San Antonio where the Spurs will look to eliminate the Clippers.

Final: The Spurs win!!! 111-107.

​4th Quarter (:01): Leonard hits both. That is ball game!

​4th Quarter (:01): Leonard is now fouled. 

​4th Quarter (:04): Green hits the first, misses the second, but the Spurs pick up the offensive rebound!!!

​4th Quarter (:04): Clippers quickly foul Green. He will go to the line to try and make two clutch free throws. Clippers are out of timeouts, keep in mind.

​4th Quarter (:04): So the Spurs have the ball. That was an offensive goal tending. Spurs up 1.

​4th Quarter (:04): Griffin missed the shot, Jordan tipped it in but the refs call an offensive goal tending. They are checking the play but it looked like it was an offensive goal tending indeed. Good call.

​4th Quarter (:06): Spurs 108 Clippers 107.

​4th Quarter (:06): Green misses an open three. Rebound by Barnes. Timeout Clippers. 

​4th Quarter (:30): Barnes hits two clutch free throws! One-point game.

​4th Quarter (:30): Matt Barnes draws a foul now. He is going to the line for two! Leonard picks up his fifth.

​4th Quarter (:39): Griffin missses both free throws but Clippers grabbed the offensive rebound.

​4th Quarter (:39): Griffin gets clipped and fouled. Leonard picks up his fourth. Griffin to the line.

​4th Quarter (:48): Huge possession coming up for the Clippers out of this timeout. Spurs - 108 Clippers - 105.

​4th Quarter (:48): Parker hits 1 of 2. Spurs up 3.

​4th Quarter (:48): Parker gets fouled by J.J. Redick. He fouls out.

​4th Quarter (:57): Duncan stuffs Griffin's shot. What a clean, beautiful, monsterous block!!!

​4th Quarter (1:14): Green misses. Clippers have the ball.

Timeout Spurs!

​4th Quarter (1:31): Spurs 107 Clippers 105.

​4th Quarter (1:31): Griffin to Jordan for the stuff on the alley-oop! Two-point game! What a contest!

​4th Quarter (2:07): Paul completes the three-point play.

​4th Quarter (2:07): Paul takes it at Duncan, draws a foul and one.

​4th Quarter (2:11): Spurs 107 Clippers 100.

​4th Quarter (2:11): Leonard gets to the line and hits two free throws.

​4th Quarter (2:24): Griffin muscles in for two more! 

​4th Quarter (2:52): Diaw just threw up a tough shot off one foot with the shot clock winding down. What a shot!!!

​4th Quarter (3:19): Griffin to Jordan for an easy dunk.

​4th Quarter (3:35): That was Boris Diaw's first three of the series and it couldn't come at a better time for SAS.

Timeout Clippers!

​4th Quarter (3:35): Spurs 103 Clippers 96. 

​4th Quarter (3:35): Boris Diaw drills a corner three in semi-transition!!

​4th Quarter (3:59): Paul glides to the lane for two.

​4th Quarter (4:14): Big shot by Timmy D. A mid-range jumper over Jordan.

​4th Quarter (4:48): Green hits the free throw. Four-point Spurs lead.

​4th Quarter (4:49): Leonard tips in the miss by Parker and a technical is called on Chris Paul. 

​4th Quarter (5:22): Redick hits an off balance long two!

​4th Quarter (5:47): Diaw hits a tough two-point shot. Big time shot because the clock was down to two.

​4th Quarter (6:04): Parker is not hitting shots, but he is putting his head down trying to make plays. 

​4th Quarter (7:37): Jordan just rocked the rim with a two handed dunk off that alley-oop pass.

​4th Quarter (7:50): Spurs 93 Clippers 90. 

​4th Quarter (7:51): Parker drops in a free-throw line jumper. Timeout Clippers.

​4th Quarter (8:20): Parker to Duncan for an easy two. Nice feed.

​4th Quarter (8:45): Crawford hits a big two.

​4th Quarter (9:12): Diaw draws a foul on Jordan, goes to the line for two.

​4th Quarter (9:56): Belinelli drills a three!

Timeout Spurs.

​4th Quarter (10:09): Spurs 85 Clippers 88.

​4th Quarter (10:10): Paul with the stutter step and takes it to the hole! What a move!!

​4th Quarter (10:44): Paul sinks in a mid-range jumper.

​4th Quarter (11:03): Jordan is back in. 

​4th Quarter (11:03): Offensive foul on Aron Baynes. He is fouled out. 

​4th Quarter (11:12): Crawford with that pull up game!

​4th Quarter (11:31): Green rolls in a huge three for San Antonio.

​4th Quarter (11:45): Redick puts Manu to the ground while setting a screen.

​4th Quarter (11:47): Austin Rivers just missed two free throws, but Davis' energy keeps the ball alive for the Clippers.

4th Quarter (12:00): Final 12 minutes underway! 

3rd Quarter (:00): A slow third quarter with 22 combined fouls. The Hack-A-Jordan destroyed the rhythm of the game, but it picked up once he was benched. The Clippers bench provided some good energy late in the quarter.

3rd Quarter (:00): Spurs 82 Clippers 82. 

3rd Quarter (:00): Rivers banks home a double clutch long two at the buzzer!!!

3rd Quarter (:06:) Belinelli hits a three!

3rd Quarter (:25): Griffin getting worked on his knee on the bench right now. 

3rd Quarter (:35): Manu puts in both. 

3rd Quarter (:35): Ginobili heads to the line for two. 

3rd Quarter (:42): Crawford flies in for two. Davis has brought a ton of energy to change the pace of this game.

3rd Quarter (1:01): Davis spins on Baynes and his a fall away jumper. 

3rd Quarter (1:16): Leonard is fouled on his way to the basket. He hits 1 of 2.

3rd Quarter (1:22): Another turnover by the Spurs leads to a Griffin two underneath the basket. The game picking up steam. 

3rd Quarter (1:55): Griffin picks up the steal and takes it all the way for a dunk. First Clipper FG in 7 and a half minutes.

3rd Quarter (2:09): And then....another foul. More free throws. Foul on Duncan, his second. 

3rd Quarter (2:27): Duncan makes two free throws. 

3rd Quarter (2:27): Davis is called for the loose ball foul on Griffin's miss. 

3rd Quarter (2:27): Spurs 74 Clippers 70. Griffin hits 1 of 2.

3rd Quarter (2:27): Griffin draws another foul. Back to the line.

3rd Quarter (2:38): Duncan runs out in transition and gets a one-handed stuff.

3rd Quarter (3:13): Griffin knocks in both free throws.

3rd Quarter (3:13): Nothing intentional. Just body on body contact. Griffin to shoot two free throws.

3rd Quarter (3:13): Ouch!! Griffin takes it to the rim and is leveled by Green!

3rd Quarter (3:26): Ginobili puts in both free throws.

3rd Quarter (3:26): Jordan is being taken out of the game by Doc. The Hack-A-Jordan broke any rhythm the Clippers had. It took the fans out of the game too.

3rd Quarter (3:26): Rivers bumps and fouls Ginobili. Now he goes to the line for two. 

3rd Quarter (3:36): Jordan misses both.

3rd Quarter (3:36): Hack-A-Jordan again. Mills fouls him and picks up his fourth.

3rd Quarter (3:40): Mills gets a wide open three and drills it! 

3rd Quarter (3:59): Jordan gets 1 of 2 again.

3rd Quarter (3:59): Jordan is fouled again.

3rd Quarter (4:05): Smooth spin move inside by Tim Duncan as he banks it for two.

3rd Quarter (4:23): Jordan knocks down 1 of 2. 

3rd Quarter (4:23): Clippers without a field goal over the last five minutes. A lot of free-throw shooting though.

3rd Quarter (4:24): Ginobili hits both of his free throws, and they quickly Hack-A-Jordan.

3rd Quarter (4:24): Redick has been whistled for a foul. That's his third. Ginobili to the line.

3rd Quarter (4:38): Jordan makes 1 of 2. 

3rd Quarter (4:38): Bonner intentionally fouls Jordan again. 

3rd Quarter (5:01): A questionable travel called on Griffin and Doc Rivers is going crazy!

3rd Quarter (5:22): Jordan makes BOTH!

3rd Quarter (5:22): It's a good idea because Jordan has been hurting the Spurs with his offensive rebounding. 

3rd Quarter (5:22): Spurs over the limit and they immediately go to the Hack-A-Jordan.

3rd Quarter (5:29): Diaw picks up his fourth foul. 

3rd Quarter (5:37): Parker swishes home the long two. 7-0 run by the Spurs as they take a one-point lead.

3rd Quarter (5:54): Then Parker turns it over, but so do the Clippers on the other end.

3rd Quarter (6:10): Parker knocks down one of two, but the Spurs corrall the offensive board.

3rd Quarter (6:10): Parker gets to the line for two after Redick bumped him to the floor.

3rd Quarter (6:48): Offense has slowed down on both ends the last couple minutes.

Timeout on the floor.

3rd Quarter (7:01): Spurs 60 Clippers 62.

3rd Quarter (7:01): Amazing defense by Danny Green just now. He hounded Paul and forced him to an air ball. Then Paul picked up a frustration foul, his third of the game.

3rd Quarter (7:39): Duncan missed a couple of chippys. He cannot believe it.

3rd Quarter (8:27): Duncan makes both.

3rd Quarter (8:27): Griffin picks up his first foul, as he grapples Duncan. 

3rd Quarter (8:50): Parker probes around the lane and finds two from the short corner.

3rd Quarter (9:27): Spurs 56 Clippers 62.

3rd Quarter (9:27): Parker continues to have a miserable series. He is 2 of 9 with five points.

3rd Quarter (9:28): Jordan taps in Griffin's miss. 10 points and 10 rebounds for him.

3rd Quarter (10:04): Redick gets to the lane for two. That was a nice, unusual move.

3rd Quarter (10:22): Leonard drew a foul on Barnes, makes 1 of 2.

3rd Quarter (10:48): Splitter finally gets one to go deep in the paint.

3rd Quarter (11:04): Paul squeezes to the lane for two!

3rd Quarter (11:18): Splitter misses BOTH!

3rd Quarter (11:18): Splitter gets fouled by Jordan on the other end. 

3rd Quarter (11:33): Redick misses the free throw, surprisingly. 

3rd Quarter (11:33): Another transition score for the Clippers. Redick gets a layup and the foul.

3rd Quarter (12:00): Second half underway!

​Halftime: Leonard and Mills lead the way for the Spurs with 10 points apiece. Duncan has nine points and six rebounds. 

​Halftime: Blake Griffin has been fantastic, scoring 21 points, grabbing eight boards, dishing three assists, and adding three steals on 7 of 10 shooting. The next highest scorer for the Clippers has eight, and that would be DeAndre Jordan.

​Halftime: The Spurs bench has been the difference, outscoring the Clippers bench, 24-7. They played with a ton of energy and used zone defense to bring the team back from a 14-point deficit.

Halftime: Parker is still struggling offensively with just five points, but the Spurs only down one.

​2nd Quarter (:00): Spurs 53 Clippers 54.

​2nd Quarter (:00): That ends the second quarter. 

​2nd Quarter (:26): A loose ball scramble, and Green was fouled by Paul, his second. 

​2nd Quarter (:50): Paul drills both!

​2nd Quarter (:50): Leonard fouls Paul on a jump shot, Paul to the line for two.

​2nd Quarter (1:16): Ginbili drills a three. Spurs lead by one now.

​2nd Quarter (2:04): Griffin hits both.

​2nd Quarter (2:04): Griffin charges to the lane and draws a foul on Duncan, his first.

​2nd Quarter (2:27): Griffin knocks down a mid-range jumper again. He has 19 points, 7 of 9 shooting.

Timeout Clippers.

​2nd Quarter (2:38): Spurs 50 Clippers 48.

​2nd Quarter (2:38): Graceful pass by Ginobili to Duncan for an easy two points.

​2nd Quarter (2:51): Paul uses the Griffin screen to get in the paint for a runner.

​2nd Quarter (3:21): Griffin picks up Crawford's air ball and puts it back in.

​2nd Quarter (3:39): Tough, tough shot by Green. The Spurs needed that.

​2nd Quarter (3:57): Redick just intentionally fouled Parker to stop the game so Doc can take Jordan out.

​2nd Quarter (3:59): He hits 1 of 2 again.

​2nd Quarter (4:03): Bonner drills a three, then he fouls Jordan intentionally.

​2nd Quarter (4:22): He hits one of two this time.

​2nd Quarter (4:22): Another Hack-A-Jordan.

​2nd Quarter (4:26): Duncan cleans up Bonner's three-point miss.

​2nd Quarter (4:39): Jordan misses both.

​2nd Quarter (4:39): Bonner checks in to intentionally foul Jordan.

​2nd Quarter (4:53): Leonard knocks down another jumper. 

​2nd Quarter (5:31): Green finally hits a shot, a corner two.

​2nd Quarter (5:45): Clippers starters outplaying the Spurs starters. 

​2nd Quarter (5:45): Spurs 37 Clippers 42.

​2nd Quarter (6:05): Three-point play by Parker is complete.

​2nd Quarter (6:05): Parker banks in the floater, draws the foul, and one.

​2nd Quarter (6:14): Griffin hits both. 

​2nd Quarter (6:14): Splitter picks up his third foul. Griffin to the line.

​2nd Quarter (6:32): Another turnover by the Spurs leads to a Redick layup.

​2nd Quarter (6:52): J.J. Redick with a long jumper.

​2nd Quarter (7:06): Duncan lops it to Leonard for the lay in.

​2nd Quarter (7:34): Parker in for Mills. 

​2nd Quarter (7:48): Griffin and Paul are back in.

​2nd Quarter (8:08): Barnes slides in for a two on the fast break.

​2nd Quarter (8:35): Spurs bench have singlehandedly brought the team back. They are severely outplaying the Clippers bench.

​2nd Quarter (8:35): Spurs 32 Clippers 34.

​2nd Quarter (8:35): Crawford skids to the lane for two. Timeout Spurs.

​2nd Quarter (8:48): Rivers struggling early.

​2nd Quarter (9:19): Jordan with an emphatic put back dunk! 

​2nd Quarter (9:35): Mills finishes the four-point play.

​2nd Quarter (9:35): Mills hits a three and he is fouled!!!!

Official timeout.

​2nd Quarter (10:38): Spurs 28 Clippers 30. 

​2nd Quarter (10:51): Davis completes the three-point play. 

​2nd Quarter (10:51): Davis takes it hard to the hole and gets an and-one play.

​2nd Quarter (11:05): Ginobili swishes home a three! Just like that the Spurs take a lead.

2nd Quarter (11:45): Mills knocks down another 3!!

1st Quarter (:00): Spurs 22 Clippers 27.

1st Quarter (00): The Spurs bench picked it up late, otherwise that was going to go down as a horrible quarter.

​1st Quarter (:00): That does it for the quarter. Spurs close on a 9-0 run. 

​1st Quarter (:08): Ginobili takes it to the body of Glen Davis for another simple layup.

​1st Quarter (:38): Spurs using the 2-3 zone to keep the Clippers outside the lane.

​1st Quarter (:38): Diaw slices through the defense for a layup.

​1st Quarter (1:03): Patty Mills knocks down his first jumper, a three-pointer.

​1st Quarter (1:30): Belinelli drains two free throws.

​1st Quarter (1:40): Paul rolls in a mid-range shot. 

​1st Quarter (2:10): What a feed by Chris Paul to Davis for an easy two.

​1st Quarter (2:25): Spurs keep turning the ball over. 

​1st Quarter (2:48): Griffin knocks down both. Clippers up 10.

​1st Quarter (2:48): Griffin is hacked and fouled by Diaw. 

​1st Quarter (2:54): Baynes checks in for Duncan.

​1st Quarter (3:11): Paul tosses it to Jordan for the one-handed throw down!!!

​1st Quarter (3:21): Austin Rivers checks in.

​1st Quarter (3:21): Clippers athleticism and quickness has hurt the Spurs so far. Spurs will perhaps need to slow the game down.

​1st Quarter (3:21): Leonard slips and calls for a timeout to avoid a jump ball.

​1st Quarter (3:32): Griffin to the running Jordan for an alley-oop connection. 

​1st Quarter (4:10): Duncan hits another nice, one-handed fall away. 

1st Quarter (4:48): Jamal Crawford into the game for L.A. Mills and Ginobili in for San Antonio.

​1st Quarter (4:48): Griffin has as many points as the Spurs.

​1st Quarter (4:48): Spurs have opened the game on 4 for 14 shooting. 

​1st Quarter (4:48): Danny Green still without a point. It seems like he is rushing his shots.

​1st Quarter (4:48): Spurs 11 Clippers 16.

​1st Quarter (4:48): Duncan misses, but grabs his own and puts in the easy two. Timeout Clippers.

​1st Quarter (5:07): Green's offense is a dud. Just air balled a short corner jumper. 

​1st Quarter (5:26): Griffin blows by the Spurs defense in transition for a strong dunk! 

​1st Quarter (6:30): Tony Parker hits a floater. Now that is Tony Parker-esque.

​1st Quarter (6:43): Griffin takes Diaw in the post. 

​1st Quarter (7:03): Leonard hits another one. It's been all him for SAS.

​1st Quarter (7:46): Boris Diaw is in early for Splitter.

​1st Quarter (7:46): So far, Parker, Green, and Splitter all struggling. No way the Spurs win with those 3 being taken out of the series. Also, Green is still the primary defender on Paul. 

​1st Quarter (7:46): Spurs Clippers 12.

​1st Quarter (7:46): Wide, WIDE open mid-range shot for Griffin, nothing but bottom. Timeout San Antonio.

​1st Quarter (7:56): Sweet pass by Parker, but Splitter blows a close up layup.

​1st Quarter (8:09): Barnes picks up his second foul.

​1st Quarter (8:18): Redick gets close to the bucket for a two. 

​1st Quarter (8:51): Griffin fires in a mid-range jumper.

​1st Quarter (9:14): Leonard hits both.

​1st Quarter (9:14): Leonard pushes it in transition and draws a foul on Matt Barnes. 

​1st Quarter (9:31): Duncan makes one of the two.

​1st Quarter (9:31): Duncan draws a foul on Jordan.

​1st Quarter (9:52): Barnes drills a triple! 

​1st Quarter (10:07): Parker has already missed his first 3 shots.

​1st Quarter (10:41): Leonard hits the first two for the Spurs.

​1st Quarter (10:57): Griffin goes full speed to the rim, side steps, and lays it in.

​1st Quarter (11:46): Griffin goes 1 of 2.

1st Quarter (11:46): Blake Griffin draws an early foul on Tiago Splitter.


Really love the Clippers starting lineup introductions. 

Clipper fans will be waiving these red towels. 

We are a few minutes away from tip-off! 

Whatever the case, this is going to be a thrilling game from start to finish. A lot is on the line for these teams, as this has been the most enjoyable series so far during the playoffs. Let's see which team is the aggressor tonight. 

Expect a lot of physical play, fouls, and hard-nosed, back-and-forth basketball. This is a pivotal Game 5, and if the Spurs win, they will have the chance to go back home and close the series. Also, Gregg Popovich is likely to use a lot more Hack-A-Jordan to keep him either on the bench or at the free-throw line. Last game, Doc Rivers chose to bench him in the fourth quarter to eliminate the tactic. In Game 2, he did not. What will he do tonight if Popovich tells his players to intentionally foul DeAndre Jordan?

After a well-rounded game on Sunday on the road, the Clippers cannot get complacent and relax at home. They need to come in with the expectation that the Spurs are going to play a much better game. They cannot come in with the mindset that the Spurs are going to curl up and go away. 

With Parker failing to perform at a high level, Patty Mills has been adequately producing off the bench as his backup. Mills has been averaging 11.8 points and hitting 50 percent from three-point territory. He has been a little spark plug off the bench, playing at a graceful pace and making timely buckets. In fact, Mills hit clutch free throws and big time threes in Game 2 when the Spurs stole one in Los Angeles. They will need more of the same from him tonight. 

"He's starting to feel a lot better," Tim Duncan said of Parker. "It's great to see him going to the basket, make some plays for us. That will pay big dividends for us with the rest of the series, something else they will have to game plan for."

Tony Parker, however, has struggled to find his offensive rhythm for most of the series but delivered 18 points on Sunday after combining for only 17 points through the first three games. They are going to need him to be aggressive, but injuries have slowed him down. Parker has a sore Achilles, thigh, and a mildly sprained ankle. 

Kawhi Leonard, meanwhile, has been the MVP for the Spurs throughout the series. He scored a team-high 26 points, grabbed seven rebounds, and added five assists on 10 of 19 shooting. Tim Duncan has been phenomenal as well, putting in 22 points, 14 rebounds, three blocks, and two steals in Game 4. 

Green having to expend all his energy trying to slow down Paul has taken away his offensive prowess. Last game, he went 0 of 6 from downtown for zero points in 28 minutes. Green's three-point shooting is as important to the Spurs as Redick's three-point shooting is to the Clippers. He needs to knock down the open looks he's been getting off the beautiful ball movement. 

Just like Game 1, the Clippers were highly efficient in Game 4. They shot 53.6 percent from the field and took care of the ball, turning it over just 10 times. The Spurs offense wasn't as bad, but they had no answer for the aggressive Chris Paul. Maybe it's time the Spurs put a bigger defender on him in Kawhi Leonard, who has had the task of slowing down J.J. Redick thus far, rather than Danny Green.

"It was amazing," said Paul said of Austin Rivers' performance. "The rest I was able to get in the second quarter and even the fourth quarter was unbelievable and was due to Austin. Without his production, we don't win the game."

Rivers had the game of his life, scoring 16 points on 7 of 8 shooting from the floor in just 17 mintues of play. Crawford added 15 points and three assists of his own and hit what I thought was the biggest bucket of the game with a little under seven minutes to go. Crawford made a tough driving layup, which at the time stopped a 6-0 San Antonio run and shifted the momentum back in favor of the Clippers. VAVEL USA's Game 4 recap. 

The Clippers bench, which lacks depth, was the story of Game 4. It's clear that the Spurs bench is deeper and more talented, but Austin Rivers and Jamal Crawford singlehandedly carried the Clippers bench on Sunday. 

Blake Griffin, on the other hand, remains aggressive. He has been the most consistent player for L.A. throughout the series. He fearlessly attacks the basket at will and has been hitting a higher percentage from mid-range. Griffin had 20 points, 19 rebounds, and seven assists on 9 of 17 shooting in 43 minutes. He also had a plus-minus rating of plus-14, the highest in the game. 

Chris Paul orchestrated the offense to perfection, especially down the stretch. Paul was looking for his shot more in Game 4, which is mostly a good thing for the Clippers. He needs to be more aggressive offensively because he is simply a tough cover and is usually efficient. Paul ended the contest with a game-high 34 points to go along with seven assists, three rebounds, and a steal on 11 of 19 shooting. 

That was one heck of a Game 4 by the Clippers, something that we probably wouldn't see from them in the past. This is definitely a different Clipper team, and I think the best Clipper team ever. Blake Griffin and Chris Paul look hungry and are certainly determined and focused. They seem to be tired of first-round or second-round exits. 

With the series in favor of the Spurs at 2-1, the Los Angeles Clippers, with their backs against the walls after a 27-point blowout, bounced back masterfully in Game 4 to snatch home court advantage back and tie the series at two apiece heading back to L.A. 

Hello, NBA world and welcome to the exciting Game of the San Antonio Spurs vs Los Angeles Clippers Live score from the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, California. I will be your host for tonight, Vahan Shakhpazyan.