Portland Trail Blazers - Memphis Grizzlies in 2015 NBA Playoffs Game 5 (93-99)
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Thanks for joining me tonight! I'm Parker White, continue following the NBA Playoffs here at VAVEL USA!!!

C.J. McCollum recorded his career-high in points with 33. Went 12-of-20 from the field, and 7-of-11 from behind the arc. Damian Lillard added 22 points and 6 rebounds. Nicolas Batum struggled going 2-of-12 from the field for 6 points, 10 rebounds and 7 assists. In what could be LaMarcus Aldridges' last game with Portland he scored 14 points on 5-of-18 shooting from the field with 9 rebounds. 

Marc Gasol led the Grizzlies with 26 points and 14 rebounds. Courtney Lee added 20 points. Zach Randolph recorded 16 points and 8 rebounds. Jeff Green came off the bench and scored 10 points with 7 rebounds.

The Memphis Grizzlies defeated the Portland Trail Blazers 99-93 and will advance to the second round of the NBA Playoffs where they will face the number one seeded Golden State Warriors!!!

Grizzlies 99 Blazers 93


4th Quarter (0:00) The Blazers don't get another shot up as the Grizzlies blocked the shot and ran out the clock.

4th Quarter (0:14) Courtney Lee heads to the line. Makes both free throws.

4th Quarter (0:15) Steve Blake hits the three-pointer. Blazers down 4!!!

4th Quarter (0:24) Marc Gasol fouled again. Makes both free throws.

4th Quarter (0:25) Damian Lillard drains the three-pointer. The Blazers are still fighting!

LaMarcus Aldridge fouled out.

4th Quarter (0:31) Marc Gasol is fouled. Makes 1 of 2 free throws.

Grizzlies 94 Blazers 87

Grizzlies Timeout

4th Quarter (0:33) Damian Lillard makes the quick layup.

Grizzlies 94 Blazers 85

Blazers Timeout

4th Quarter (0:36) Marc Gasol is fouled once again. Makes 1 of 2 free throws.

4th Quarter (0:36) Damian Lillard gets fouled as he attacked the basket. Makes 1 of 2 free throws.

4th Quarter (0:42) Marc Gasol gets fouled. Makes both free throws.

4th Quarter (0:43) C.J. McCollum continues his hot shooting with another three-pointer.

4th Quarter (0:57) Another Blazers miss, Zach Randolph gets fouled and heads to the line. Makes 1 of 2 free throws.

Grizzlies 90 Blazers 81

Blazers Timeout

4th Quarter (1:04) Nicolas Batum airballs the corner three-pointer. Jeff Green is immediatley fouled. Grizzlies over the limit. Makes 1 of 2 free throws.

4th Quarter (1:31) C.J. McCollum with ANOTHER three-pointer!!! That's 30 points in the game for him on the deep three-pointer.

4th Quarter (1:43) Nick Calathes hits the face up jumper over LaMarcus Aldridge!!!

4th Quarter (2:51) Courntey Lee responds with a wide open jumper off the inbounds pass.

4th Quarter (3:15) Meyers Leonard comes out of the timeout and hits a HUGE three-pointer. Keeps Portland in this game.

Memphis on 9-0 run in the last 2:10!!!

Grizzlies 85 Blazers 75

Blazers Timeout

4th Quarter (3:27) Zach Randolph hits the HUGE jumper!!! The crowd at the Grind House is going nuts!!!

4th Quarter (3:54) JEFF GREEN!!! Pump fakes and makes a STRONG drive to the basket, makes the layup plus the foul! Makes the bonus free throw.

4th Quarter (5:01) Portland turns the ball over coming out of the timeout, and Jeff Green responds with a mid range jumper.

Grizzlies 78 Blazers 75

Blazers Timeout

4th Quarter (5:37) Nick Calathes makes the layup after making a nice cut and Zach Randolph finding him with the nice pass.

4th Quarter (7:28) LaMarcus Aldridge makes the basket plus the foul. Makes the bonus free throw.

4th Quarter (7:50) Zach Randolph gets the offensive rebound and lays it back in out of the timeout.

Grizzlies 74 Blazers 72

Official Timeout

4th Quarter (8:40) Vince Carter makes the fadeaway close to the basket after a Memphis offensive rebound.

4th Quarter (9:00) Robin Lopez gets hacked in the paint. Makes both free throws.

4th Quarter (10:06) Damian Lillard beats his defender and makes the contested layup.

4th Quarter (10:21) Jeff Green gets fouled at the basket as he attacked on the fast break. Makes both free throws.

4th Quarter (11:20) Robin Lopez makes his first bucket of the game after dealing with foul trouble all night.

4th Quarter (11:41) Marc Gasol starts off the quarter with a sweeping hook shot across the lane.

C.J. McCollum scored 16 of his 27 points in the 3rd quarter!!! He has single handedly kept the Blazers in the game!!!

Grizzlies 68 Blazers 66


3rd Quarter (0:02) C.J. McCollum knocks down the 20-footer ending what was a great quarter for him and the Blazers!

3rd Quarter (0:25) Marc Gasol hits the 12-footer

3rd Quarter (0:36) C.J. McCollum quickly responds with a layup.

3rd Quarter (0:45) Courtney Lee crosses up his defender, drives baseline and converts the layup.

3rd Quarter (1:13) Jeff Green attacks the basket and draws the foul. Makes both free throws.

Damian Lillard makes the technical free throw.

After the officials looked at the monitor it is just a techniacl on Zach Randolph, not Meyers Leonard.

3rd Quarter (2:14) Zach Randolph is called for the offensive foul. And then double technicals are called as Randolph and Meyers Leonard get tangled up

3rd Quarter (2:56) Marc Gasol hits another mid range jumper

3rd Quarter (3:19) Tony Allen flys in and tips in the missed shot for another second chance bucket for Memphis

Blazers 61 Grizzlies 58

Grizzlies Timeout

3rd Quarter (3:39) HE. DOES. IT. AGAIN!!! C.J. McCollum knocks down his fourth three-pointer of the quarter!!! Fifth overall in the game!!!

3rd Quarter (4:14) LaMarcus Aldridge gets fouled. Makes 1 of 2 free throws to tie the game!

Blazers on 18-6 run!!!

3rd Quarter (4:49) HE'S ON FIRE!!! C.J. McCollum drains another three-pointer!!! 20 points off the bench!!!

3rd Quarter (6:05) C.J. McCollum knocks down another three-pointer! He's been huge off the bench for Portland!!!

3rd Quarter (7:20) LaMarcus Aldridge answers with a 20-foot jumper.

3rd Quarter (7:41) Tony Allen gets the steal and Courtney Lee hits another shot

3rd Quarter (8:03) Nick Calathes comes out of the timeout with a mid range jumper

Blazers are on a 10-2 run!!! We have a game!!!

Grizzlies 54 Blazers 49

Grizzlies Timeout

3rd Quarter (8:29) C.J. McCollum joins the party with a three-pointer of his own.

3rd Quarter (9:07) Meyers Leonard knocks down the three-pointer with the extra possession on the flagrant.

3rd Quarter (9:13) LaMarcus Aldridge was fouled hard by Zach Randolph. Is called for a flagrant one foul. Makes both free throws.

3rd Quarter (9:29) Marc Gasol with the drop step dunk!

3rd Quarter (9:49) LaMarcus Aldridge comes out of the timeout with a bucket

Memphis on 10-0 run going back to second quarter!

Grizzlies 52 Blazers 39

Blazers Timeout

3rd Quarter (10:12) Marc Gasol makes the nifty baseline reverse layup.

3rd Quarter (11:14) Courtney Lee gets fouled. Makes both free throws.

3rd Quarter (11:23) Marc Gasol hits the mid range jumper to get things started in the second half for Memphis.

The second half is ready to begin!!!

Both teams shot 40 percent shooting from the field. The Grizzlies outrebounded the Blazers 28-to-20, including 10-to-2 on the offensive glass.

Grizzlies stat leaders at halftime: Zach Randolph 11 points and 5 rebounds. Courtney Lee 10 points on 5-of-7 shooting. Marc Gasol 8 points and 5 rebounds. Vince Carter 7 points off the bench.

Blazers stat leaders at halftime: Damian Lillard 13 points. C.J. McCollum 11 points off the bench. Nicolas Batum 6 points and 5 rebounds. LaMarcus Aldridge 4 points on 2-of-8 shooting with 4 rebounds.

Grizzlies 46 Blazers 39


2nd Quarter (0:03) Marc Gasol gets fouled right before the half. Makes both free throws.

Grizzlies 44 Blazers 39

Grizzlies Timeout

2nd Quarter (0:30) Courtney Lee answers with another bucket

2nd Quarter (0:42) Damian Lillard makes the tough layup. He would not be denied as he went hard to the basket!

2nd Quarter (1:04) Vince Carter goes down the middle of the lain and lightly dunks it home.

2nd Quarter (1:35) Courtney Lee makes the close range shot.

2nd Quarter (1:56) Damian Lillard grabs the offensive rebound and makes the layup.

Grizzlies 38 Blazers 35

Blazers Timeout

2nd Quarter (2:48) Another Blazers miss leads to a Marc Gasol hook shot.

2nd Quarter (3:31) Courtney Lee hits the mid range jumper

2nd Quarter (4:09) Nicolas Batum blows by his defender and converts the layup.

2nd Quarter (4:47) The Grizzlies get the offensive rebound on the free throw miss by Randolph. After another missed shot by MemphisVince Carter flies in and gets the putback dunk!!!

2nd Quarter (4:58) Zach Randolph grabs the offensive rebound and gets fouled. Makes 1 of 2 free throws.

2nd Quarter (5:54) Meyers Leonard comes out of the timeout and drains the three-pointer.

Grizzlies 31 Blazers 30

Blazers Timeout

2nd Quarter (6:15) Tony Allen makes the close range shot.

2nd Quarter (6:58) LaMarcus Aldridge drives to the middle of the lane and makes the sweeping hook shot

2nd Quarter (7:18) Vince Carter drives to the basket and makes the tough layup and draws the and one. Makes the free throw giving Memphis the lead again.

2nd Quarter (8:39) Zach Randolph comes out of the timeout and makes the sweeping hook shot.

Blazers 28 Grizzlies 24

Grizzlies Timeout

2nd Quarter (9:00) C.J. McCollum answers with a three-pointer. He has 11 points off the bench. He's feeling it!!!

2nd Quarter (9:18) Memphis is called for the shot clock violation.

2nd Quarter (9:51) C.J. McCollum drives to the basket and gets fouled from behind by Tony AllenMcCollum fell hard as Allen hit him from behind and is called for the flagrant 1 foul. Makes 1 of 2 of the free throws.

2nd Quarter (9:57) Beno Udrih makes the mid range jumper

2nd Quarter (10:17) Steve Blake hits a jumper.

2nd Quarter (10:47) LaMarcus Aldridge makes the nice up and under move. That's his first basket of the game.

2nd Quarter (11:06) Beno Udrih draws the foul. Makes both free throws.

Damian Lillard led all scorers with 9 points in the quarter. C.J. McCollum came off the bench and scored 7 points. Zach Randolph had 8 points in the quarter.

Portland finishes the quarter on a 19-7 run!

Grizzlies 20 Blazers 20


1st Quarter (0:32) C.J. McCollum sizes up the defense, pulls up and knocks down a deep two-pointer. The officials will look at the monitor to check if it was a three. As it stands the Blazers tied the game at 20!

1st Quarter (1:08) C.J. McCollum draws the foul after an offensive foul by Memphis. Makes 1 of 2 free throws.

1st Quarter (2:14) C.J. McCollum quickly answers with the tear drop floater off the top of the glass.

1st Quarter (2:30) And just like that, Marc Gasol stops the drought with a close range bucket.

Blazers on 7-0 run as the Grizzlies offense has gone cold.

1st Quarter (2:50) Damian Lillard once again forces his way in the paint. Gets fouled and the Grizzlies are over the limit. Makes both free throws.

1st Quarter (3:12) Damian Lillard makes a strong drive to the hoop. Makes the bucket and draws the foul. Makes the bonus free throw.

Portland is starting to wake up a bit. Haven't been able to establish LaMarcus Aldridge on the block which has dampened their offense.

Grizzlies 18 Blazers 10

Grizzlies Timeout

1st Quarter (4:11) C.J. McCollum is in the game and goes coast to coast for the layup.

1st Quarter (4:53) Marc Gasol gets his first basket of the game.

1st Quarter (5:18) Damian Lillard makes his way through the defense and finishes with the nice layup.

1st Quarter (6:03) Tony Allen gets another steal and draws the foul on the other end. Makes 1 of 2 free throws.

1st Quarter (6:54) Nicolas Batum answers with an uncontested three-pointer.

1st Quarter (7:05) Zach Randolph hits another mid range jumper.

1st Quarter (7:30) Damian Lillard quickly responds with a layup. That's the Blazers first field goal of the night.

1st Quarter (7:43) Tony Allen drains the corner three-pointer.

1st Quarter (8:06) Nicolas Batum draws the foul. Makes 1 of 2 free throws. That's the Blazers first point of the game and we are just about four minutes in!

1st Quarter (8:58) The Blazers turn the ball over coming out of the timeout and Courtney Lee hits another jumper on the fast break.

Grizzlies Blazers 0

Blazers Timeout

1st Quarter (9:26) Courtney Lee steps into a mid range jumper at the top of the key and drains it. Blazers have come out of the gate slow.

1st Quarter (10:18) Again! Zach Randolph with the mid range jumper. Randolph is on a personal 6-0 run to start the game for Memphis!

1st Quarter (10:52) Tony Allen gets the steal and Zach Randolph knocks down the mid range jumper.

1st Quarter (11:19) Zach Randolph gets by his defender and lays it up for the first basket of the game.

Game 5 between Blazers/Grizzlies has begun!!!

10 minutes till tip-off between the Portland Trail Blazers and Memphis Grizzlies in Game 5 of the Western Conference first round series!!!

30 minutes till game time!!!

Memphis Grizzlies starting lineup: PG: Nick Calathas, SG: Courtney Lee, SF: Tony Allen, PF: Zach Randolph, C: Marc Gasol

Portland Trail Blazers starting lineup: PG: Damian Lillard, SG: Arron Afflalo, SF: Nicolas Batum, PF: LaMarcus Aldridge, C: Robin Lopez

We are about and hour away from game time between the Portland Trail Blazers and Memphis Grizzlies!!!

McCollum has been sensational in front of the home crowd but struggled on the road in Memphis. In this series, at home, McCollum is averaging 22 points. On the road, he is averaging four points. That is a huge difference, but it is typical of a young player to struggle in a hostile environment, especially during the playoffs.

"Lillard is a heck of a player, but we've got serious problems right now with C.J. McCollum," coach Dave Joerger said. "He is getting to the rim, to the rim, to the rim on us over and over and over. We have to do a better job of keeping in front of him."

"When you're up 10 points with (eight) minutes in the game in this league, you got to finish," said Randolph. "Especially in these circumstances and what we're playing for. So it's frustrating."

The Grizzlies had a great chance of completing the sweep on Monday, but let the game slip away nonetheless after being up by 10 with eight minutes to go. Zach Randolph, who scored 12 points but missed 14 shots from the field, chimed in on the situation. 

Courtney Lee has been the best perimeter player for the Grizzlies and will have to be counted on as well with Conley out. He scored 19 points on 8 of 11 shooting in Game 4 and has averaged 16.5 points in the series. 

Mike Conley is once again out for the Grizzlies with a facial fracture. He missed Game 4 as well, and his absence showed mostly on the defensive end as Lillard had his best game of the series. Nick Calathes and Beno Udrih have admirably filled in on offense, though. Calathes drained four three-pointers and totaled 12 points, three assists, three rebounds, and three steals. Udrih hit 50 percent of his shots to contribute 13 points off the bench. These two will have to be key in tonight's game if Memphis hopes to close out the series.

Thus, the Blazers have lacked depth which has hurt them. Wesley Matthews being out has clearly made a difference, as Arron Afflalo has struggled since returning from his shoulder injury. The swingman had zero points on 0 for 5 shooting in 19 minutes on Monday. If the Blazers are looking to keep their season alive, they need better production from their wing players. Nicolas Batum, after a fantastic performance that went to waste in Game 3, was again slumping from the field, shooting 3 of 13 for 12 points. He did, however, corral 13 rebounds and hand out four assists. 

Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph have given the Blazers fits throughout the series, though. Gasol scored 21 points, dished out six assists, and nabbed seven boards in the loss. He has been a tough task for Robin Lopez, who quite frankly has been a non-factor in this series. Lopez has been averaging 5.5 points and 4.5 rebounds in the four games, way below his season averages. It's the reason why he only played 21 minutes, as Terry Stotts favored Leonard over Lopez. Chris Kaman has also gone to the doghouse with his subpar play. Steve Blake is another bench player who has had very little effect. 

The Grizzlies, surprisingly, have not dominated the boards. They were out-rebounded, 50-40, in Game 4 much thanks to the energy and hustle of Meyers Leonard. Leonard kept the Blazers afloat in the first half and had a plus-minus rating of plus-23, as did C.J. McCollum. Leonard finished with 13 points and 13 rebound, going 5 of 6 from the field. McCollum added 18 points and five rebounds on 8 of 12 shooting. Each played 35 minutes off the bench. 

With frustrations building up and the Blazers struggling, one has to wonder if this is the final game we will see LaMarcus Aldridge in a Portland uniform. There have been recent rumors that he may consider leaving even though earlier in the season he showed interest in re-signing with the team. The Dallas Mavericks and San Antonio Spurs have shown interest if Aldridge tests free agency. 

Aldridge had 18 points and 12 rebounds, but he has clearly been inefficient, shooting 6 of 22 in Game 4, and has only made 34 percent of his shots during the series. Zach Randolph's physicality has kept Aldridge quiet. In fact, Memphis' team defense has kept the entire Blazers team quiet and inefficient. They are shooting 39.9 percent through four games, which is second worst in the postseason between the 16 teams. 

The Trail Blazers needed a monsterous effort from Damian Lillard on Monday to stave off the Grizzlies and avoid elimination. Lillard poured in 32 points and seven assists on 12 of 23 shooting from the floor and hit clutch free throws down the stretch to aid his team to victory. He picked up the offensive load with the team's other All-Star, LaMarcus Aldridge, struggling to find his shot. VAVEL USA's Game 4 recap.

The Memphis Grizzlies own a 3-1 series lead over the Portland Trail Blazers, who have surprisingly not played well during the postseason. Portland barely squeezed out a victory in Game 4 to extend the series, but their chances look very slim against the grit-and-grind Grizzlies.

Hello, NBA world. Welcome to Game 5 of the Portland Trail Blazers and Memphis Grizzlies from the FedEx Forum in Memphis, Tennessee. I am your host for the night, Parker White.