Brooklyn Nets - Atlanta Hawks in 2015 NBA Playoffs (97-107)
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Final: Have a great evening. I am Vahan Shakhpazyan, signing off. 

Final: That was a great Game 5, folks. Be sure to catch our Live of the Blazers-Grizzlies game coming up next.

Final: Here is the box score:

Final: Hawks played with tremendous energy and effort tonight. Their offense looked solid. 

Final: Hawks take a 3-2 series lead with the chance to close the series on Friday. 

Final: Korver had 17 points tonight on five three-pointers. Carroll was brilliant again, leading the team with 24 points. Teague and Horford had 20 apiece, as Horford also added 15 rebounds. 

Final: Anderson had 23 points on 9 of 11 shooting. Jack had 18 points on 7 of 13 shooting. Deron Williams scored just five points.

Final: Alan Anderson carried the Nets the first three quarters, and Jack puts the team on his shoulder in the fourth, so the two bench players came through for the Nets.

Final: Nets 97 Hawks 107.

​4th Quarter (:00): Game over. Hawks win!!

​4th Quarter (:16): Johnson misses a three and that pretty much does it.

​4th Quarter (:20): Carroll sinks both! 

​4th Quarter (:20): Carroll is fouled now. Two shots coming up!

​4th Quarter (:27): Jack misses a reverse layup.

4th Quarter (:30): Teague knocks down both free throws.

​4th Quarter (:30): Now Teague is fouled. 

​4th Quarter (:30): Nets foul Korver but they had a foul to give. 

​4th Quarter (:34): Johnson gets a floater of his own.

​4th Quarter (:42): Teague does it again. Hits a floater!

​4th Quarter (:59): Jack misses a quick three. Hawks have the ball now.

​4th Quarter (1:07): Nets 95 Hawks 101.

​4th Quarter (1:07): Teague blows to the basket for a layup!! Six point Hawks lead! Timeout Brooklyn Nets!

​4th Quarter (1:18): Jack is called for pass to self.

4th Quarter (1:32): Horford cans another jumper! He has 20 and 15.

​4th Quarter (1:45): Johnson misses a reverse layup.

​4th Quarter (2:05): Millsap is called for a travel! Nets ball, Hawks up 2 still.

​4th Quarter (2:11): It's turned into a shootout late in the game, ladies and gentlemen. Stay tuned. This is going down to the wire.


​4th Quarter (2:11): Nets 95 Hawks 97.

​4th Quarter (2:20): Johnson hits another three!! This is unbelievable!

​4th Quarter (2:40): Horford hits a top of the key jumper!

​4th Quarter (3:00): Johnson swishes home a three!! We have a shootout!

Timeout Brooklyn!

​4th Quarter (3:48): Nets 89 Hawks 95.

​4th Quarter (3:48): Carroll gets a wide open lay in. Beautiful dish by Millsap.

​4th Quarter (4:00): Jack turns the ball over.

​4th Quarter (4:23): And Teague answers back with a three!! What a game!

​4th Quarter (4:43): Jack does it again!! Floats in for a two. He has 16 in the second half, 12 straight points for the Nets.

​4th Quarter (5:13): Jack rolls in a mid-range shot.

​4th Quarter (5:33): Korver leans in and he hits a three! Back and forth we go. Officials are going to review it though.

​4th Quarter (5:54): Jack buries another three right out of the timeout!! Back down to two!

Timeout on the floor.

​4th Quarter (6:15): Nets 82 Hawks 87

​4th Quarter (6:27): Johnson just air balled a wide open three..

​4th Quarter (6:49): Millsap answers right back with a three of his own!

​4th Quarter (7:10): Jack in rhythm hits a three!! Two-point game!!

​4th Quarter (7:55): The Nets are battling hard. This is inspiring.

​4th Quarter (8:16): Al Horford steals the ball and gets to the hole. 

​4th Quarter (8:55): Atlanta has missed 5 straight.

​4th Quarter (9:20): Jack uses a fake to elude the defense and hits a free-throw line jumper!

​4th Quarter (9:31): Nets force a turnover!! 

Timeout Atlanta!

​4th Quarter (9:46): Nets 77 Hawks 82. 

​4th Quarter (9:53): Bogdanovic hits a three! 11-2 run. Atlanta's lead down to 5. 

​4th Quarter (10:15): What a great husle play by Millsap. Came out of no where to tip the offensive rebound to Teague. 

​4th Quarter (10:46): Johnson sinks a long two. 

​4th Quarter (11:03): Millsap comes up empty on two free throws.

​4th Quarter (11:12): Bojan Bogdanovic hits a shot. 10-point game.

4th Quarter (12:00): "We just got to get stops," Budenholzer said in his fourth quarter interview.

3rd Quarter (:00): Alan Anderson is singlehandedly carrying the Nets offense.

3rd Quarter (:00): Nets 70 Hawks 82. 

3rd Quarter (:00): That does it for the third period. 

3rd Quarter (:10): Jack uses a Lopez screen to free up and hit a top of the key jumper.

3rd Quarter (1:02): Schroder buries both free throws.

3rd Quarter (1:02): Now Schroder is fouled on his way to the rim. He goes to the charity stripe.

3rd Quarter (1:11): Jack hits BOTH!

3rd Quarter (1:11): Jack is hit and fouled. He will head to the line.

3rd Quarter (1:22): Schroder turns the corner and gets a layup.

3rd Quarter (1:39): Anderson again!! He cannot miss!

3rd Quarter (1:57): Millsap hits 1 of 2.

3rd Quarter (1:57): Millsap takes it at Johnson and draws the foul, his second.

3rd Quarter (2:39): Korver for another three. BANG!!!

3rd Quarter (3:12): Teague knocks down 1 of 2. 

3rd Quarter (3:12): Teague is fouled now. He heads to the line for two.

3rd Quarter (3:22): Anderson has 21 now, as he drills another three!!

3rd Quarter (3:46): On the other end, Antic is fouled on the put back. No free throws.

3rd Quarter (4:03): Young makes 1 of 2. 

3rd Quarter (4:05): Young is blocked but fouled. He will go to the line for two.

3rd Quarter (4:55): Great ball movement by the Hawks, and Antic gets an open corner three to go down!

3rd Quarter (5:24): Williams get his second bucket of the game. 

3rd Quarter (5:44): Korver nets another one from three. His third of the game.

3rd Quarter (6:17): Carroll hits 1 of 2.

3rd Quarter (6:17): Common foul. Good call by the refs.

3rd Quarter (6:17): Officials looking to see if that's a flagrant foul. Didn't look flagrant to me. That was a good, hard playoff foul but nothing excessive. 

3rd Quarter (6:17): Carroll comes up with another steal and he is clobbered by Johnson in transition. 

3rd Quarter (6:29): Defensive three was called on the Hawks. Williams hits the technical free throw.

3rd Quarter (6:40): Horford responds with one of his own.

3rd Quarter (6:59): Johnson drills a long two-point jumper.

3rd Quarter (7:18): Williams picks up his third foul.

3rd Quarter (7:33): Young answers back with a floater and quiets the crowd.

3rd Quarter (7:52): Lopez rejected Millsap's shot, but Horford picked up the loose ball and puts it back in.

3rd Quarter (8:31): Kyle Korver buries a three!! 

3rd Quarter (8:38): Teague is back on the bench, gets a loud cheer from the crowd.

3rd Quarter (9:01): Millsap uses a fake to get, Young in the air, then steps through for two points in the paint.

3rd Quarter (9:19): Lopez with the lefty finish and a foul!

3rd Quarter (9:25): Teague will return to the game.

3rd Quarter (9:25): Now Williams is shaken up but he is fine. He gets back up.

3rd Quarter (9:51): Schroder comes in for Teague, who rolled his ankle after landing on Lopez's foot.


3rd Quarter (9:51): Jeff Teague rolled his ankle after that Lopez shot and heads to the locker room.

3rd Quarter (9:56): Lopez floats it down. 

3rd Quarter (10:16): Brooklyn 46 Hawks 57.

3rd Quarter (10:16): Teague with the burst of speed as he gets to the rim! Timeout Brooklyn.

3rd Quarter (10:40): Teague feeds the trailing Horford in transition for a dunk.

3rd Quarter (11:35): Anderson misses his first shot of the game, but tips it back in. He is starting the second half in place of Bogdanovic.

​​Halftime: Atlanta's offense looks solid. They are moving the ball and finding quality shots. Though, Korver is still quiet, shooting 2 of 5 for 5 points. Horford and Teague each have 8. 

​​Halftime: Deron Williams only has two points, but the role players have been terrific. Good enough to keep the Nets within striking distance.

​​Halftime: It's been the unsung heros in this one. Alan Anderson with 16 points for the Nets with no misses from the field. Carroll has 19 points for the Hawks.

Halftime: Nets 44 Hawks 53.

​2nd Quarter (:00): Millsap misses at the buzzer and that does it for the first half.

​2nd Quarter (:12): Wow!!! Alan Anderson emphatically attacks the rim and stuffs it with both hands. He is having an extraordinary half! 

​2nd Quarter (:27): Carroll drills a three!! What a half for him! He's got 19. 

​2nd Quarter (:56): Horford floats one in.

​2nd Quarter (1:07): Anderson completes the four-point play. He has 14 points on 5 of 5 shooting. 

​2nd Quarter (1:07): Anderson doing it one more time!! Swishes a corner three and a foul! 

​2nd Quarter (1:38): Teague with the hesitation dribble and gets to the cup for two. He's got 8.

Official timeout.

​2nd Quarter (2:44): Nets 38 Hawks 46.

​2nd Quarter (3:04): Williams finally gets his first bucket. 

​2nd Quarter (3:37): Williams has been held scoreless after his 35-point outburst in Game 4.

​2nd Quarter (4:00): Carroll attacks the basket and banks it in.

​2nd Quarter (4:19): Lopez hits a push shot. 8-point game.

​2nd Quarter (4:36): Antic gets slapped on the arm on his way up. Williams picks up his second foul.

​2nd Quarter (5:10): Lopez hits both.

​2nd Quarter (5:10): Lopez draws a foul. 

​2nd Quarter (5:33): Anderson is on fire!! Hits another jumper, a corner two.

​2nd Quarter (5:54): Carroll makes both free throws.

Timeout on the floor.

​2nd Quarter (5:54): Nets 30 Hawks 40.

​2nd Quarter (5:54): Nets throw the ball away, Carroll was ahead of the pack for an easy dunk, but Plumlee chased him down to foul him and force him to miss the dunk.

​2nd Quarter (6:20): Jeff Teague drains a deep triple!

​2nd Quarter (6:41): Bogdanovic takes it in on Korver in transition for the layup.

​2nd Quarter (7:13): Carroll continues his hot shooting. He's got a dozen. 

​2nd Quarter (7:27): Johnson gets fouled and hits one of two.

​2nd Quarter (7:55): Teague stops the bleeding for Atlanta. 

​2nd Quarter (8:39): Johnson hits a three!!

​2nd Quarter (9:18): Nets 24 Hawks 33. 

​2nd Quarter (9:23): Alan Anderson again!! Another three!! Timeout Atlanta! 8-0 run for the Nets.

​2nd Quarter (9:42): Nets bench playing with more energy right now.

​2nd Quarter (9:54): Alan Anderson buries a three! It's down to 12. Quick 5-0 spurt by the Nets.

​2nd Quarter (10:42): Jack hits a free-throw line jumper. That was needed badly.

2nd Quarter (11:36): Nets have missed 7 of their last 10 shots.

1st Quarter (:00): Nets 16 Hawks 33. 

1st Quarter (:00): Wow!! Carroll hits a tough step back three in the face of the defense to beat the buzzer.

1st Quarter (:41): Antic knocks down a three!

1st Quarter (1:10): Young off to a good start, gets to the lane for a duece. 

1st Quarter (1:27): Millsap drills a long corner jumper.

1st Quarter (2:04): Lopez puts in a floater.

1st Quarter (2:56): Anderson hits a jumper.

1st Quarter (3:15): Bazemore attacks the rim and finishes gracefully.

Timeout Hawks!

1st Quarter (3:35): Nets 10 Hawks 21.

1st Quarter (4:49): Teague knocks down a three! 13-point Hawks lead.

1st Quarter (5:14): Carroll steals the ball and takes it coast to coast for a layup.

1st Quarter (6:27): Nets Hawks 16.

1st Quarter (6:27): Korver drills a three! Timeout Brooklyn. Good start by Atlanta. They looked locked in and focused.

1st Quarter (7:25): Young hits a mid-range jumper!

1st Quarter (7:40): Carroll gets to the lane for two.

1st Quarter (7:56): Lopez hits two free throws.

1st Quarter (8:26): Horford gets a put back tip, then he steals the ball and finds Carroll for a floater!

1st Quarter (8:48): Johnson cleans up his own miss for two.

1st Quarter (10:01): Horford gets another to go down. Good start for him.

1st Quarter (10:36): Young puts the Nets on the board. 

1st Quarter (11:04): Korver knocks down a mid-range jumper. 

1st Quarter (11:30): Horford starts the Hawks off with the first points of the game.

1st Quarter (12:00): We are underway. 

The winner of this series will play the Washington Wizards, who swept the Toronto Raptors on Sunday and are comfortably resting right now.

Here is a view of the empty Hawks arena, with red t-shirts flooding the stands. 

"They're doing their strategy, we're doing ours. Our team has played great. Try to win 1 more game," Lionel Hollins said in his pre-game interview.

The Hawks are hoping that they could feed off the energy of their home crowd in this pivotal game, while the Nets are trying to ride the confidence they have gained over the last three games.

"It's a great challenge for us to go back home," coach Mike Budenholzer said. "It's the playoffs. This is what it's all about."

"After those first Brooklyn Nets - Atlanta Hawks two games, we felt like we could play a lot better and we had chances to win both of them, I think we've been very positive throughout this series,Williams added.

"I think we've been rallying around each other the last month or so," Williams said. "Definitely the guys rallied around me and it means a lot. It just shows we're definitely coming together as a unit. It's taken longer than we thought, but it's happening." 

Fatigue and bench depth will ultimately play a huge factor as this series winds down. It has become a three-game series, and Brooklyn Nets - Atlanta Hawks Live are fighting hard. However, as the team that dominated the conference throughout the regular season, the Hawks don't look to be in good condition so far. They are shooting 41.5 percent throughout the playoffs, which is third worst between the 16 teams. During the season, they were ranked fourth in field goal percentage at 46.6. 

Lionel Hollins has shortened the team's rotation throughout these playoffs. He is basically playing a seven-man rotation. The question is, will that eventually tire out the starters? Deron Williams is already playing with a knee tendinitis, but he logged 46 minutes as did Joe Johnson. Rookie Bojan Bogdanovic played 44 minutes and added 15 points and six rebounds, while Lopez was on the floor for 43 and Thaddeus Young for 39. 

In fact, rebounding was a key factor throughout the contest. The Hawks out-rebounded the Nets, 55-40, and outside of Brook Lopez, other Net players were not crashing the boards as effectively. 

At least in Game 4, Al Horford and Paul Millsap were more efficient. Millsap contributed 16 points, 12 rebounds, four assists, three steals, and three blocks on 50 percent shooting, while Horford pushed in 17 points and seven rebounds on 8 of 13 shooting. Most of their points came from offensive rebounds. The Hawks piled up 18 offensive boards, which ultimately is what helped them stay close throughout the game.

On the other hand, DeMarre Carroll has been carrying the Hawks the last two games. He put in 20 points, nine rebounds, and five assists on 8 of 15 shooting in Game 4 and 22 points and six rebounds on 9 of 12 shooting in Game 3. Unfortunately, Carroll did not receive enough help from his teammates, which is unlike the Hawks. Their regular season success was due to their wonderful team game, with all five of their starters scoring efficiently. 

For the Hawks, Kyle Korver struggled in the two road games. He missed three consecutive threes late in overtime that would have tied the game. It's unusual to see Korver miss so many three-point attempts. Although Korver finished the game with 16 points and 11 rebounds in Game 4, he did not have the kind of impact the Hawks had hoped for. In Game 3, he was a complete non-factor, scoring just two points. The Hawks will need better efficiency and three-point shooting from their sharpshooter to overcome the feisty Nets. VAVEL USA's Game 4 recap.

Brook Lopez continued his fine play as well. He scored 26 points, grabbed 10 rebounds, and blocked four shots on 11 of 19 shooting. Lopez's rebounding has been superb throughout the series. He is averaging 11 rebounds a game through the first four, and the Nets will need more of the same if they want to extend this series and push the Hawks to the limit.

Deron Williams, who struggled mightily in games 2 and 3, was nearly flawless in Game 4. The 30-year old turned back the hands of time and tied his playoff career-high of 35 points on 13 of 25 shooting from the field and knocked down seven three-pointers on 11 attempts. He also added seven assists, five rebounds, and three steals in the 46 minutes he was on the floor. Williams hit a crucial, long three-pointer to beat the shot clock buzzer late in regulation which essentially helped his team send the game to overtime.

After an overtime thriller, the eighth-seeded Brooklyn Nets escaped with a narrow victory in Game 4 to tie the series at two apiece, something that not many expected.

Hello, everyone and welcome to Game 5 of the Brooklyn Nets vs Atlanta Hawks Live score from the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. I am Vahan Shakhpazyan, your host for this evening.