Doc Rivers Fined $25,000 Criticizing Officiating During Postgame Press Conference
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After the Game Five loss to the San Antonio Spurs on Tuesday night, Los Angeles Clippers head coach Doc Rivers had some things to say about the officiating done in Game 5 against the Spurs..

Here is what Doc said in his press conference:

"I thought we got some really tough calls tonight, some brutal calls. The travel on Blake (Griffin), the goaltend on Matt (Barnes), which wasn't a goaltend. You think about the playoffs, and they're single-possession games. Those possessions, those were crucial. J.J. (Redick) 's foul that got him out, J.J. didn't touch anyone. It's not why we lost, but those were big plays for us."

While he was not overly critical of the officiating itself, Rivers still questioned some of the calls that went against his team in last night's game. This was the second time he has been fined $25,000 by the Association in the playoffs. He had some words in a first round game five loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder last season as well.

Looks like Adam Silver and his staff are not going to tolerate any comments with a negative connotation towards officials. Could that have an impact on the arguing of possibly bad calls over the next few years of NBA basketball? Not everyone wants to pay $25,000 every time they argue with a call.