Score Chicago Bulls - Milwaukee Bucks in 2015 NBA Playoffs Game 6 (120-66)
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Chicago eliminated Milwaukee, taking the series 4-2. 

Milwaukee fails to record a double-digit scorer, as Pachulia records 8, Bayless puts up 7, and Middleton musters 6. 

Chicago shoots 51% from the field, while Milwaukee shoots just 32%. The Bulls record 31 assists to the Bucks' 17. 

Dunleavy leads all scorers with 20, Noah drops 19, Butler scores 16, Rose drops 15, and Noah records 11. 

Bulls win, 120-66. 54-point margin. Wow. Third-largest margin of victory in NBA history. 

4th Quarter (0:12): Doug McDermot hits two at the line. 120-66 Bulls. 

4th Quarter (0:34): Nazr Mohammed scores 118-66 Bulls. 

4th Quarter (0:44): Plumlee hits one of two at the line. 116-66 Bulls. 

4th Quarter (1:35): O'Bryant hits a midrange J. 116-65. 

4th Quarter (1:50): E'Twaun Moore hits a three. 116-63. 

4th Quarter (2:42): Nikola Mirotic hits a stepback. 113-63. 

4th Quarter (3:16): Snell drives and tosses one off of the board. 111-63 Bulls. 

4th Quarter (4:51): Brooks cashes in from deep. 109-63. 

4th Quarter (5:29): McDermott enters the game and hits a corner three. 106-63 Bulls. 

O'Bryant makes a J. 103-63 Bulls. 

4th Quarter (6:30): Hinrich makes a floater. 103-61 Bulls. 

Gutierrez hits one. 101-61 Bulls. 

4th Quarter (7:55): Tony Snell tees up a straightaway three. 101-59 Bulls. 

Ennis hits a shot. 98-59 Bulls. 

4th Quarter (8:38): Aaron Brooks hits a stepback. 98-57 Bulls. 

4th Quarter (9:12): Noah goes to work inside and hits the lefty hook. 96-57. 

4th Quarter (9:36): Bayless sidesteps and hits a three. 94-57 Bulls. 

4th Quarter (9:56): Hinrich strokes a trey. 94-54 Bulls. 

4th Quarter (10:33): Johnny O'Bryant hits a midrange J. 91-54 Bulls. 

Tyler Ennis strokes a straightaway three to end the quarter. 91-52 Bulls after three. 

3rd Quarter (0:05): Gasol hits a free throw. 91-49. 

3rd Quarter (0:33): Bayless hits a wing three after Plumlee denies Gibson at the rim. 90-49 Bulls. 

3rd Quarter (1:00): Plumlee jams home a missed three. 90-46. 

3rd Quarter (1:17): Dunleavy hits Gibson in transition. 90-44 Bulls. 

Bulls have doubled the Bucks score so far, leading by 44 with just over two minutes remaining in the third quarter. Dominant performance. 

3rd Quarter (2:24): Gasol hits a lay-in. 88-44 Bulls. 

3rd Quarter (2:45): Dudley hits a three in transition. 86-44 Bulls. 

3rd Quarter (3:35): Bucks begin to trap, however Gasol finds Gibson easily. 86-41. 

3rd Quarter (3:43): Jared Dudley drives, hits the teardrop, and gets fouled. 84-41 Bulls. 

Ennis and Plumlee check in for the Bucks. 

Derrick Rose exits, heading to the stationary bike. 

Time for Tom Thibodeau to begin subbing his stars out. 

Bulls are on a 18-1 run. 

3rd Quarter (5:13): Gasol hits yet another midrange jumper. 84-38. 

Dunleavy hits the technical foul shot. 82-38 Bulls. 

Carter-Williams is called for a technical foul after throwing Dunleavy to the ground. Dunleavy gets a personal foul as well for instigating the battle. 

Dunleavy is being thrown everywhere by the Bucks tonight. Taking the brunt of Milwaukee's anger. 

Four of the Bulls five starters are now in double figures, with Noah one point away from joining the club. 

Has D-Rose returned to form? I believe so. 

3rd Quarter (6:58): Butler with a steal and a layup in transition. 81-38 Bulls. 

3rd Quarter (7:20): Rose nets a three from the wing. 79-38 Bulls. 

3rd Quarter (8:06): Noah goes to work inside and hits a lefty floater. 76-38 Bulls. 

3rd Quarter (8:33): Noah hits one free throw. 74-38 Bulls. 

3rd Quarter (8:55): Rose drives and scoops one in. 73-38 Bulls. 

3rd Quarter (9:09): Carter-Williams hits one free throw. 71-38 Bulls. 

3rd Quarter (9:24): Noah hits a floater. 71-37 Bulls. 

3rd Quarter (10:21): Rose knocks home a corner three. 69-37 Bulls. 

3rd Quarter (10:43): Pachulia finds Ilyasova inside. 66-37. 

3rd Quarter (11:07): Pachulia hits two free throws. 66-35 Bulls. 

3rd Quarter (11:16): Gasol hits one free throw. 66-33 Bulls. 

Chicago has 16 fast-break points. Milwaukee has none. 

Chicago has 20 assists to Milwaukee's 8. 

Chicago shot 51% from the field, knocking down 8 of their 15 three-point attempts. 

Milwaukee shot just 39% from the field in the first half, going 0-5 from three. 

Middleton and Pachulia lead the struggling Bucks with six points apiece. 

Derrick Rose has 7 points and 7 assists for Chicago. 

Bulls head to the locker room up 65-33. Dunleavy leads all scorers with 19, while Butler has 14 and Gasol has 13. 

2nd Quarter (0:02): Pachulia ends the half with a midrange J. 

2nd Quarter (0:13): Butler hits a corner three. 65-31 Bulls. 

2nd Quarter (0:33): MCW hits a straightaway J. 62-31 Bulls. 

2nd Quarter (0:55): Bayless hits a free throw. 62-29 Bulls. 

Dunleavy hits the flagrant foul shot. 62-28. Dunleavy has 19 points. 

Antetokounmpo is thrown out of the game with a flagrant II. 

2nd Quarter (1:34): Rose finds Dunleavy on the fast break who hits the three with the foul after a cheap shot by Antetokounmpo. 61-28 Bulls. 

2nd Quarter (1:57): Rose hits Gibson with a dime in the open court. 58-28 Bulls. 

2nd Quarter (2:46): Pachulia hits two free throws. 56-28. 

Mayo picks up a technical foul. Dunleavy subsequently hits the free throw. 56-26 Bulls. 

Excellent ball movement on that possession. Rose found Gibson inside who set up Dunleavy perfectly for the outside shot. 

2nd Quarter (2:58): Gibson finds Dunleavy up top who hits a three. 55-26 Bulls. 

2nd Quarter (3:21): Dunleavy hits three free throws at the line after being fouled by Middleton on a trey. 52-26 Bulls. 

2nd Quarter (3:41): Ilyasova tips in a miss. 49-26 Bulls. 

2nd Quarter (4:14): Ilyasova hits one of two at the line. 49-24 Bulls. 

2nd Quarter (5:14): Pachulia hits a J. 49-23 Bulls. 

2nd Quarter (5:28): Jimmy Butler hits corner J. 49-21 Bulls. 

2nd Quarter (6:09): Antetokounmpo hits one free throw. 47-21 Bulls. 

2nd Quarter (7:00): Butler slips a screen and dunks it home. 47-20 Bulls. 

2nd Quarter (8:08): Jimmy Butler scores on a drive. 45-20 Bulls. 

2nd Quarter (8:31): Mayo cans a midrange J. 43-20 Bulls. 

2nd Quarter (8:47): Noah scores inside for two. 43-18 Bulls. 

2nd Quarter (9:25): Derrick Rose pulls up and drains a three. 41-18 Bulls. 

2nd Quarter (9:53): Rose hits a floater in the lane. 38-18 Bulls. 

2nd Quarter (10:31): Rose hits a double-clutch layup. 36-18. 

2nd Quarter (10:52): Henson misses both at the line. 

2nd Quarter (11:18): Middleton hits two free throws. 34-18 Bulls. 

Bulls lead after one, 34-16. Gasol puts up 13 points and 4 rebounds. Dunleavy adds eight. 

1st Quarter (0:30): Gasol rebounds Butler's miss. 34-16 Bulls. 

Henson and Gasol are dueling here. Gasol has 11 points already. 

Henson forces his way through Gasol and scores. 32-16 Bulls. 

1st Quarter (2:13): Gasol puts one up in the paint. 32-14. 

1st Quarter (2:32): Henson hits a lefty hook over Pau. 30-14. 

1st Quarter (2:49): Gasol drives and hits a floater. 30-12 Bulls. 

1st Quarter (3:10): Mayo hits a floater inside. 28-12 Bulls. 

1st Quarter (3:30): Gasol drops a dime for Gibson inside who scores with the foul. 28-10 Bulls. 

1st Quarter (4:02): Brooks drills a DEEP three. 25-10 Bulls. 

1st Quarter (4:57): Giannis scores on a cut. 22-10 Bulls. 

1st Quarter (5:10): Gasol strokes a midrange J in transition. And-one. 22-8 Bulls. 

1st Quarter (6:02): Noah tips in a Butler miss. 19-8 Bulls. 

1st Quarter (7:04): Ilyasova hits a midrange J. 17-8 Bulls. 

Dunleavy has eight points already. 

1st Quarter (7:18): Rose finds Dunleavy in the corner who hits a three. 17-6 Bulls. 

1st Quarter (7:52): Butler scores in the open court. 14-6 Bulls. 

1st Quarter (8:30): Giannis drives baseline and scores. 12-6 Bulls. 

1st Quarter (8:44): Gasol buries a long two. 12-4. 

1st Quarter (8:59): Middleton strikes again. 10-4 Bulls. 

1st Quarter (9:17): Rose finds Dunleavy who hits a midrange J. 10-2. 

1st Quarter (9:36): Middleton shreds a J to put the Bucks on the board. 8-2 Bulls. 

Wow. Derrick Rose has three assists in the first 1:06 of the contest. 

1st Quarter (10:54): Rose hits Butler in the corner for a three. 8-0 Bulls. 

1st Quarter (11:15): Rose hits Gasol on the break. 5-0. 

1st Quarter (11:39): Dunleavy hits a three off of Rose's assist. 3-0. 

Check out Milwaukee's hype video! 

How will Derrick Rose respond to his subpar performance in Game 5? Will he continue to settle for jumpers (0-7 from three) or will he return to his aggressive nature?

The Bulls need for this area to produce tonight, as Gasol's ability to consistently be effective will be critical to their success, while Gibson will have to carry the reserve scoring. Noah's presence is also important, as he sets the tone as a defensive stopper in the post while carrying his weight as a primary rebounder. To combat this trio, the Bucks will need to receive yet another impressive rebounding performance from Henson, who has outperformed expectations in this series, while also witnessing a commanding showing from Pachulia inside, a player who brings the attitude and aggression that Milwaukee needs in the post.

In addition, the frontcourt battle will also be a determining factor in the matchup. Chicago owned this area in Game 5, as Pau Gasol recorded 25 points and 10 rebounds, Joakim Noah compiled 10 points and 13 rebounds, and Taj Gibson put up 12 points. On the flip side, center Zaza Pachulia put up 9 points and 10 rebounds, while backup John Henson recorded 8 points and 14 rebounds. 

This matchup is essential to the outcome of this game. If Butler can replicate his previous performances, such as the 33 points he mustered in Game 4 in Milwaukee, the Bulls will be in great shape to close out the series. However, if the defensive pressure of the Bucks continues to rattle him and Middleton is able to keep up his astounding play, the trend of this series could continue. 

Another key factor in Game 5 was the play of Bucks shooting guard Khris Middleton, who turned a multitude of heads as he exposed formidable defender Jimmy Butler to the tune of 21 points on 8-of-16 shooting. Middleton's range and general shooting prowess stood out in Milwaukee's six-point victory, while Butler struggled immensely from the field, hitting just five of his 21 attempts for 20 points. 

However, Carter-Williams was only able to get to the free throw line once in Game 5, going just two-for-two. The aggressive style of play that Milwaukee has fostered over the past few games begins with MCW, who much harbor this aggressiveness if the Bucks wish to continue to make Chicago work on the defensive end. Despite making all 16 of their free throw attempts, Milwaukee shot 13 less from the line compared to their counterparts on the Chicago side, a gap which must be narrowed if the Bucks hope to extend this series to a previously unimaginable Game 7

The 2013-14 Rookie of the Year garnered a near triple-double, recording 22 points, 9 assists, and 8 rebounds to accompany a lockdown defensive performance which included three blocks and a steal. Carter-Williams was remarkably efficient in his 38 minutes of play, shooting 10-for-15 from the field while mustering a +7 plus-minus rating. He also limited a formerly dominant Derrick Rose to just 13 points on 5-of-20 shooting from the field, applying constant pressure and denying the 2011 MVP of any airspace on the offensive end. VAVEL USA's Game 5 recap.

One crucial factor in Game 5 was the performance of point guard Michael Carter-Williams, who had previously been receiving pressure from a myriad of Milwaukee reporters to heighten his level of play during the series after beginning his tenure as a Buck on the wrong foot. After squandering much of his playing time to Bayless in Game 4, Carter-Williams received yet another opportunity to showcase his potential, and he took advantage of it. 

As we prepare to enter the sixth game of this substantially intriguing series, it must be taken into account that few expected the matchup to even extend this far. If not for a split-second decision by Milwaukee head coach Jason Kidd to call timeout in the closing seconds of Game 4 after a Derrick Rose turnover which set up the game-winning inbounds bucket by Jerryd Bayless, the Bucks very well may have been eliminated in just four games. However, following a beautiful dime from Jared Dudley to an open Bayless to win the fourth game of the series after a scintillating bench performance, and a shocking 94-88 win in Chicago in Game 5, the Bucks are present with all of the momentum on their side. 

Hello, all! Welcome to the Live event of the Chicago Bulls and Milwaukee Bucks Game 6 from the BMO Harris Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. My name is Liam O'Brien and I will be your host.