Los Angeles Clippers - San Antonio Spurs in 2015 NBA Playoffs (102-96)
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Final: Well that does it, folks! We have a Game 7 coming up on Saturday at 8 pm EST. Good night, everyone. I am Vahan Shakhpazyan, signing off. 

Final: The Hack-A-Jordan wasn't used as much in the second half, which was surprising. 

Final: Glen Davis will most likely be out for Game 7. It will be interesting to see who Doc Rivers goes with off the bench in that game.

Final: Marco Belinelli was on fire tonight, scoring 23 points to lead his team to go along with seven made threes. 

Final: J.J. Redick played really well tonight, something the Clippers needed. He had 19 points on 7 of 12 shooting. 

Final: Blake Griffin was impressive again, scoring 26 points, grabbing 12 rebounds, dishing out six assists, and blocking four shots.

Final: Chris Paul was aggressive offensively in the second half, looking for his shot a lot more. As mentioned below, the Clippers need him to be that aggressive.

Final: Clippers 102 Spurs 96.

​4th Quarter (:00): That will do it. The Clippers get another huge victory. Game 7 on Saturday!

​4th Quarter (:01): Griffin hits both free throws and Clippers keep possession. 

​4th Quarter (:01): Now a clear path foul is called.

​4th Quarter (:01): So Clippers lead by 4 with the ball. Griffin is fouled.

​4th Quarter (:01): Belinelli shot a three and Diaw was called for an offensive goaltending. 

​4th Quarter (:10): Clippers 100 Spurs 96. 

​4th Quarter (:10): Crawford sinks in both. Timeout Spurs!

​4th Quarter (:10): Crawford is fouled to be sent to the line.

​4th Quarter (:14): It's a three. Clippers 98 Spurs 96. Clippers ball. 20-second timeout.

​4th Quarter (:15): Refs checking to see if it's a three or two. Looks like a three.

​4th Quarter (:15): Belinelli hits another three!!!!

​4th Quarter (:21): Paul gets to the rim for a floater, all good!!

​4th Quarter (:39): Clippers 96 Spurs 93.

​4th Quarter (:39): Leonard misses a three, Griffin grabs the rebound. Timeout Clippers!

​4th Quarter (1:19): Belinelli hits a huge three!!! Three-point game!

​4th Quarter (1:26): Crawford off the screen buries another jumper.

​4th Quarter (1:42): Diaw exploits the mismatch inside on Barnes and gets two.

Timeout Clippers.

​4th Quarter (2:10): Clippers 94 Spurs 88.

​4th Quarter (2:22): Paul pushes and finds Griffin in transition for an easy duck in shot.

​4th Quarter (2:43): Jordan misses both!

​4th Quarter (2:43): Hack-A-Jordan has started.

​4th Quarter (3:03): Diaw tosses the ball down low to Duncan who gets another two.

​4th Quarter (3:27): Redick hits a huge three!

​4th Quarter (3:45): Duncan puts in a two. Three-point game!

​4th Quarter (4:34): Diaw hits another fadeaway.

Timeout Clippers!

​4th Quarter (4:45): Clippers 89 Spurs 82. 

​4th Quarter (4:57): Griffin banks in another shot.

​4th Quarter (5:25): Parker finds Duncan who finds the rim for a dunk.

​4th Quarter (6:03): Griffin swishes in a corner two.

​4th Quarter (6:21): Diaw knocks down a top of the key jumper! 

Timeout Spurs!

​4th Quarter (7:07): Clippers 85 Spurs 78.

​4th Quarter (7:07): Paul drills a corner three! He has come alive.

​4th Quarter (7:25): Parker uses a fake to get a good look at a floater.

​4th Quarter (7:44): Paul puts down another free throw line jumper.

​4th Quarter (8:30): Splitter misses two free throws.

​4th Quarter (8:30): Davis is wheelchaired to the locker room.

​4th Quarter (8:30): Clippers 80 Spurs 76.

​4th Quarter (8:30): Splitter is fouled again. He will head to the line after a timeout. 

​4th Quarter (9:24): Davis has suffered a left ankle sprain.

​4th Quarter (10:42): Terrific find by Ginobili who finds Splitter for a dunk.

​4th Quarter (10:57): Crawford bangs one home, a long two.

​4th Quarter (11:08): Splitter gets both.

​4th Quarter (11:08): Splitter gets fouled by Davis who picks up his fifth and comes out hobbling. 

4th Quarter (11:35): Austin Rivers hits a big shot from outside.

​3rd Quarter (:00): 12 more minutes to decide whether the Clippers will keep their season alive.

​3rd Quarter (:00): Paul found his stroke in that quarter.

​3rd Quarter (:00): Clippers 76 Spurs 72. 

​3rd Quarter (:12): Paul zigzags through the lane finds Davis for a dunk!

​3rd Quarter (:33): Splitter misses both.

​3rd Quarter (:33): Turkoglu fouls Splitter. He now goes to the line for two.

​3rd Quarter (:38): Paul is heating up. Hits another one.

​3rd Quarter (:43): Leonard gets BOTH! Tie game again!

​3rd Quarter (:43): Glen Davis picks up his fourth foul, Leonard to the line.

​3rd Quarter (:56): Paul uses a crossover to drill a mid-range shot. 

​3rd Quarter (1:16): Mills swishes a three! Tie game!

​3rd Quarter (1:47): Diaw just picked up his fourth foul on an offensive foul call. 

​3rd Quarter (2:27): Diaw banks one home! 

​3rd Quarter (3:06): Parker takes it to the hole for a tear drop.

​3rd Quarter (3:23): Paul hits another.

​3rd Quarter (3:46): Diaw drills a fall away jumper!

​3rd Quarter (4:44): Paul finally hits his first field goal of the game.

Timeout Clippers!

​3rd Quarter (4:56): Clippers 66 Spurs 61.

​3rd Quarter (5:25): Belinelli from way downtown!! He is on fire!!

​3rd Quarter (6:18): Griffin rattles home another jumper.

​3rd Quarter (6:41): Belinelli hits all three free throws.

​3rd Quarter (6:41): Belinelli gets fouled behind the arc. He gets three at the line.

​3rd Quarter (6:58): Griffin hits a top of the key jumper. 

​3rd Quarter (7:21): Diaw knocks a three out of the timeout.

​3rd Quarter (7:45): Clippers 62 Spurs 53. 

​3rd Quarter (7:45): Matt Barnes rolls in a corner three! Timeout Spurs!

​3rd Quarter (8:50): Griffin misses a shot but tips it back in.

​3rd Quarter (9:19): Good backdoor cut by Green, good find by Duncan for an easy two.

​3rd Quarter (9:36): Griffin deep in the paint, gets another two.

​3rd Quarter (10:39): Redick buries a long two. Good start for the Clippers again.

​3rd Quarter (11:12): Griffin knocks down a mid-range jumper.

3rd Quarter (12:00): Second half underway!

Halftime: Marco Belinelli led the Spurs with 12 points off the bench, hitting four threes.

Halftime: DeAndre Jordan already has a double-double with 15 points and 10 rebounds. 

Halftime: It was a tail of two quarters. The Clippers controlled the first, but the Spurs closed the quarter nicely to tie it. The Spurs controlled the second, but the Clippers closed well to tie it. 

Halftime: Chris Paul went 0 for 7 from the field, but his team is still very much alive. 

2nd Quarter (:00): That does it for the half. It is all tied up at 51!

20-second timeout.

2nd Quarter (:23): Clippers 51 Spurs 51. 

2nd Quarter (:36): Paul swishes in both.

2nd Quarter (:36): Chris Paul is fouled. 

2nd Quarter (:42): Leonard knocks down a corner jumper.

2nd Quarter (1:02): Crawford scoops in a layup. Tied again.

2nd Quarter (1:20): Leonard takes it at Matt Barnes in the lane and scores two.

2nd Quarter (1:42): Barnes hits a three and we are tied!!

2nd Quarter (2:57): Paul gets both to go down. His first points of the game.

2nd Quarter (2:57): Chris Paul gets fouled. He heads to the line for two. Parker picks up his third foul!


2nd Quarter (3:33): Clippers 42 Spurs 47.

2nd Quarter (3:33): Griffin takes it all the way to the hole and scores over three Spurs. 

2nd Quarter (3:59): Jordan misses the free throw.

2nd Quarter (3:59): Jordan gets an easy two and gets fouled. Duncan should have wrapped him up to not allow the shot attempt.

2nd Quarter (4:48): Parker with his signature floater. He is moving well.

2nd Quarter (5:14): Griffin lobs a pass to Jordan for a two handed dunk.


2nd Quarter (5:29): Clippers 36 Spurs 45.

2nd Quarter (6:13): Jordan makes 1 of 2 again.

2nd Quarter (6:13): Jordan is fouled again.

2nd Quarter (6:21): Diaw hits a nice, high arching floater!

2nd Quarter (6:51): Jordan hits 1 of 2. 

2nd Quarter (6:51): Jordan is hacked again.

2nd Quarter (7:01): Parker with a nice feed to dunk. He drew the defense and found an open dunk for an easy dunk!

2nd Quarter (7:13): Jordan knocks down both!

2nd Quarter (7:13): Jordan is immediately fouled.

2nd Quarter (7:14): Duncan misses both.

2nd Quarter (7:14): Duncan uses a head fake to get Jordan in the air and draw a foul.

2nd Quarter (7:35): Jordan misses both.

2nd Quarter (7:35): Jordan is fouled again.

2nd Quarter (7:54): BELINELLI!!! He hits yet another three!

Timeout Clippers!

2nd Quarter (8:29): Clippers 32 Spurs 38. 

2nd Quarter (8:36): Belinelli hits another trey!! He was off balance too!

2nd Quarter (9:08): Belinelli hits another triple!

2nd Quarter (9:39): Jordan gets 1 of 2. Tie game.

2nd Quarter (9:39): Jordan is hacked and fouled on his way up. Good foul by the Spurs, otherwise he would have had an easy two.

2nd Quarter (10:10): Redick hits again.

2nd Quarter (10:23): Belinelli for three!!

​2nd Quarter (10:39): Rivers gets 1 of 2.

2nd Quarter (10:39): Rivers is fouled and will get two free throws.

2nd Quarter (10:53): Excellent ball movement by the Spurs!! It leads to a Danny Green three!!

2nd Quarter (11:37): Crawford gets a driving layup to go down.

​1st Quarter (:00): Redick got off to the quick start that the Clippers had been searching for all series long. He scored 12 early points.

​1st Quarter (:00): Despite a poor start, the Spurs have tied the game, ending the quarter on a 9-2 run.

​1st Quarter (:00): Clippers 26 Spurs 26.

​1st Quarter (:03): Mills makes both free throws. 

​1st Quarter (:03): Silly foul by Paul, fouling Mills around the perimeter with 3 ticks left.

​1st Quarter (:29): Leonard knocks down both.

​1st Quarter (:29): Leonard is now fouled, again. 

​1st Quarter (:37): Griffin hits both.

​1st Quarter (:37): And on the other end, Griffin draws a foul. Diaw picks up his second.

​1st Quarter (:53): Leonard hits 1 of 2.

​1st Quarter (:53): Leonard twists in the lane and draws a foul. He will head to the line for two.

​1st Quarter (1:37): Spurs only down 3 despite the slow start. Every time Mills comes into the game, the energy changes.

​1st Quarter (2:15): Another nice play by the Spurs and this time Splitter gets a two.

​1st Quarter (2:52): Beautiful ball movement gets Diaw an easy two.

​1st Quarter (3:06): Chris Paul is 0 of 5 but does have 6 assists.

​1st Quarter (3:36): Redick hits all three free throws.

​1st Quarter (3:36): Redick is now fouled behind the arc by Boris Diaw.

​1st Quarter (3:51): Ginobili knocks down a three!

​1st Quarter (4:09): Redick hits a long two. What a start for him. He has 9 points on 4 of 5 shooting.

​1st Quarter (4:28): Duncan grabs an offensive rebound and puts in the shot. 

​1st Quarter (5:00): Jordan steals the ball back and goes coast to coast for a dunk!

​1st Quarter (5:06): Jordan hits both.

​1st Quarter (5:06): Already a Hack-A-Jordan.

​1st Quarter (5:09): Clippers 15 Spurs 12.

​1st Quarter (5:09): Parker finds Duncan running in transition for a layup! Timeout Clippers!

​1st Quarter (6:06): Griffin puts in a two in the paint. 

​1st Quarter (6:26): Redick is off to the start that he needed to be. 

​1st Quarter (7:04): Tony Parker flips in a difficult shot over his shoulder over Jordan. 

​1st Quarter (7:46): Redick hits another one. He's got 5. 

​1st Quarter (8:02): Parker misses but Splitter is there to tip it back in.

​1st Quarter (9:17): Good Clippers defense forces a shot clock violation.

​1st Quarter (9:41): Clippers Spurs 6.

​1st Quarter (9:41): Popovich was extremely upset with his team lack of transition defense.

​1st Quarter (9:41): Then Paul steals the ball and finds Jordan for an alley-oop dunk! Timeout Spurs!

​1st Quarter (9:54): Kawhi Leonard hits a corner three, but Barnes answers quickly in semi-transition.

​1st Quarter (10:14): Redick hits an early jumper and that's a good sign for the Clippers.

​1st Quarter (10:23): Defensive 3 called on the Spurs. Redick hits the free throw.

​1st Quarter (10:51): Griffin drills a mid-range jumper.

​1st Quarter (11:06): Splitter gets 1 of 2.

​1st Quarter (11:06): Another good sign. Tiago Splitter is looking to be aggressive to start. Already draws a foul on Griffin.

​1st Quarter (11:43): Good sign. Green hits his first shot of the game.

1st Quarter (12:00): We are underway!

We are almost underway! 

Matt Barnes has been another Clipper in a slump. He gets plenty of open looks but misses them. This won't be the first time where Barnes has gone missing during the playoffs. 

2015 Regular season averages: 10.1 ppg, 4.0 rpg, 1.5 apg, 44.4% FG
2015 Playoffs averages: 5.6 ppg, 4.6 rpg, 1.0 apg, 30.3% FG

One player that needs to be mentioned from the Clippers is J.J. Redick. He is just as important as Danny Green is to the Spurs. Redick used to get off to quick starts during the season, but has been quiet throughout this series. Although he was aggressively looking for his shot on Tuesday, he was still held to 13 points and fouled out late in the game. 

If the Clippers do indeed survive and extend the series, Game 7 will be on Saturday, May 2nd. If the Spurs win, they move on to play the Houston Rockets in the second round.

"The old fart, he's playing unbelievable," Rivers said of Tim Duncan. Funny remarks from coach. 

"This is a survival game for us," Doc Rivers said in his pre-game interview.

The Spurs cannot relax being back home with a 3-2 series lead. They will see a very desperate Clippers team tonight. Nonetheless, the Spurs are experienced and very smart. They know that they have the Clippers on their heels and will look to knock them out tonight. San Antonio is usually good at close out games and being at home should make it easier. We are in for another amazing game! 

The Clippers bench has to be flawless in this game, like they were in Game 4. In Game 5, the Clippers second unit wasn't as effective. Jamal Crawford had eight points on 4 of 15 shooting and missed a crucial three late in the game. Austin Rivers, after a 16-point outburst on Sunday, delivered just two points on 1 of 4 shooting. Glen Davis was a factor late in the third due to his defense and energy, scoring seven points and nabbing four boards in 11 minutes. However, the Clippers are going to need much more from these three if they look to send the series back to Los Angeles

If the game is close, expect Popovich to continue to use this strategy. It has considerably helped the Spurs. 

The Hack-A-Jordan was in full effect on Tuesday. He was fouled three times in second quarter and was later benched. He was fouled five more times in the third quarter and was again benched. DeAndre Jordan went 7 of 16 from the free-throw line. He ended the game with a double-double, 21 points and 14 rebounds on 7 of 9 shooting. Jordan's size on defense and his athleticism on offense really bothers the Spurs. The problem is that he cannot stay on the floor when the Spurs begin to intentionally foul him. Either Jordan starts hitting his free throws, which is unlikely, or Clippers' defensive anchor sits on the bench. It's a tough choice for Doc Rivers, but he has no choice but to bench Jordan because the Hack-A-Jordan tactic slows the game down and throws the Clipper players out of rhythm. 

However, as Griffin has been very consistent, the rest of the Clipper players have not. Chris Paul scored 34 points in Game 4 as he was looking for his shot a lot more. But, in Game 5, he started to become passive again, posting 19 points and 10 assists. For the Clippers to have a chance, they need Paul to come out with a scorer's mentality. We know how much he loves to facilitate, but they need him to aggressively look for his shot because quite frankly Paul is at his best when he is looking to score. He is efficient and makes defenses second guess. But when he becomes passive, teams look to just take away his passing angles, which ultimately makes the game easier for the opposition. 

For the Clippers, Blake Griffin has been magnificent. This is probably the best I have ever seen Griffin play, and he has been a matchup nightmare. Griffin finished Game 5 with 30 points, 14 rebounds, seven assists, and four steals, as he is averaging nearly a triple-double during the series. He is doing a little bit of everything and continues to keep his foot on the gas pedal. His aggression has been putting a lot of pressure on the Spurs defense. 

The other two struggling pieces in the Spurs lineup have been Danny Green and Tiago SplitterGreen put in nine points on 3 of 9 shooting, but the Spurs are going to need more from him if they want to close it out tonight. Green has been missing open threes, shots that he usually makes. Meanwhile, Splitter just played nine minutes in Game 5 because he was moving gingerly on the court due to injuries. He doesn't look himself out there, forcing Popovich to go to Aron Baynes a lot more. 

Leonard and Duncan have been the only two consistent starters thus far. Tony Parker struggled with his shot again, going 5 of 15 for 13 points, five rebounds, and three assists. However, Parker was aggressive despite missing shots. He was using his quickness to probe around the lane and mix up the Clippers defense. As long as he is aggressive, Popovich will be okay with that. 

Kawhi Leonard had a poor shooting outing, but he still managed to score 18 points and grab nine rebounds, none bigger than the offensive board he corralled with one second remaining on the clock to seal the game. 

As for the Spurs starting unit, Tim Duncan was impressive once again, recording another double-double with 21 points, 11 rebounds, four assists, and three steals. He also had a monstrous block late in the game on Blake Griffin which played a huge part in their victory. Duncan, at age 39, is still a force inside, as the Clippers have yet to figure out how to stop him. 

Gregg Popovich knows how to utilize everyone on his bench. For instance, he inserted Matt Bonner in the second quarter for about three minutes. In those three minutes, Bonner drained a three-pointer and committed three Hack-A-Jordan fouls to force Doc Rivers to take Jordan out of the game. So in three minutes, Bonner was a plus-seven on the floor. He did his job, came in, hit a three, used up his fouls, and went back to the bench. Everyone on this Spurs team knows their role, and on Tuesday, that was Bonner played his role to perfection.

Mills has certainly been a game changer with his energy off the bench, and on Tuesday, Diaw was just as superb down the stretch. With under six minutes to go in the game, Diaw hit a 14-foot jumper. A few possessions later, he hit a corner three which was his first of the series. Next possession down, he knocked down a long two-point jumper off one foot with the shot clock expiring, and that was probably one of the biggest shots of the game.

Manu Ginobili led the Spurs bench with 14 points and six assists. Though, Patty Mills and Boris Diaw were the ones who made huge baskets. Mills was the one who helped the Spurs overcome an early 14-point deficit. Once he came off the bench late in the first quarter, he immediately drilled a three. Then he started the second quarter hitting another three. A couple possessions later, he knocked down yet another three and was fouled in the act, completing the four-point play at the line. VAVEL USA's Game 5 recap.

It was a story of the benches in Game 5 again. After the Clippers bench came alive in Game 4, the Spurs bench responded in a big way in game number five. San Antonio's bench outscored the Clippers bench, 48-17, and singlehandedly brought the Spurs back into the game early in the first half. 

It is win or go home for the Los Angeles Clippers tonight as they face elimination. After the Spurs lost at home in Game 4, they went back to L.A. and stole another game on the road to take the series lead at 3-2. This has been the most entertaining series of the playoffs this year and Game 5 had its own share of thrills and excitement. 

Hello, NBA world! Welcome to Game 6 of the Los Angeles Clippers vs San Antonio Spurs Live score from the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas. I am your host for the night, Vahan Shakhpazyan.