Score Atlanta Hawks - Brooklyn Nets in 2015 NBA Playoffs Game 6 (111-87)
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As always, thanks for tuning in to VAVEL this series! Liam O'Brien, signing off. 

Atlanta dominates the second half to win the series, 111-87. The Hawks will host Washington at 1 PM on Sunday afternoon. 

4th Quarter (0:44): Muscala flushes home a Brand miss. 111-87. 

Clark hits a three. 109-87 Hawks. 

4th Quarter (1:27): Muscala makes a J. 109-85.

4th Quarter (2:34): Markel Brown makes two at the line. 107-84. 

4th Quarter (3:26): Shelvin Mack buries a trey. 107-82. 

4th Quarter (4:08): Carroll rebounds a miss and scores. 104-82. 

4th Quarter (4:44): DeMarre Carroll hits two foul shots. 102-82 Hawks. 

9-0 Nets run.

4th Quarter (5:03): Jack finds Plumlee on the pick-and-roll. 100-82 Hawks. 

4th Quarter (5:23): Jack hits another floater. 100-80 Hawks. 

4th Quarter (6:45): Jarrett Jack banks home a floater with the contact. 100-78 Hawks. 

4th Quarter (7:33): Lopez hits two at the line. 100-75 Hawks. 

4th Quarter (7:50): Horford strikes again. 100-73. 

4th Quarter (8:40): Lopez hits one from five feet out. 98-73 Hawks. 

4th Quarter (8:58): Horford hits a J. 98-71. 

D-Will hits a J. 96-70 Hawks. 

4th Quarter (10:48): Scott rebounds a Horford miss and scores. 96-68 Hawks.

4th Quarter (11:21): Horford knocks down a midrange J. 94-68. 

4th Quarter (11:45): Johnson hits a pull-up. 92-68. 

Millsap has been sensational, dropping 25 points so far on 9-15 shooting, while Korver has 20 points on six threes. 

Hawks are 12-23 from three with 30 assists and 23 fast-break points.

3rd Quarter (0:01): Schroder drives and scores to cap off a dominant quarter. Hawks outscore the Nets 41-21 in the quarter, leading 92-66. 

3rd Quarter (0:08): Jarrett Jack drives and scores. 90-66 Hawks. 

3rd Quarter (0:38): Lopez tips in his own miss. 90-64 Hawks. 

3rd Quarter (1:02): Millsap wets yet another three. 90-62. 

3rd Quarter (1:27): Millsap hits two at the line. 87-62 Hawks. 

3rd Quarter (1:49): Bazemore scores off of a Schroder feed. 85-62. 

3rd Quarter (2:10): Anderson hits a corner trey. 83-62 Hawks. 

3rd Quarter (2:40): Bazemore hits a three. 83-59 Hawks. 

3rd Quarter (2:57): Plumlee hits two at the line. 80-59 Hawks. 

3rd Quarter (3:13): Schroder hits a jumper. 80-57 Hawks. 

Teague hasn't scored...but he has 12 assists. 

3rd Quarter (3:36): Plumlee picks off a pass, scores in the open floor, and draws the foul. 78-57.

3rd Quarter (3:43): Bogdanovic gets the bucket and the foul. 78-55 Hawks. 

3rd Quarter (3:53): Millsap drives and scores. He has 20 points. 78-52 Hawks. 

3rd Quarter (4:17): Teague finds Millsap on the break. 76-52 Hawks. 

3rd Quarter (5:04): Bogdanovic hits one free throw. 74-52 Hawks. 

3rd Quarter (5:33): Anderson hits a corner three to break the skid. 74-51. 

3rd Quarter (6:40): Korver pumps and hits the fast break three. 74-48 Hawks. 

3rd Quarter (7:25): Horford finishes again on the break off of a dime from Bazemore. 18-3 run to begin the half. 69-48 Hawks. 

3rd Quarter (7:43): Horford hits a midrange J. 67-48. 

3rd Quarter (8:20): Carroll hits a transition three. 65-48 Hawks. 

3rd Quarter (8:39): Korver hits his fifth three of the game. 62-48.

3rd Quarter (8:55): Williams hits a straightaway three. 59-48 Hawks. 

3rd Quarter (10:11): Carroll scores in the open court with the foul. 59-45 Hawks.

3rd Quarter (10:28): Korver hits a transition three. 56-45 Hawks. 

3rd Quarter (10:55): Teague steals it and throws it ahead to Carroll who dunks it home. 53-45. 

Hawks lead 51-45 at halftime despite being outscored 22-15 by Brooklyn in the second quarter. 

2nd Quarter (0:01): Johnson hits a jumper. 51-45 Hawks. 

2nd Quarter (0:16): Millsap hits a runner and draws the foul in the process. 51-43 Hawks. 

2nd Quarter (1:04): Joe Johnson strokes a three. 49-43 Hawks. 

2nd Quarter (1:30): Bazemore cuts through the middle and Millsap finds him. 49-40. 

2nd Quarter (1:48): Bogdanovic hits a free throw. 47-40 Hawks. 

2nd Quarter (2:39): Williams strokes a midange J from the wing. 45-39 Hawks. 

2nd Quarter (4:01): Horford hits a midrange J from the corner. 45-37 Hawks. 

2nd Quarter (4:35): Millsap hits a three after a great Hawks possession. 43-37. 

2nd Quarter (5:21): Johnson hits a wing three, and the Nets have cut the deficit to 40-37. 

2nd Quarter (5:58): Jarrett Jack hits two free throws. 40-34 Hawks. 

Lopez hits a wild shot. 40-32 Hawks. 

2nd Quarter (8:27): Millsap hits a floater. 40-30. 

2nd Quarter (8:45): Bogdanovic cans a wing three after a Nets offensive board. 7-0 run for Brooklyn. 38-30 Hawks. 

2nd Quarter (9:20): Young attacks Scott and scores. 38-27 Hawks. 

2nd Quarter (10:25): Young scores. And-one. 38-25 Hawks. 

2nd Quarter (10:43): Schroder nails a J. 38-23 Hawks. 

Atlanta leads 36-23 after one. They needed production from their bench, and they are getting it from Schroder and Bazemore. Kyle Korver has 11 points to lead them. 

1st Quarter (0:01): Carroll hits a three to end the half off of a Schroder assist. Hawks are shooting 72%. 

1st Quarter (0:22): Jack hits a pull-up. 33-23 Hawks. 

1st Quarter (0:36): Schroder scores in the break. 33-21 Hawks. 

1st Quarter (0:54): Schroder gets to the hoop and scores the layup. 31-21 Hawks. 

1st Quarter (1:00): Lopez spins slowly and makes a jumper with the foul. 29-21 Hawks. 

1st Quarter (1:13): Korver strokes two free throws. 29-18 Hawks. 

1st Quarter (1:38): Dennis Schroder hits a runner. 27-18. 

1st Quarter (2:07): Williams drives through the lane for two. 25-18 Hawks. 

1st Quarter (2:39): Lopez hits a floater in the lane. 25-16 Hawks. 

1st Quarter (2:55): Millsap hits two of two at the line. 25-14 Hawks. 

1st Quarter (3:12): Johnson hits Lopez in the paint for two. 23-14 Hawks. 

Korver is 3-3 from deep so far with nine points. 

1st Quarter (4:22): Korver strikes again from deep. Wide open. 23-12. 

1st Quarter (4:39): Lopez hits a layup. 20-12 Hawks. 

1st Quarter (5:06): Korver hits a corner three. 20-10 Hawks. 

Jeff Teague has five assists for Atlanta so far. 

1st Quarter (5:37): Millsap euro-steps Young, and the Hawks lead 17-10. 

1st Quarter (6:03): Teague finds Horford inside. 15-10 Hawks. 

1st Quarter (6:39): Millsap finds Carroll on the cut who scores. 13-10 Hawks. 

1st Quarter (7:22): Williams hits two free throws at the line. 11-10 Hawks. 

1st Quarter (7:49): Deron Williams hits a midrange J. 11-8 Hawks. 

1st Quarter (8:04): Teague finds Millsap on the break who scores with the foul. 11-6 Hawks. 

1st Quarter (9:02): Horford blows by Lopez and scores. 9-6 Hawks. 

1st Quarter (9:31): Millsap hits one at the line. 7-6 Hawks. 

1st Quarter (9:49): Lopez hits two free throws. 6-6. 

1st Quarter (10:36): DeMarre Carroll hits a three. 6-4 Hawks. 

Johnson makes a floater. 4-3 Nets. 

Korver hits a three. 3-2 Hawks. 

1st Quarter (11:42): Thaddeus Young makes a layup. 2-0 Nets.

Jeff Teague, who was listed as questionable prior to the game, will play. 

Also, pay attention to the rebounding numbers over the course of tonight's game. Due to the downsizing of their lineup in Game 5, the Nets suffered tremendously on the boards, garnering just 35 compared to Atlanta's 43. Big men Plumlee and Brook Lopez combined for just three rebounds, leaving backcourt members Joe Johnson, Anderson, and Williams to do much of the heavy lifting on the glass. If the Nets wish to keep their season alive, this figure has to change. Lopez must be a commanding force in the paint, both offensively and on the rebounding end, while Plumlee needs to increase his aggressiveness if he wants to up his minutes, a number which dwindled to a paltry seven in Game 5. 

Check out the Barclays Center being prepped for tonight's action. 

Here's Bazemore getting up shots this afternoon. 

The discrepancy in bench production between the two sides will also play an immense role in the outcome of this matchup. This gap was evident in Game 5, as the Brooklyn tandem of Jarrett Jack and Alan Anderson combined for 41 of the Nets' 97 points while the entire Hawks' bench mustered just 16 points. Granted, the Atlanta starters were sensational, however the prospect of clinching the series is going to require a heightened level of contribution from the likes of Dennis Schroder, Pero Antic, and Kent Bazemore off of the bench. All three of these players received over 10 minutes of playing time in Game 5, and it's crucial for Game 6 that they take advantage of these opportunites. Anderson (23 points) and Jack (18 points) certainly took advantage of their chances, despite being the only two to garner more than seven minutes off of the bench (Plumlee played limited minutes). 

On the Hawks end, it will be a collective effort from all five of their starters that pioneers them to a series-closing victory. Atlanta received double-digit scoring numbers from each of their five starters (DeMarre Carroll had 24, Al Horford had 20, Jeff Teague had 20, Kyle Korver had 17, and Paul Millsap had 10) in their Game 5 victory, and they will need a similar showing from this group in order to eliminate the Nets tonight. Of these five, however, keep a close eye on the frontcourt tandem of Horford and Millsap. Horford appears to have fully recovered from a dislocated finger injury that hampered him earlier in the series, compiling 15 rebounds and five assists to accompany his 10-for-17 shooting line in Game 5. It will be intriguing to witness whether Horford can stay consistent in Game 6 and knock down the midrange jumper with ease as he did a game prior. Millsap however, despite recording double figures in scoring, struggled mightily from the field, shooting just 4-for-11, and is still nursing a right shoulder injury. Millsap may receive a heigtened level of opportunity though, as Brooklyn coach Lionel Hollins has adopted an incredibly small rotation as the series has progressed, deciding to spell Thaddeus Young with the likes of Alan Anderson while only playing big man Mason Plumlee for seven minutes in Game 5. It will be interesting to see whether Millsap will be capable of exposing the size advantage that he will inevitably see. 

After an astoundingly strong performance in Game 4, one in which he terrorized the Hawks defense to the tune of 35 points, 7 assists, and 5 rebounds, Nets point guard Deron Williams chilled off significantly in Game 5. The much-maligned playmaker went from shooting 13-of-25 in Game 4 to just 2-of-8 in Game 5 while compiling just five points in 32 minutes, leaving Brooklyn without the spark it so desperately needed to avoid a 107-97 defeat at Phillips Arena. The man who wowed the onlookers in attendance with a fadeaway, shot clock-beating three in the latter stages of Game 4 was seemingly nonexistent the following contest, getting into foul trouble, turning over the rock twice, and going 0-for-2 from beyond the three-point arc after hitting seven of his eleven attempts from outside two nights earlier. After he mustered a combine five points in Games' 2 and 3, one must wonder whether his showing in Game 4 was simply a fluke. Williams appeared to return to his lackluster ways in Game 5, being passive on offense and downright horrific on defense while crawling into a shell when the going appeared to get tough. Without a strong offensive performance from D-Will, Brooklyn is bound to be eliminated tonight in Game 6. Williams must step up, take charge, and provide the means this team needs to continue their quest for an upset of Atlanta

Hello, all! Welcome to the Live event of the Atlanta Hawks and Brooklyn Nets Game 6 from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. My name is Liam O'Brien and I will be your host.