Washington Wizards - Atlanta Hawks in 2015 NBA Playoffs Game 1 (104-98)
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The Wizards outrebounded Atlanta 54-to-52, and only turned the ball over six times. Washington also went 19-of-22 from the free throw line, which was huge.

After shooting over 50 percent from the field in the first half, the Hawks ended the game shooting 37.8 percent.

Washington Wizards stat leaders: Bradley Beal 28 points and 7 rebounds. John Wall 18 points, 13 assists, 7 rebounds and 3 blocks. Paul Pierce 19 points. Marcin Gortat 12 points and 12 rebounds. Otto Porter 10 points and 11 rebounds. Drew Gooden 12 points and 5 rebounds.

Atlanta Hawks stat leaders: DeMarre Carroll 24 points. Al Horford 17 points, 17 rebounds and 7 assists. Paul Millsap 15 points, 12 rebounds and 8 assists. Jeff Teague 11 points and 7 assists. Kyle Korver 13 points and 5 rebounds.

The Washington Wizards defeat the Atlanta Hawks in Game 1 104-98!!! 


4th Quarter (0:00) Al Horford misses the three-pointer

Wizards 104 Hawks 98

Hawks Timeout

4th Quarter (0:06) John Wall gets fouled. Makes both free throws.

4th Quarter (0:08) Al Horford gets the quick two-point shot

Wizards 102 Hawks 96

Hawks Timeout

4th Quarter (0:15) John Wall finds Marcin Gortat on the pick and roll for the layup

4th Quarter (1:02) John Wall finds Otto Porter for the easy layup.

Bradley Beal is back on the floor for Washington

Wizards 98 Hawks 96

Wizards Timeout

4th Quarter (1:21) After a missed layup by John Wall, the Hawks get out in transition leading to a Paul Millsap dunk

4th Quarter (1:39) The Atlanta Hawks missed six shots on one possession and couldn't convert

4th Quarter (2:36) Paul Millsap gets the steal, makes the layup and draws the foul. Makes the bonus free throw.

4th Quarter (3:18) After a stop by WashingtonOtto Porter hits the CLUTCH corner three-pointer!!!

Injury Update: Bradley Beal is questionable to return with an apparent right ankle sprain

Wizards 95 Hawks 91

Hawks Timeout

4th Quarter (3:50) John Wall makes the incredible block on Paul Millsap!!!

4th Quarter (4:15) John Wall hits another mid range jumper

4th Quarter (4:34) Paul Millsap draws the foul on the drive to the basket. Makes 1 of 2 free throws.

4th Quarter (5:35) Paul Pierce hits the HUGE mid range jumper for Washington

4th Quarter (6:06) Bad possession by the WizardsJeff Teague executes on the other end.

4th Quarter (6:39) Kyle Korver drains the three-pointer on the second chance opportunity.

4th Quarter (7:22) John Wall hits the mid range jumper

4th Quarter (7:31) Al Horford makes both free throws.

They call it a common foul

4th Quarter (7:31) Al Horford gets fouled in the paint. Officials are taking a look at the monitor to see if it's flagrant.

4th Quarter (7:42) Paul Pierce draws the foul on Al Horford, his 5th. Makes both free throws.

Beal limps to the locker room in severe pain.

Beal was still on the ground as the training staff went over

Wizards Timeout

4th Quarter (8:08) Bradley Beal appears to be seriously hurt after rolling his right ankle on a Hawks defender

Washington's defense hasn't allowed Atlanta to score in this 4th quarter. They are doing a great job of closing out and limiting them to one shot

Wizards 87 Hawks 83

Official Timeout

4th Quarter (9:07) Bradley Beal remains agressive and draws the foul. Makes both free throws.

Actually they score that as a long two for Beal

4th Quarter (10:11) Bradley Beal knocks down the three-pointer for the lead!!!

4th Quarter (11:04) Marcin Gortat ties the game with a baseline jumper to start the quarter

Wizards end quarter on 20-11 run!!!

Hawks 83 Wizards 81


3rd Quarter (0:10) Al Horford makes the tough baseline reverse layup.

3rd Quarter (0:33) Ramon Sessions drives hard and converts the layup

3rd Quarter (0:50) Ramon Sessions is fouled. Makes 1 of 2 free throws

3rd Quarter (1:29) Wizards turnover leads to Kyle Korver three-pointer

3rd Quarter (1:52) Al Horford is called for a loose ball foul and Atlanta is over the limit. Marcin Gortat makes both free throws. The game is tied at 78!!!

3rd Quarter (2:47) Bradley Beal heads back to the line after drawing the foul. Makes both free throws.

3rd Quarter (3:06) Dennis Schroder responds with a three-pointer of his own.

3rd Quarter (3:24) Drew Gooden knocks down another three-pointer at the top of the key.

3rd Quarter (3:56) John Wall penetrates after the offensive rebound and finds Bradley Beal in the corner for the three-pointer.

3rd Quarter (4:50) Bradley Beal drives and gets his layup disrupted. He recovers the loose ball and converts the layup.

3rd Quarter (5:08) DeMarre Carroll draws the foul. Makes 1 of 2 free throws.

3rd Quarter (5:16) Paul Pierce makes a savvy veteran move and makes the tough layup.

3rd Quarter (6:07) Al Horford gets past Gortat and finishes the layup high over the rim

3rd Quarter (6:25) Paul Pierce drains the three-pointer coming out of the timeout

Atlanta hits Washington in the mouth with a quick 7-0 run

Hawks 72 Wizards 61

Wizards Timeout

3rd Quarter (6:37) Wizards turn it over and Al Horford drains the three-pointer in the corner.

3rd Quarter (7:16) Jeff Teague makes the close range shot.

3rd Quarter (7:49) DeMarre Carroll is found for the easy dunk after a second chance opportunity. 

Wizards on an 8-0 run!!!

Hawks 65 Wizards 61

Hawks Timeout

3rd Quarter (8:16) John Wall picks up the deflection and lays it in.

3rd Quarter (8:56) Bradley Beal hits the close range jumper

3rd Quarter (10:35) John Wall hits his second-straight mid range jumper

3rd Quarter (10:52) John Wall knocks down the mid range jumper

3rd Quarter (11:31) Bradley Beal attacks and draws the foul. Missed both free throws.

3rd Quarter (11:48) Kyle Korver makes the contested two-pointer to start the second half

Second half is ready to begin!!!

For Washington to get back in this game they need to be more physical and clamp down on drives to the basket which have lead to a lot of open three-pointers. The Wizars need to continue to attack the basket and they need more production from Gortat and Nene who combined for 6 points on 3-of-9 shooting with only 7 rebounds.

The Wizards have done a nice job rebounding with a 25-to-23 advantage, and have limited their turnovers with only four.

Washington shot 40.8 percent from the field compared to 52.2 percent shooting from Atlanta. The Wizards went 5-of-14 from behind the arc, while the Hawks went 9-of-17 from three. Atlanta assisted on 19 of their 24 made field goals, while the Wizards assisted on 9 of their 20 made field goals.

Atlanta Hawks stat leaders at halftime: DeMarre Carroll 21 points on 5-of-7 shooting from behind the arc. Paul Millsap 9 points, 7 assists and 5 rebounds. Al Horford 6 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists. Jeff Teague 7 points and 5 assists.

Washington Wizards stat leaders at halftime: Bradley Beal 15 points and 5 rebounds. Paul Pierce 10 points. Drew Gooden 9 points and 4 rebounds off the bench. Otto Porter 5 points and 6 rebounds off the bench.

Hawks 63 Wizards 53


2nd Quarter (0:01) John Wall blocks DeMarre Carroll's three-point attempt.

Hawks Timeout

2nd Quarter (0:04) Washington commits 24 sec shot clock turnover

2nd Quarter (0:28) Al Horford converts the floater in the lane.

2nd Quarter (0:46) John Wall sets up Marcin Gortat for another layup.

2nd Quarter (0:52) Jeff Teague draws the foul. Makes both free throws.

2nd Quarter (1:13) Paul Pierce answers with a corner three-pointer

2nd Quarter (1:44) Paul Millsap connects on another layup in the paint.

2nd Quarter (2:15) DeMarre Carroll makes another three-pointer on the offensive rebound by Al Horford

2nd Quarter (2:38) Bradley Beal comes out of the timeout and knocks down the mid range jumper

John Wall appeared to hurt his left wrist when he fell down on the layup attempt. He stays in the game after he taped up the wrist.

Hawks 54 Hawks 46

Wizards Timeout

2nd Quarter (2:51) DeMarre Carrol gets the easy bucket as the Wizards were down a man cause Wall was on the floor hurt.

2nd Quarter (3:02) John Wall gets the steal, misses the layup but Bradley Beal follows it up and makes the close range bucket

2nd Quarter (3:24) John Wall grabs his own missed shot and lays it in.

2nd Quarter (3:35) Jeff Teague hits another three-pointer for the Hawks

2nd Quarter (3:43) Marcin Gortat makes back-to-back baskets in the paint.

2nd Quarter (4:07) DeMarre Carroll answers with a three-pointer

2nd Quarter (4:20) Marcin Gortat makes his first bucket of the game on the pick and roll with John Wall

2nd Quarter (4:33) Paul Millsap makes the layup

2nd Quarter (4:46) Bradley Beal makes a nice drive on the fastbreak after a missed alley oop by AtlantaHawks called for goaltending

2nd Quarter (6:13) Kyle Korver comes out of the timeout and knocks down the off balanced three-pointer.

Hawks 41 Wizards 36

Hawks Timeout

2nd Quarter (6:18) Nene draws his third foul of the game and will head to the bench.

2nd Quarter (6:42) Both teams came up empty on the last couple of possessions. Bradley Beal gets fouled attacking the basket. Makes both free throws.

Jeff Teague went to the locker room and got his ankle retaped. He is set to return to the game at some point.

Hawks 41 Wizards 34

Official Timeout

2nd Quarter (9:04) Drew Gooden gets fouled on the offensive rebound dunk attempt. Makes both free throws.

2nd Quarter (9:22) Bradley Beal knocks down the mid range jumper

2nd Quarter (9:45) Atlanta gets out in transition, Dennis Schroder makes the nice drop off pass to Mike Scott for the dunk.

2nd Quarter (10:21) Bradley Beal draws the foul. Makes both free throws.

2nd Quarter (10:38) Dennis Schroder continues to blow by the Wizards defense and makes another layup.

2nd Quarter (11:04) Ramon Sessions knocks down the mid range jumper to start the quarter.

DeMarre Carroll scored 13 points in the first quarter. Atlanta went 5-of-8 from three and assisted on 11 of their 14 field goals.

Atlanta ended the last 4 minutes on a 17-6 run!!!

Hawks 37 Wizards 26


1st Quarter (0:01) Kent Bazemore caps off a high-scoring quarter with a dunk!

1st Quarter (0:19) The Wizards crashed the offensive glass, John Wall capped off the possession with a nice floater in the lane.

1st Quarter (0:54) Dennis Schroder makes another shot in the paint.

1st Quarter (1:07) Drew Gooden gets fouled in the paint. Makes both free throws.

It's raining three's in Atlanta!

1st Quarter (1:46) Washington turnover leads to another three-pointer by DeMarre Carroll

1st Quarter (2:19) Pero Antic drains the three-pointer

1st Quarter (2:34) Drew Gooden hits the mid range jumper

1st Quarter (2:56) Dennis Schroder blows by the defense and makes the close range shot.

1st Quarter (3:26) Otto Porter commit the lose ball foul. Washington is over the foul limit. Pero Antic heads to the line and makes both free throws.

1st Quarter (3:48) Paul Millsap hits the three-pointer as the shot clock was running down.

Jeff Teague tweaked his ankle. Will keep you updated on his return

Washington responds with an 11-4 run after the timeout!

Hawks 20 Wizards 20

Hawks Timeout

1st Quarter (4:11) John Wall penetrates and finds Otto Porter in the corner for the three-pointer.

1st Quarter (5:05) Drew Gooden drains the three-pointer on the break.

1st Quarter (5:22) Otto Porter enters the game and makes the baseline floater.

1st Quarter (5:41) DeMarre Carroll gets fouled. Makes both free throws.

1st Quarter (6:00) Jeff Teague quickly answers with a mid range jumper

1st Quarter (6:10) John Wall finds Bradley Beal on the break for the three-pointer.

Hawks are currently on 9-0 run!

Hawks 16 Wizards 9

Wizards Timeout

1st Quarter (6:56) Paul Millsap drives in the lane and makes the tough layup over Nene.

1st Quarter (7:24) Washington continues to struggle on offense, DeMarre Carrol makes his second three-pointer of the quarter.

1st Quarter (8:18) DeMarre Carroll makes the layup and draws the foul after a nice bounce pass by Jeff Teague. Misses the bonus free throw.

1st Quarter (8:59) Al Horford makes his second bucket of the game.

1st Quarter (9:18) John Wall races down floor and converts the uncontested layup.

1st Quarter (9:26) Jeff Teague sets up Kyle Korver for the two-point shot

1st Quarter (9:38) Paul Pierce hits a close range shot. He has scored all seven points for Washington

1st Quarter (10:25) DeMarre Carroll quickly answers with a three-pointer of his own.

1st Quarter (10:41) Paul Pierce backs that up with a three-pointer

1st Quarter (11:06) Paul Pierce answers with a mid range jumper.

1st Quarter (11:22) After a Wizards turnover, Al Horford slams down the alley oop!!!

Here we go!!! Game 1 has begun!!!

5 minutes till tip off between the Washington Wizards and Atlanta Hawks in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference second round in the 2015 NBA Playoffs!!!

Atlanta Hawks starting lineup: PG: Jeff Teague, SG: Kyle Korver, SF: DeMarre Carroll, PF: Paul Millsap, C: Al Horford

Washington Wizards starting lineup: PG: John Wall, SG: Bradley Beal, SF: Paul Pierce, PF: Nene, C: Marcin Gortat

30 minutes till tip 0ff!!!

We are about an hour away from gametime between the Washington Wizards and Atlanta Hawks!!!

The matchup of this series is between the two All-Star point guards John Wall and Jeff Teague. These are two of the fastest guards in the league and whichever guard contains the other will give their team the best chance to win. During the regular season John Wall turned the ball over a total of 27 times against the Hawks, the most against any team. Atlanta has done a great job disrupting Wall and forcing a lot of turnovers, which led to a ton of easy baskets in transition. Wall’s play has usually dictated the direction of this Wizards team and it will be no different in this series. 

Atlanta’s most underrated player has to be forward DeMarre Carroll. He led the Hawks in scoring in the first round series against the Brooklyn Nets averaging 17.5 PPG. He did most of his damage from behind the arc hitting 14-of-30 from three. In the three regular season games he played against the Wizards he averaged 13.7 PPG. Carroll is the X-factor for this team and his nickname the “Junkyard Dog” fits as he does all the dirty work for this 60-win Atlanta Hawks team.

The glaring advantage the Wizards have over the Hawks is their size in the paint. Marcin Gortat and Nene pack the paint and do a good job of rebounding on both ends of the floor. Al Horford and Paul Millsap play more on the perimeter and don’t crash the offensive glass as the Hawks always look to defend the transition game. It was a problem for Washington’s big men to defend the perimeter, but for them to be affective they need to dominate the paint on both ends like they did against Toronto. 

John Wall had this to say on the turnovers, “They’re just great with their hands. When you get into the paint, they’re all using their hands to swipe down on the ball. They feed off their defense to get them going in transition.”

For Washington to win this series they will have to limit the turnovers better than they did against this Hawks team in the regular season. In the four regular season games the Wizards committed a combined 70 turnovers against the Hawks. That can’t happen if they want a chance at playing in the Eastern Conference Finals.

One thing is for sure, the Wizards are a completely different team than the ones the Hawks faced earlier in the regular season. Once the postseason began this Washington team had a different focus and edge than the one that was blown out back in January, 120-89. 

I’m sure Atlanta playing quickly after their previous series with the Nets gives cause for concern, but head coach Mike Budenholzer looks at the positive saying, “The fact that we’ve been playing, we’ve been in a rhythm every other day, of you can make that advantage, then it’s to our advantage. You try to turn everything into a positive.”

Game 1 of this series will be a huge opportunity for Washington to gain home court in this second round matchup. The Wizards are 7-1 on the road in the playoffs the last two seasons, giving them confidence they can grab this first game on the road. Washington defeated the Raptors in the first two games of the series on the road by a combined 18 points.

Despite going six games in the series, the Hawks are coming off a very good win where they played their best basketball in this year’s postseason. It’s the kind of game that carries momentum into this series, but they have a quick turnaround against a team in Washington that is well rested and playing good basketball themselves. 

Atlanta is coming off a first round series where they would go six games to take care of the eighth-seeded Brooklyn Nets. I’m sure the Hawks wanted a smoother series where they could get in and out unscathed, but the Nets didn’t back down and they were able to push them farther than most thought.

This is the first time in a week the Washington Wizards will play a competitive basketball game as they dismembered the Toronto Raptors in an opening round sweep. The extra rest should help this team, especially the seasoned veterans like Paul Pierce and Nene. What can be worrisome is the rust factor that can sometimes ensue after an elongated layoff.

The second round of the Eastern Conference playoffs begins Sunday afternoon at 1:00 PM EST. between the Washington Wizards and the Atlanta Hawks. The number one seeded Hawks won the regular season series against the number five seeded Wizards 3-1. In that one loss the Hawks didn’t play any of their starters, giving Washington a clear advantage.