Houston Rockets - Los Angeles Clippers in 2015 NBA Playoffs (99-124)
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With the score being 64-57 with the Clippers leading a the half, the Rockets fell apart in dramatic fashion to lose by 25-points. That 7-point Clippers lead at the half extended to a 23-point lead heading into the 4th quarter, courtesy of a 35-19 advantage in the 3rd quarter. That 3rd quarter was ultimately the deciding factor in the second, it was too little too late for the Rockets in their comeback effort. The Clippers offense was consistent throughout the game, they were on fire. However, their defense was what changed after halftime. They allowed 57-points at the half, but allowed just under 100-points in the entire game. With an offensive pace that they were on all night, holding the opposition to 99-points was more than enough. Los Angeles did all that you could ask for on the defensive end in the 1st half, but their execution dramatically increased in the 2nd half. The Clippers were affecting shots, rebound well, shooting very efficiently, moving the ball, you name it, they did it. Los Angeles truly fired on all cylinders tonight, for the Rockets, they fell flat offensively and couldn't find an answer for the Clippers offense.

Thank you for following my updates throughout the game, Grant Afseth. Be sure to stay tuned for my thoughts on the game.

The Los Angeles Clippers beat the Houston Rockets in a blow out fashion, they now hold a 2-1 series lead. Game 4 is on Sunday (May 10th) at 8:30 PM Eastern.

End of 4th Quarter (Houston: 99, Los Angeles: 124)

4th Quarter (23.1) Turkoglu makes deep 3-pointer from Sacramento (99-124)

4th Quarter (1:23) Prigioni makes a 3-pointer (99-121)

4th Quarter (1:42) Capela makes one of two free throw attempts (96-121)

4th Quarter (1:42) Turkoglu shooting foul on Capela (1st personal)

4th Quarter (2:54) Ariza replaced by Johnson, Howard replaced by Capela, Harden replaced by Papanikolaou, Brewer replaced by Dorsey

4th Quarter (2:54) Barnes replaced by Rivers, Redick replaced by Jones, Crawford replaced by Turkoglu

4th Quarter (2:54) Rockets full timout

4th Quarter (2:54) Barnes offensive foul (4th personal)

4th Quarter (3:14) Harden makes driving dunk (95-121)

4th Quarter (3:27) Redick makes mid-range fadeaway jumper (93-121)

4th Quarter (3:45) Ariza makes driving layup (93-119)

4th Quarter (4:33) Brewer makes layup (91-119)

4th Quarter (5:04) Brewer makes driving layup (89-119)

4th Quarter (5:18) Redick makes fastbreak, catch-and-shoot 3-pointer (87-119)

4th Quarter (6:00) Hudson subs in for Griffin

4th Quarter (6:00) Clippers full timout

4th Quarter (6:01) Harden makes 3-pointer (87-116)

4th Quarter (6:08) Griffin makes one of two free throws (84-116)

4th Quarter (6:08) Davis subs in for Jordan

4th Quarter (6:08) Griffin draws shooting foul from Harden (3rd personal)

4th Quarter (6:46) Griffin makes layup (84-115)

4th Quarter (7:14) Harden makes 3-pointer off the dribble (84-113)

4th Quarter (7:36) Redick makes 3-pointer (81-113)

4th Quarter (7:56) Howard misses both free throws (81-110)

4th Quarter (7:56) Howard makes technical free throw (81-110)

4th Quarter (7:56) Jordan given technical for reaction to referees' call

4th Quarter (7:56) Howard draws shooting foul on hook shot attempt, Jordan personal foul (5th personal)

4th Quarter (8:00) Redick makes technical free throw (80-110)

4th Quarter (8:00) Terry given technical foul resulting in ejection

4th Quarter (8:00) Officials reviewing for possible technical/flagarent on Terry

4th Quarter (8:00) Jordan shooting foul on Howard (4th personal)

4th Quarter (8:19) Redick makes driving layup (80-109)

4th Quarter (8:53) Redick comes into game for Paul

4th Quarter (8:53) Official Timeout

4th Quarter (9:12) Crawford makes all three free throws (80-107)

4th Quarter (9:12) Crawford draws shooting foul from Brewer on a missed 3-pointer (4th personal)

4th Quarter (9:25) Brewer makes driving dunk (80-104)

4th Quarter (10:06) Paul comes into game for Rivers

4th Quarter (10:06) Ariza makes both free throws (78-104)

4th Quarter (10:06) Ariza draws foul from Griffin on missed layup attempt

4th Quarter (10:31) Griffin personal foul (3rd personal)

4th Quarter (10:48) Brewer personal foul (3rd personal)

4th Quarter (10:58) Rivers makes a 3-pointer off the dribble (76-104)

4th Quarter (11:19) Brewer misses both free throws (76-101)

4th Quarter (11:19) Brewer draws foul from Crawford on missed layup attempt

4th Quarter (11:53) Barnes makes both free throws (76-101)

4th Quarter (11:53) Barnes draws foul from Harden on missed layup attempt

End of 3rd Quarter (Houston: 76, Los Angeles: 99)

3rd Quarter (1.7) Jordan makes one of two free throws (76-99)

3rd Quarter (1.7) Jordan draws shooting foul from Ariza (2nd personal foul)

3rd Quarter (31.9) Rivers makes floater (76-98)

3rd Quarter (53.1) Prigioni comes into game for Terry

3rd Quarter (53.1) Rivers makes free throw (76-96)

3rd Quarter (53.1) Rivers makes fast-break layup, draws foul from Terry (76-95)

3rd Quarter (1:12) Jordan makes tip-in (76-93)

3rd Quarter (1:35) Rivers makes driving layup (76-91)

3rd Quarter (1:56) Rockets 20 second timeout

3rd Quarter (1:59) Redick makes fast-break, reverse layup (76-89)

3rd Quarter (2:23) Rivers makes free throw (76-87)

3rd Quarter (2:23) Rivers makes driving layup, draws foul from Jones (76-86)

3rd Quarter (2:52) Jones comes into game for Howard

3rd Quarter (2:52) Hawes comes into game for Griffin

3rd Quarter (2:52) Crawford personal foul, 2nd personal foul

3rd Quarter  (3:16) Rivers makes 3-pointer (76-84)

3rd Quarter (3:28) Smith offensive foul, 1st personal

3rd Quarter (3:50) Brewer makes 3-pointer (76-81)

3rd Quarter (4:08) Rivers makes driving layup (73-81)

3rd Quarter (4:33) Harden makes both free throws (73-79)

3rd Quarter (4:33) Jordan personal foul, Harden draws foul

3rd Quarter (4:49) Brewer makes alley-oop dunk (71-79)

3rd Quarter (5:18) Crawford comes into game for Barnes

3rd Quarter (5:18) Brewer comes into game for Ariza

3rd Quarter (5:18) Barnes offensive foul, 3rd personal

3rd Quarter (5:38) Harden makes step-back, mid-range jumper (69-79)

3rd Quarter (6:01) Jordan makes one of two free throws (67-79)

3rd Quarter (6:01) Rivers comes into game for Paul

3rd Quarter (6:01) Smith comes into game for Jones

3rd Quarter (6:01) Ariza personal foul, Jordan draws foul

3rd Quarter (6:42) Redick makes mid-range jumper (67-78)

3rd Quarter (6:49) Ariza makes one of two free throws (67-76)

3rd Quarter (6:49) Barnes personal foul, Ariza draws the foul

3rd Quarter (7:03) Paul makes a pull-up 3-pointer (66-76)

3rd Quarter (7:56) Harden offensive foul, 2nd personal

3rd Quarter (8:13) Griffin makes a slam dunk (66-73)

3rd Quarter (8:29) Arize makes a catch-and-shoot 3-pointer (66-71)

3rd Quarter (8:55) Paul makes a pull-up 3-pointer (63-71)

3rd Quarter (9:28) Griffin makes tip-in (63-68)

3rd Quarter (9:37) Clippers full timeout

3rd Quarter (9:37) Terry makes a mid-range jumper (63-66)

3rd Quarter (10:01) Ariza makes a driving dunk (61-66)

3rd Quarter (10:20) Howard goal tends a Griffin hook shot (59-66)

3rd Quarter (10:38) Harden makes both free throws (59-64)

3rd Quarter (10:38) Paul commits shooting foul on Harden

Rockets half-time thoughts: The offense is really struggling to score outside of 2nd chance points. They are shooting a poor percentage from the field (41.2%), but they are shooting well from deep (40%). The team needs to step up their free throw shooting, as they are shooting 56.2%. Specifically Dwight Howard is the one that needs to get his free throw shooting in line, he's shooting 4-9. Houston is going to need more from their bench, the starts have scored 47 of their 57 first half points. Their bench is shooting a combined 4-17 from the field, 1-5 from deep, and 1-1 from the free throw line. The ball movement is solid, but would be better if they made open shot attempts from inside the perimeter, the team has 12 assists at the half. The turnovers are low, which is good, they have 6. Houston could get more blocked shots in the 2nd half, but in reality, they need to simply contest more of the Clippers shot attempts. Whatever they're doing is apparently not working, because the Clippers are shooting 54.3% from the field and 42.9% from deep. The team needs to force more turnovers in the second half, they only have one steal. Houston needs to get quality offense in isolation and off the dribble like they normally do from Harden. Scoring 57 points at the half is great, but allowing 64 points shows that your defense is to blame for trailing. They need to force more turnovers, force more empty possessions, force more bad shots, and simply force more missed shots, but most importantly, continue their 27-25 rebounding lead.

Clippers half-time thoughts: Keep doing exactly what you're doing on the offensive end. The open jumpers are falling, the contested jumpers are falling, they are really feeling it so far tonight. The team is shooting 25-46 (54.3%) from the field, 6-14 (42.9%) from the perimeter, and 8-9 (88.9%) from the free throw line. The Clippers are shooting efficiently in all types of shots, which has resulted in their 64 first half points. The team has 7 offensive rebounds, that's a great half-time number. The ball is moving incredibly well and it is resulting in great shot selections. The Clippers have 17 assists as a team and are on course for 34 assists. Defensively, the Clippers are doing a great job of forcing turnovers and blocking shots, they have 5 blocks and 5 steals at the half. The team is doing a solid job of controlling the basketball, but could do a little better, they have 7 turnovers. They have allowed the Rockets to get 13 offensive rebounds, which is a toxic level. They need to keep the Rockets off of the offensive glass in the second half, continue to force turnovers, and continue to affect the Rockets shot attempts. Believe it or not, but the Rockets are being defended very well by the Clippers, but their offensive rebounds are resulting in a lot of easy shots near the hoop. Los Angeles is holding Houston to a 41.2% field goal percentage, 40% 3-point percentage, and a 56.2% free throw percentage, all of those are ideal besides the perimeter percentage, they need to try and contest more of their outside shots.  Other than that, so far so good.

End of 2nd Quarter (Houston: 57, Los Angeles: 64)

2nd Quarter (0.0) Harden makes buzzer beater, step-back mid-range jumper (57-64)

2nd Quarter (18.2) Clippers full timeout

2nd Quarter (23.5) Jones makes one of two free throws (55-64)

2nd Quarter (23.5) Paul personal foul, Jones draws

2nd Quarter (37.1) Jones makes both free throws (54-64)

2nd Quarter (37.1) Griffin enters game for Davis

2nd Quarter (37.1) Davis personal foul, Jones draws

2nd Quarter (47.1) Davis makes mid-range jumper (52-64)

2nd Quarter (1:09) Crawford enters game for Griffin, Barnes enters game for Rivers

2nd Quarter (1:09) Davis makes both free throws (52-62)

2nd Quarter (1:09) Howard personal foul, Davis draws

2nd Quarter (1:24) Terry makes a 3-pointer (52-60)

2nd Quarter (2:12) Howard makes one of two free throws (49-60)

2nd Quarter (2:12) Hawes personal foul, Howard draws

2nd Quarter (2:17) Paul makes step-back mid-range jumper (48-60)

2nd Quarter (2:30) Howard makes one of two free throws (48-58)

2nd Quarter (2:30) Hawes personal foul, Howard draws

2nd Quarter (2:33) Griffin makes dunk (47-58)

2nd Quarter (2:47) Howard makes one of two free throws (47-56)

2nd Quarter (2:47) Hawes personal foul, Howard draws

2nd Quarter (2:48) Griffin makes turnaround hook shot (46-56)

2nd Quarter (3:01) Hawes enters game for Jordan

2nd Quarter (3:01) Paul enters game for Barnes

2nd Quarter (3:01) Houston full timeout

2nd Quarter (3:01) Brewer personal foul, his second personal

2nd Quarter (3:10) Terry makes a 3-pointer (46-54)

2nd Quarter (3:27) Griffin makes a mid-range jump shot (43-54)

2nd Quarter (3:51) Ariza enters game for Brewer (43-52)

2nd Quarter (3:51) Crawford enters game for Rivers (43-52)

2nd Quarter (3:51) Barnes makes two technical free throws (43-52)

2nd Quarter (3:51) Foul upgraded to a flagerant foul (43-50)

2nd Quarter (3:51) Jones personal foul, Barnes draws foul (43-50)

2nd Quarter (4:17) Terry makes a 3-pointer (43-50)

2nd Quarter (4:50) Redick makes mid-range jumper (40-50)

2nd Quarter (5:04) Harden makes 3-pointer (40-48)

2nd Quarter (5:32) Jones makes one of two free throws (37-48)

2nd Quarter (5:32) Jordan personal foul, Jones draws foul (36-48)

2nd Quarter (5:43) Crawford makes a driving finer-roll (36-48)

2nd Quarter (6:01) Howard misses both free throws (36-46)

2nd Quarter (6:01) Barnes shooting foul, Howard draws foul (36-46)

2nd Quarter (6:17) Clippers Full Timeout (36-46)

2nd Quarter (7:02) Howard makes alley-oop dunk (36-46)

2nd Quarter (7:19) Redick makes all three free throws (34-46)

2nd Quarter (7:19) Brewer fouls Redick on a 3-pointer (34-43)

2nd Quarter (7:52) Crawford makes a 3-pointer (34-43)

2nd Quarter (8:19) Prigioni personal foul (34-40)

2nd Quarter (8:46) Smith makes a tip-in (34-40)

2nd Quarter (9:29) Crawford makes a mid-range jumper (32-40)

2nd Quarter (9:46) Smith makes the free throw (32-38)

2nd Quarter (9:46) Smith makes an and-1 inside the paint (31-38)

2nd Quarter (10:03) Rivers makes a fastbreak layup (29-38)

2nd Quarter (10:30) Rivers makes a 3-pointer (29-36)

2nd Quarter (10:54) Smith makes a driving layup (29-33)

2nd Quarter (11:21) Prigioni makes a 3-pointer (27-33)

1st Quarter (:00): Rockets 24 Clippers 33. 

1st Quarter (:01): Barnes blocks Harden's jump shot attempt and that ends the first quarter.

1st Quarter (:55): Harden throws it away, Crawford goes all the way for two! 

1st Quarter (2:00): Jordan gets a two-point shot to go down.

1st Quarter (2:48): Rockets - 24 Clippers - 29.

Timeout Rockets!

1st Quarter (2:57): Barnes knocks down a three-pointer.

1st Quarter (3:38): Jones gets another layup to go down. 

1st Quarter (4:09): Jones gets the driving layup to go.

1st Quarter (4:22): Spencer Hawes with a long jumper. He is in the game early. 

1st Quarter (4:37): Harden responds right back with his own three.

1st Quarter (4:50): Redick another three! He is on fire!! 


1st Quarter (6:35): Now Paul is getting warmed up, hitting back-to-back mid-range jumpers off the pick .

1st Quarter (7:31): Another Paul dish to Griffin for a driving layup. 

1st Quarter (7:48): Harden gets one to go with the defense draped all over him. 

1st Quarter (8:06): Terry falls down and Redick with another shot, a long two.

1st Quarter (8:32): Redick hits another three!!

1st Quarter (8:42): Howard with a four-foot jump hook and a foul. He hits the free throw.

1st Quarter (8:59): Another pick and roll and another dunk for Griffin!

1st Quarter (9:34): Blake Griffin gets a one-handed dunk on the pick and roll.

1st Quarter (10:54): J.J. Redick starts things off with a triple!

Confirmed: Chris Paul (hamstring) will play tonight. 

Tip-off is at 10:30 PM Eastern Time. This game is in Los Angeles, California at the Staples Center.

Doing the small things add up in the playoffs. If you don't rebound the ball well, you better be shooting lights out. Same can be said about turnovers, if you're turning the ball over at a high rate, you better be scoring efficiently. Mistakes turn into liabilities come playoff time, with both teams being so fundamentally sound, this should be a great game and ultimately a great series. That's what makes this match-up so wonderful, both teams do almost everything very well.

Making in-game adjustments is important too, it's not all on the players, coaches play major roles in games as well. That is even more so the case in the playoffs. If something defensively or offensively isn't working, neither team can get stubborn, or else they'll lose. It's as simple as that, flexibility fixes problems in the playoffs.

To expand on the role players, they just need to do their job and nothing more. You don't need Rivers trying to isolate against a double team and then taking a contested step-back jumper, you need floor spacing, effective ball handling, floor spacing, moving without the ball, effort on the boards, etc. They just need to focus on their assignment on defense, letting their offense come to them, and doing the dirty work on both sides of the court.

Roles players typically try to do too much in the playoffs, eliminating those occurrences as much as possible is key in games like this. Specifically younger bench players, like Austin Rivers. However, veterans like Prigioni and Crawford won't get caught doing too much. With that being said, the role players can't get caught doing too much because that leads to mistakes and mistakes lead to empty possessions.

Defensively, it is not about steals and block, although both of those help, it is about forcing missed shots and limiting offensive rebounds in the playoffs. If you can move your feet and cut off the opposing team's options on offense, they will shoot a bad shot. That's the goal, reaching only results in an increased number of fouls. Making steals with help-defense is crucial, however, making steals with on-ball defense is not as important. If you can get steals in on-ball defense, go for it, but don't go out of your way to get them. As for blocks, they are only helpful as long as the opposing team doesn't get the offensive rebound. A missed shot does the same thing as a block, it's an empty shot attempt, with tha being said, it's all about forcing empty possessions and creating more opportunities for your team to score.

Shooting efficiency will also be a crucial component of this game. Generally speaking, both teams like to shoot a high number of jump shots. However, it's not just perimeter shooting that will be important, mid-range, in the paint, free throws, and at the rim are all very important, especially in the playoffs. All of this may sound cliche, but when you are in a "gun-battle," your offense becomes your best defense, but the more missed shots you can force greatly influences your chances of winning.

Turnovers are also going to be a deciding factor, keeping control of the ball in the playoffs is extra important. Also, scoring off of turnovers is important, neither team can afford to allow a high amount of points off of giveaways. Ball control comes with patience and not forcing things, which both teams are consistently good at. However, the team that makes the most mistakes will likely lose.

Rebounding is important in this game, every trip down the court matters. With that being said, establishing early positioning when the shots go up is key. Since both teams are typically good at controlling the basketball, gaining an advantage in the rebounding department is key. Also, second chance points are going to be a deciding factor tonight. It's all about effort and energy, if you give it your all on the glass, chances are you'll come up with an offensive rebound more often than not. However, both teams need to utilize their extra possessions.

The Clippers don't really have a quality bench, with the exception of Crawford, so staying out of foul trouble is important. The same thing with the Rockets, both teams need to stray away from petty fouls. But when they are on the free throw line, both teams need to utilize their attempts.

Los Angeles needs to force the Rockets to either choose to run a zone, or to send help in a man defense. With a high post presence like Griffin, a "grinder" player like Jordan, floor spacers like Barnes and Redick, and a ball handler like Paul, there isn't a defense that can stop them. It sounds simple, but take what the defense is allowing. When they catch the defense overreacting, it is over for the Rockets, that is why having Paul back is so crucial.

As for the Clippers offense, let the offense run through your stars and let the role players follow. Griffin has a major miss match, as well as Paul, they need to be sure to exploit that. Crawford will typically have a miss match as well, but players like Barnes and Redick need to worry on floor spacing. Their games are catch-and-shoot reliant, so stick to it. However, if something opens up, attack!

This is the playoffs, the starters play typically 35-40 minutes when they're not in foul trouble. With that being said, the benches will most likely not affect this game too much. However, when the bench players do come in, they can't let up from what the starters have done, that goes for both teams. For example, the Clippers can't allow Paul to hold Harden to 6 points with 6-minutes left in the first half, then a bench player allows him to score 10-straight points.

The only thing is, well for both teams, they need to make quick defensive rotations, but not over commit in help-defense. Both teams have too many shooters to completely leave open in order to seal off a lane penetration, or to double down on the post. They need to stay "home" in help-defense more frequently than over committing. If that doesn't happen, both teams could be in for some serious perimeter shooting.

Defensively for the Clippers, they're best running a man-to-man defensive scheme. However, Paul needs to guard Harden and Redick needs to guard Terry. Other than that, they match-up very well with the ClippersJordan can give Howard a run for his money down low, or Griffin for that matter. Griffin can easily handle Jones one-on-one, and Barnes can handle Ariza.

The Rockets will go as far as Harden and Howard will take them, with that being said, they just need to let them dictate the offense. If the post up is working for Howard, feed him the ball and get out of the man's way. If Harden is feeling it from deep, space the floor and let him shoot off the dribble. If Harden has a slower defender, give him the ball and let him go to work. It's as simple as that, let your stars dictate the show and have the role players let the game come to them.

Players like Josh Smith and Terrence Jones should avoid taking jump shots and focus on posting up, or attacking the basket. Those players ruin the team's offensive flow and floor spacing when they start "chucking" low percentage jumpers. Josh Smith shows flashes of brilliance when he is attacking off the dribble and in the post. For Jones, he should simply be focusing on the dirty work, like rebounding, setting screens, moving without the ball, finishing at the rim, and posting up. Anything extra for Jones is "icing on the cake" for him.

Players like Terry, Prigioni, Brewer, and Ariza are best spacing the floor on offense, but taking what the defense gives them. If the drive is there, they should take it, but the perimeter jumper should be their first look. I say this because that way, floor spacing would be utilized for Howard and Harden to attack the Clippers defense. Also, their skill sets are best in the catch-and-shoot game anyways, however, Ariza and Corey Brewer are more versatile so they can attack off the dribble when it is available.

Another focus should be using Dwight Howard in the pick-and-roll with Harden as the ball handler. Harden is one of the most skilled ball handlers in the league, getting Howard's man out of the paint would allow for him to turn the corner and have a ton of space to utilize.

Offensively for the Rockets, they should continue to do what they've been doing. The offense should run through Harden and Howard, but should start immediately with which ever player has the biggest miss match. Either way, they would be setting up their floor spacing perimeter players on the outside, whether that is in the in-n-out game from the post with Howard, or it is in the drive-and-dish with Harden off the dribble.

Getting a 2-3 zone would allow for Howard to stay on the interior when shots go up as well, allowing for him to utilize his rebounding ability. The same thing applies for their other big men. It would help the Rockets stop lane penetration, also, it would help keep great rebounders like DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin off of the boards.

Perhaps a 2-3 zone is the best way to go, that way the slower players on the Rockets can get interior help in the event that they get beat off the dribble. Also, the slower players would be able to contribute in help-defense more effectively in a zone scheme, rather than a man-to-man scheme. Also, it would help contain other great ball handlers like Jamal Crawford as well.

To me, the Rockets best bet is to go with a zone defense, because there is nobody on the roster that they can match-up man-to-man with Chris Paul, without allowing miss matches across the board. For example, Ariza is probably their best perimeter defender, putting him on Paul would force Terry and Pablo Prigioni (when he's in) to have to defend a bigger and more athletic player. Same goes with having Harden defend Paul one-on-one.

To expand on that, Chris Paul is widely regarded as a top-3 point guard in the NBA, while Austin Rivers is a reserve at best. Jason Terry is an old veteran that struggles to make lateral movements, this should be a "dream" match-up for Paul in Game 3. With Beverley out for the year, Paul should be able to beat his man off the dribble at will, as well as in the pick and roll.

All game-planning from the previous games should be thrown out the window with the return of Chris PaulJason Terry and the other Rockets that defended the point guard position in games 1-2 had a "vacation" if you will. The starting point guard was Austin Rivers and coming off the bench was Lester Hudson.

The starting lineup for the Rockets is expected to be (point guard to center): Jason Terry, James Harden, Trevor Ariza, Terrance Jones, and Dwight Howard. For the Clippers, their projected starting lineup is (point guard to center): Chris Paul, J.J. Redick, Matt Barnes, Blake Griffin, and DeAndre Jordan.

There is one other injury listed on the Clippers injury report that isn't about Chris PaulJordan Hamilton (concussion) is still listed as "day-to-day" with a concussion, one that he suffered on April 22. He barely made it into the Clippers rotation this season, so he likely isn't going to play regardless of health.

As for the Rockets injury situation, the same injuries are present. All of the following Rockets players will miss the playoffs: K.J. McDaniels (elbow), Donatas Montiejunas (back), and Patrick Beverley (wrist). Everybody else on the team is good to go for Game 3, tonight at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

Here is what Matt Barnes said regarding Paul's status for tonight's game: "He said he's playing tonight," Barnes said. "You hope he's ready. His game is such stop-and-go and such an integral part of our team. I hope he can stay healthy throughout the game. We'll see what he has in store for us."

Clippers point guard Chris Paul is expected to make his series debut tonight. According to sources close to the team, Paul told teammate Matt Barnes that he expects to play tonight. Paul also worked out earlier today and was feeling much better than he previously was. That's great news for the Clippers, it exponentially increases the chances of winning.

Hello, I'm Grant Afseth and I will be giving you live updates from tonight's game between the Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Clippers. This game is the third game of the series, the Clippers won the first game of the series (117-101). Meanwhile, the Rockets bounced back in Game 2 to tie the series with a win (115-109).