NBA Draft Preview: Detroit Pistons
AP Photo - Michael Conroy

The Detroit Pistons failed to live up to expectations in the 2014-15 season. They had the offensive and defensive pieces on their team, but they could not get them to work well together and struggled. Their weakest side of the ball was on offense, where they averaged only 98.5 points per game (tied for 17th in the NBA), which isn’t too bad. On defense, they were considerably better, ranking 14th in the league for points allowed per game, averaging 99.5 points allowed per game.

These stats might lead you to believe that the Pistons would’ve done better than their actual season record, which was 32-50. This set the Pistons up with the eighth pick in the draft. With the eighth pick, the Pistons can greatly improve their team and possibly take them out of the lottery. Let’s look as to how the Pistons can do this.


Current Lineup

PG: Brandon Jennings

SG: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

SF: Caron Butler

PF: Greg Monroe

C: Andre Drummond


Draft Picks

Round 1, Pick 8

Round 2, Pick 8


Team Needs

Offensive Small Forward: Following the trade of Josh Smith, the Pistons lost one of their main scorers and had no true small forward who could put up points. The Pistons also had a mediocre offense all season long, so an offensive prospect would improve the Pistons as a whole. It would also offer the Pistons a reason to let Caron Butler go, who contributed little to Detroit.

Depth at Shooting Guard: Detroit currently only has two players on the team listed at the shooting guard position, one being in the league for only two seasons and the other just a one-way player. If one of them were to go down, then the Pistons could be in a lot of trouble. The Pistons do not need someone to make an impact instantly for them, but they will need someone who can eat up minutes.


Possible Picks

Justise Winslow: One of the stars of Duke National Title team, Justise Winslow is one of the most well-rounded prospects in this year’s draft class. His offensive game is very well-rounded, being able to score from the outside, inside, and mid-range, along with being able to crash the offensive boards. Winslow also plays exceptional defense, setting him apart from the other small forwards. Add that to Winslow’s exceptional intangibles and physicality, and you have a great addition for any team, especially the Pistons.

Joseph Young: The point guard/shooting guard combo out of the University of Oregon meets what the Pistons need and more. Young is able to lineup at the 2, which gives them the depth they needed. Young also was exceptional at scoring, so he can provide vital points and minutes off of the bench. Any shooting guard pick the Pistons make in the second round would fit their needs, but Joseph Young stands out as the best possible pick.


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