NBA Draft Preview: Charlotte Hornets

The Charlotte Hornets couldn’t carry over the playoffs success that they had in their last season as the Charlotte Bobcats. After being the seventh seed in the 2014 NBA playoffs, Charlotte became the Hornets and they descended back into the mediocrity they experienced during the mid-2000’s. This year, they finished with a record of 33-49 and fell in the middle of the lottery. They could not do well on offense, scoring only 94.2 points per game, which ranked 28th in the NBA. However, on defense, the Hornets were stellar. Charlotte only allowed 97.3 points per game, which tied for sixth in the NBA. The Hornets couldn't create any offense of their own, but they were able to stop any offense that came at them. The Hornets have improvements they can make, and now let’s look at how they can do that through the draft.


Current Lineup

PG: Kemba Walker

SG: Lance Stephenson

SF: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

PF: Marvin Williams

C: Al Jefferson


Draft Picks

Round 1, Pick 9

Round 2, Pick 9


Team Needs

Small Forward: It is time to face facts. The Michael Kidd-Gilchrist plan has failed in Charlotte. He has amounted to nothing and is only in the starting role because no one else the Hornets have signed has amounted to anything. The Hornets need to find a small forward who can put up points, play lockdown defense, and stretch the floor. While the Hornets tried to do that last year, it did not turn out as well as they expected, so they have a second chance to get it right.

Offensive Guard: The Hornets have players at point guard and shooting guard who can play offense well, but only at the starter spot and backup slot. There is not too many bench options who can score, and the Hornets need to find one who can step up and fill that role.


Possible Picks

Stanley Johnson: This draft is littered with small forwards all throughout the first round. This small forward out of Arizona is all about scoring. He averaged 13.8 points per game during his prior season at Arizona. Johnson also has a huge defensive upside that started to show during his final year in school, which could help Charlotte on both sides of the ball. Johnson’s physicality will allow him to create more scoring opportunities, defensive stops, and rebounds. Charlotte could improve off the bat by picking up Johnson.

Andrew Harrison: A key part of Kentucky’s tournament run in 2014 was Andrew Harrison. Harrison was able to step up in the clutch and score when his team most needed it. Harrison provides instant offense off of the bench for the Hornets, and can share the ball to other open teammates for more scoring chances. Harrison would add to the depth in Charlotte and can provide more than Brian Roberts or Mo Williams.

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