Golden State Warriors Late Rally Not Enough As Cleveland Cavaliers Win Game 3

A late Stephen Curry run of three pointers were close but not enough and would eventually be the fall of the Warriors to the Cavs 96-91 in game 3 of the NBA Finals. Curry had multiple threes that splashed through the net as the Warriors attempted a late rally. Curry ended with 27 points on 10-20 shooting. "Those 3's Steph had in that fourth quarter, those are the same ones that he missed in the first three quarters," James said. "He's just a great shooter."

Two things were learned in game 3 of the NBA Finals. The first was that when everyone in the world said LeBron couldn't keep up his incredible box scores in the Finals, LeBron proved them wrong again. James totaled 40 points, 12 rebounds, and 8 assists in the win. Matthew Dellavedova had 20 as well. Delly brought a huge boost that made it that much easier for LeBron to carry the weight. In game 2, nobody could make anything. In fact, the Cavs shot just over 30%. But in game 3, the Cavs shot 46% from the field and 42% from three.

"This is a great moment and my teammates need me," James said. "It's my job to go out and lead those guys, teach those guys, yell at those guys and then come back and tell them it's OK, let's move to the next play."

The second thing we learned is that Stephen Curry appears to have woken up. After having horrible shooting nights in game's 1 and 2, Curry finally shot well in game 3. He nailed 5 three-pointers in the fourth quarter(a finals record).

The third thing about this game are a few questions. Is this really happening? Are the Kyrie-less and Love-less Cavs actually doing something historic? Or will the Warriors bounce right back and take command of this series? These are the few questions that ring to this writer's mind. LeBron is having a historic, and an all-time Finals series thus far, but can he keep it up?

"We've got some learning to do," James said. "I've always said about this team, the best teacher in life is experience. And that last minute and a half, we've got a lot to learn from."