Miami Heat Give Toronto Raptors A Beat Down, 96-76
AP Photo/Joe Skipper

Miami Heat Give Toronto Raptors A Beat Down, 96-76

The Miami Heat defeated the Toronto Raptors for their fourth win of the season, 96-76.

Ralph Salame

The Miami Heat gave the Toronto Raptors a beat down at the American Airlines Arena for their fourth win of the season. Chris Bosh led the game with 23 points and eight rebounds, aiding his team to a blowout 96-76 victory over the Raptors.

The Raptors started out the first half very strong making almost every shot when going to the basket, but the Heat kept it close throughout until the end of the half.  Toronto led the Heat 47-44 at the end of the first half.

Second half is when Raptors started to fall apart, as Bosh and Hassan Whiteside went at it back and forth, and without DeMarre Carroll, the Raptors were struggling on the defensive end. Raptors pretty much gave up near the end, and Miami forced Dwane Casey to put his backup players on the court and pretty much gave this game up at that point.

The Toronto Raptors finished the game with an abysmal 39.4 percent field goal shooting, and only 3 of 19 from downtown, 17 of 22 from the free-throw line, 38 rebounds, 17 assists, and 18 turnovers. The Raptors have never beaten Miami when former player Chris Bosh is available.

Terrence Ross, who just recently signed a four-year contract deal for $33 million, is really struggling since he signed the contract extension, recording zero points and just two rebounds tonight. He couldn't buy a bucket at all, going 0 for 4 all game from the field. Ross is a big question mark for the Raptors right now.

As for Patrick Patterson, it is not going well for him either, as he has been struggling the past few games, only scoring two points, adding two assists, and grabbing one rebound. As a backup power forward, he should be doing more. Patterson is another question mark for the Raptors thus far.

Kyle Lowry was pretty much the best player on the Raptors tonight with 15 points, 11 rebounds, and eight assists. Lowry is being very consistent so far in this young season. 

Tonight was the second consecutive loss for the Raptors, and both losses have been in Florida. Carroll was out with a foot issue and was replaced by James Johnson as the starter instead of Terrence Ross who didn't shine.

On Miami's end, both Chris Bosh and Hassan Whiteside dominated Toronto with a combined 43 points and 19 rebounds. Also Tyler Johnson had a good game for the Heat and shot 2 of 2 from downtown and  4 of 5 from the field for a total of 10 points and gave Toronto a hard time early in the game.

Next up for the Raptors, they will be against the New York Knicks, who won against the Los Angeles Lakers today, 99-95, and are 3-4 so far in the season. Catch that game for their first meeting this Tuesday, November 10, at 7:30 pm Eastern Time.