Score New York Knicks 93-90 Oklahoma City Thunder in NBA Basketball
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I hope you the reader have enjoyed my live tonight with the Knicks win over the Thunder 93-90. Please stay tuned for the recap.

The New York Knickerbockers improve to 7-6 this season as they escape Oklahoma City with a 3 point win. The Thunder drop to 7-6 on the season. 

Q4 :11.8 Waiters to Westbrook who shoots the long three and it's off the mark now Waiters who misses the three!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Knicks win this game as time runs out!!!!

Now a 93-90 game

Q4 :12.7 After a Westbrook 3, Lopez throws it out of bounds! Horrible play by Robin Lopez, the officicals are reviewing it! 

Q4 :24.7 Westbrook who hits the free throw now Anthony is fouled by Westbrook, who is going to the line for 2, the first one is good, the second one is good.

Q4 :32.2 Morrow to Westbrook to Ibaka who misses the wide open three and Lopez is fouled, 2 shots, the first one is good, the 2nd one is good! Big free throws for the Knicks there, now a 91-85 game

Q4 :46.3 Westbrook to the line for 2, the first one is good, the 2nd one is also good, Lopez to Affalo to Melo who is fouled by Westbrook, two shots for Melo this first one is off the mark, the 2nd one is off the mark and Westbrook calls a TO it's now 89-85

Common foul not a flagrant as the Knicks are up 89-83

Afflalo called for the flagrant foul, it's under review. The officials take the headphones off and then put them back on, watching the replay

Q4 1:02 Porzingis to Calderon to Porzingis to Lopez who gets it stripped to Westbrook who is fouled by Aaron Affalo 

Q4 1:02 Anthony is fouled after the defensive rebound, TO on the floor, 89-83 game Knicks lead

Q4 1:19 Calderon to Melo to Lopez and is called for the travel

Q4 1:57 Lopez fouls Waiters and there is the 3 point play, Calderon to Melo to Calderon to Melo who put the ball in the net, 89-81 now

Q4 2:55 Porzingis to Afflalo whose is blocked and the Knicks get the ball back now Calderon who misses the shot, Knicks get the ball back again and Calderon to Melo to Affalo who bricks the 3, now Westbrook who misses the 3, Lopez with the rebound

Q4 3:10 Westbrook misses the layup and Westbrook gets his own rebound and Affalo fouls him, Westbrook to the line for 2 his first shot is good, his 2nd shot is good

Q4 3:24 Calderon to Porzingis who is fouled by Collison, 2 shots for Kristaps Porzingis, the first shot is off the mark, the 2nd shot is good

Q4 3:45 Westbrook passes it to Robertson who shoots it and it's out of bounds

Q4 3:55 Affalo hits the shot and Billy Donovan calls the TO, 86-76 Knicks lead now

Q4 5:35 Collison gets the bound and puts it back now Westbrook with the ball passes it to Robertson who passes it back to Westbrook and he misses it, now Affaflo to Porzingis to Melo who hits the shot

Q4 6:09 Porzingis to Calderon to Melo who misses the easy jumper

Q4 6:57 Westbrook lays it in great play, Melo back in the game, Calderon now to Williams to Melo who bricks it up, Westbrook with the easy layup, and Derek Fisher takes a TO, back to a 10 point game 82-72

Q4 7:15 Grant to Lopez to Grant who passes it Lopez, bad pass

Q4 8:41 Lopez blocks Collison now William to Thomas to Grant who misses the layup now Westbrook to Augustin to Westbrook who airballs the 3 now Williams is called on the offensive foul

Q4 9:55 Augustin to Singler to Collison who misses, now Grant to Williams to Lopez back to Williams who nails the three pointer and after another OKC miss Williams nails another 3! Now a 82-66 game!

Q4 9:55 Williams at the line now, his first shot is off the mark, and his 2nd one is also off the mark

Q4 10:37 Grant to Seraphin to Williams to Galloway back to Grant to Galloway who misses the wide open three 

Q4 11:08 Williams to Thomas who hits the three pointer

Q4 11:48 Collison to Singler who gets it stolen by Galloway and gets called for the offensive foul

Q3 :01 Waiters shot is off the mark, as the Knicks lead 73-62 

Q3 :21.8 Thomas to Seraphin back to Thomas who shoots it for 2

Q3 1:05 Galloway to Williams to Seraphin who tries the sky hook and it's off the mark, now Waiters with the good lay up and Melo is getting worked on

Q3 1:11 Kanter at the line for 2, the first shot is off the mark, the second shot is good

Q3 1:38 Westbrook shoots it, rebound Kanter, Galloway to Thomas who puts it down with the emphatic slam

Q3 1:47 Westbrook's 3 is off the mark and Thomas can't control the rebound

Q3 1:56 Melo at the line for 2, his first shot is good, his second shot is good, 69-59 game

Q3 2:59 Grant with the ball to Thomas to Galloway to Melo who shoots it's off the mark and Kanter saves it right to Kevin Seraphin, and Westbrook with the block party, now Thomas to Grant, to Thomas who misses the shot

Q3 2:59 TO on the floor 67-57 Knicks lead

Q3 3:35 Afflalo is called for the offensive foul, Derek Fisher is angry about that call

Q3 3:46 Westbrook's first free throw is good, the 2nd shot is good 

Q3 4:11 Calderon to Seraphin to Afflaflo who nails the three 

Q3 4:39 Thomas hits the 3 pointer now a 64-53 Knicks lead

Q3 5:59 Calderon to Lopez who doesn't hit and Westbrook is taking it up the court to Waiters to Kanter to Westbrook who is stripped by Melo who passed it Afflalo who was blocked but Calderon put it in

Q3 6:00 Westbrook blocked by Lopez, foul by Lopez, the first shot is good, the 2nd shot is good

Q3 6:46 Ibaka puts it up as the shot clock ran out, it was off the mark

Q3 7:07 Calderon to Afflalo who hits the pull up jumper 59-49

Q3 7:14 Waiters passes it to the fan in the front row, now Calderon, to Lopez who is fouled

Q3 7:30 Ibaka to Waiters who airballs it and Lopez called for the loose ball foul

Q3 7:52 Anthony SLAMS IT HOME 57-49 

Q3 8:17 Westbrook to Ibaka who lays it in

Q3 8:23 Lopez going to the line for 2 after Steven Adams fouls him, the first shot is good, the 2nd shot is good

Q3 9:09 Waiters to Westbrook now Adams with the bound, to Ibaka, to Westbrook, to Ibaka who hits the mid range jumper 

Q3 9:34 Westbrook to Ibaka who can't hit, now Calderon who losses it and Porzingis tips it out of bounds

Q3 10:07 Porzingis with the rebound now Calderon to Porzingis who is called for the travel

Q3 10:35 Afflalo to Melo who loses it now OKC ball

Q3 11:28 Waiter's 1st shot is good, the 2nd one is off the mark, Calderon now to Porzingis and he can't put it in, now Porzingis slams it after a miss by OKC

Q3 11:48 Calderon hits the 3 to start the 2nd half, and Westbrook takes it up, and Knicks called for the foul

We are back very soon

Q2 :22.8 Galloway now Porzingis now Lopez, Melo with the ball and missed the 3, and Waiters misses the long range 3 at the buzzer

Q2 :45 Waiters wide open missed, Adams with the rebound now Westbrook, and Ibaka finally puts it in, and Derek Fisher calls a TO, 48-44

Q2 1:20 Westbrook to Waiters and Langston Galloway fouls Waiters, and Adams is hurt holding his side, after getting shoved to the ground, the first shot is good, the 2nd shot is good

Q2 1:38 Afflalo fouls Waiters and Aaron Afflalo is limping, 2 shots for Waiters, the 1st shot is good, the 2nd shot is good

Q2 2:00 Lopez to Anthony who hits the mid range shot

Q2 2:57 the first shot for Westbrook is good, the 2nd shot is off the mark and Waiters gets it back now Ibaka, Waiters with the steal, Westbrook hits the 3 pointer now 41-37

Q2 3:30 Westbrook misses the shot Lopez with the rebound now Calderon to Anthony, who sizes up Singler and misses the shot, Lopez fouls Westbrook, 2 shots coming

Q2 4:33 Calderon losses the ball and Westbrook lays it in, and now Calderon to Afflalo and Porzingis gets it taken away and Waiters hits the 3 but it's out of bounds

Q2 4:44 Westbrook fouled by Porzingis, 2 shots, the first one is off the mark, the 2nd one is good, now 41-32

Q2 4:59 Lopez blocked by Adams and then dives for the ball and Lopez gets fouled for the and 1, the shot is good

Q2 5:45 Westbrook to Ibaka who misses the 3, now Anthony to Lopez to Porzingis back to Melo who hits the turn around jumper

Q2 5:55 the first shot is off the mark and the 2nd is good

Q2 6:35 Morrow airs it out to Robertson and it goes out of bound, Galloway with the ball now, now Williams, to O'Quinn who misses the mid range jumper, Morrow fouls Jerian Grant, 2 shots coming

Q2 7:25 Singler fouls Anthony and is subbed out, now Grant, who passes it to Galloway who makes a nice move and hits the shot, 35-29

Q2 8:15 Kanter nails the shot now Williams to Grant to Thomas to Galloway to Williams who misses the shot

Q2 8:18 bad turnover by Langston Galloway off his own foot after Williams slammed it down, 33-25

Q2 9:43 Grant nails the 3 to put NYK up 31-22, Augustin, and Singler misses the 3, Thomas wide open 3 off the mark, Augustin to Morrow who nails the 3 point jumper, 31-25

Q2 9:58 Augustin to Kanter and Singler gets the foul by Kevin Seraphin, the first shot by the Duke product is off the mark, 2nd shot is also off the mark

Q2 10:21 Thomas to Vujacic who misses as he rushed the shot

Q2 10:57 Singler to Augustin who misses but Collison puts it back

Q2 11:14 Thomas for 2 points it's good 28-20 Knicks winning

Q2 11:31 Seraphin hugs Enes Kanter, Singler inbounds it

Q2 11:45 Williams gets fouled by Kyle Singler, 2 shots for him, the first shot is good, the 2nd shot is off the mark, rebound OKC

Q1 :05 Thomas misses the final shot of the 1st quarter as it ends 25-20 Knicks up

Q1 :40 Westbrook to Collison to Singler to Kanter to Singler who shoots it and it's good

Q1 1:55 Kanter tips that ball out, now Galloway to Vujacic and that's a bad pass steal by OKC and Westbrook passes it to a wide open Singler who misses the shot, now Thomas and Galloway nails the 3

Billy Donovan played 44 games with the NY Knicks back in the day

Q1 2:19 Billy Donovan calls the TO, 22-16 game Knicks up

Q1 3:10 Porzingis to Calderon who passes it to Afflalo who was wide open and nails the 3, 22-16 Knicks up

Q1 3:36 Anthony with the good move, to put it in, now 19-14

Q1 4:06 Calderon to a wide open Anthony who nails the 3, 17-14 Knicks up

Q1 5:37 Adams misses badly now Calderon, who passes it to Lopez who misses the shot and Westbrook misses the shot and Waiters misses the shot and Robertson with the great save, and Iabaka gets the shot knocked away by Carmelo Anthony, foul by OKC

Q1 6:32 Melo to Porzingis and that was a horrible pass, great deflection by Waiters now Afflalo to Carmelo who misses

Q1 6:43 Porzingis nailed by Ibaka going to the line for 2 and the first shot is off, and the second one is good

Q1 7:09 Calderon misses the mid range shot badly, now Westbrook throws the oop to Robertson, missed assignment there by somebody, at the 1st timeout it's 12-9

Q1 7:53 bad pass by Calderon but he gets it back now Carmelo who misses the jumper rebounded by Porzingis and Melo called for travel

Q1 8:01 delay of game on OKC

Q1 8:31 Westbrook steals the ball and misses the shot, rebounded by NYK

Q1 9:05 Carmelo misses the jumper and Lopez is wrapped up by Ibaka, now Calderon who nails the mid range jumper

Q1 10:27 Ibaka to Westbrook who made the great move and puts it in and Afflaflo nails the jumper on the other end, now Ibaka misses it and Westbrook gets it sends it to Adams who hits the jumper now 7-6 Knicks

Q1 10:40 the 1st free throw is good, and the 2nd is also good now 5-2 Knicks

Q1 10:59 Porzingis misses the 3, and Lopez taps it out to Melo, now Melo is fouled, 2 shots coming

Q1 11:30 Porzingis shoots that 3 pointer, 3-0 Knicks

Q1 15:00 Lopez and Adams tip won by Adams

The Rangers are off, the Knicks are playing in OKC so what's happening at MSG? Good question, college basketball, the defending champion Duke Blue Devils are playing right now at the Garden

According to Clyde, Westbrook is "Indoliable, Infallable and Incredible." This is gonna be fun! 

Rather conservative suit tonight for Clyde, great pocket square though

Friday Night Knicks is here! 

KD is still out tonight with the left hamstring strain

About 10 minutes until gametime

The keys for the Thunder in this game are to take advantage of the Knicks turnovers and get out on the break to get ahead early. If they can get a bunch of points off turnovers, they have a good chance to win this game. The Knicks average 12.8 turnovers per game and the Thunder have forced 13.4 turnovers per game on the way to seven wins this season. OKC has 14.8 fast break points this season, good for 10th in the NBA. 

The keys for the Knicks to win this game are to convert on three-point attempts and step up the defensive pressure on the Thunder’s stars. This season the Knicks have shot the three ball at a 32.5 percent clip and have given up 98.2 points per game this season.

The key player for the Thunder in this game is Russell Westbrook who played well in the Thunder’s last game. The former UCLA product had 43 points, nine rebounds and eight assists against the Pelicans in the win on Tuesday.  Westbrook has averaged 28.1 points per game, this season with 7.8 rebounds and 10.4 assists. According to, Thunder head coach Billy Donovan talked about the last game and how well Westbrook played, “Obviously, Russell had another really efficient game. He did some very, very good things.” Russell Westbrook talked about his play recently and said, “It's just attack mode. Regardless of who is there, I know I'm kind of able to get in the paint and kind of disrupt the defense. My job is to be able to attack and take what the defense gives me.”

Vice Sports had a story on Porzingis and he talked about his goals for his career as a Knickerbocker“If I suck, then I better start playing good because they expect a lot from me. The goal is to be great and bring a championship here. I know I’m not going to suck. Everybody’s been telling me that it’s been long suffering years for the Knicks. Hopefully we can turn this around and have a great season this year. A better season next year and hopefully bring a championship here.” Head Coach Derek Fisher said, “Whether or not he'll ever be able to do this nightly we don't know at this point, but because of the combination of skills and abilities at some point it's all going to come together. One night like tonight and then in a couple of weeks maybe there will be another night like tonight, but you could see he's getting more comfortable each game.”

The key player in that game for the Knicks was rookie phenomenon Kristaps Porzingis who has played well for the Knicks thus far this season. He has averaged 12.8 points per game, 8.6 rebounds per game, and 1.1 blocks per game. Last game, Porzingis led the Knicks with 29 points and 11 rebounds. Against a top-tier team in the Cleveland Cavaliers a few weeks ago, Porzingis posted 11 points with seven rebounds. He has been a pleasant surprise to Knicks fans, including yours truly, who booed him on draft night. Those boos changed to chants of “Porzingis, Porzingis” during the last game. Kristaps Porzingis is third amongst all rookies for points per game with 12.8. Ahead of him are Jahlil Okafor and Karl Anthony Towns.

In their last game, the Knicks played the Charlotte Hornets at MSG. In that game the Knicks won that game by a score of 102-94 as Kristaps Porzingis was their leading scorer in that game for the Knicks. Porzingis had 29 points in 31 minutes in the win. They played well after winning on Sunday. The Thunder are coming off the game against the New Orleans Pelicans at home where they beat up on the 1-11 Pelicans by a score of 110-103 thanks to a great performance by Russell Westbrook who had 43 points in the win.

This is the first time these two teams are playing this season. Last season the Knicks and Thunder played two games and split those games. The Knicks got murdered in the first matchup at Oklahoma City by a score of 105-78. In that game, Russell Westbrook had 32 points with eight assists and seven steals. The Knicks were a completely different team back then and Carmelo Anthony didn’t play in that game due to back spasms. The second game was in January and the Knicks won that game at MSG by a score of 100-92. In that game, Russell Westbrook put up 40 points with four rebounds and four assists. Carmelo dropped 31 in that game with 10 rebounds and three assists.  

The New York Knicks are 6-6 on the season and will travel to Oklahoma City in this one for a matchup with the Oklahoma City Thunder who are 7-5 this season.

Welcome to VAVEL NBA's live coverage of the New York Knicks vs. Oklahoma City Thunder. I'm Max O'Neill and I'll be providing play-by-play updates, commentary, and results of the game. The game starts at 8:00 PM EST at the Chesapeake Arena in Oklahoma CityOKVAVEL USA will be providing coverage pre-game, during the game, and post-game.