Houston Rockets Lose to Golden State Warriors again 106-115 (LIVE)
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And that's it, the game is over! The Houston Rockets managed to lose by only single digits after getting blown away in the fourth quarter. Again, I'm Youssef Machkhas and thanks for tuning in. Stick around for a recap of the game and more NBA coverage from VAVEL USA!

4th quarter (18.0): Jason Terry makes a three. Thinking that they have a shot to win, Patrick Beverley fouls Draymond Green

4th quarter (23.9): Klay Thompson gets fouled and makes both free throws. 

4th quarter (36.6): Andre Iguodala's only weakness tonight: free throws, like usual. K.J. McDaniels proceeds to make a three. 

4th quarter (56.8): The only thing that stopped Draymond Green from demolising the rim was a James Harden foul. He makes the first of two free throws. 

4th quarter (1:35): Michael Beasley is trying desperately to show his worth by scoring another two in garbage time, however he misses the free throw on the and-one. 

4th quarter (1:46): Klay Thompson accidentally steps out of bounds. Why is he still playing?

4th quarter (2:26): Michael Beasley with the easy two. 

4th quarter (2:42): TNT's game changing moment was a compilation of Shaun Livingston's highlights. Can there be game-changing moments when the Houston Rockets never even gave the Golden State Warriors that much of a scare?

4th quarter (2:42): Ignore what I just said, Michael Beasley lost the ball and Andre Iguodala scores on the fastbreak. Timeout Houston Rockets

4th quarter (3:28): Michael Beasley gets tripped as he drives but he still manages to go up strong and make the layup. Plays liek that are why the Houston Rockets need to play him more than they have been. 

4th quarter (3:42): Trevor Ariza fouls Klay ThompsonDwight Howard looks extremely content on the bench, ready to leave the Houston Rockets. Thompson makes the second of two free throws. 

4th quarter (3:55): Patrick Beverley provides the only joy any Houston Rocket fan can experience right now with a great offensive board and then an and-one. His free throw nearly went in, but Michael Beasley accidentally touched it and got called for offensive interference. 

4th quarter (4:13): That's it for Dwight Howard as he gets his sixth and final foul after Draymond Green got the offensive board. Michael Beasley goes in for Howard. Green makes both. 

4th quarter (4:48): Dwight Howard gets his fifth foul out of frustration. Klay Thomspon goes to the line since the Golden State Warriors are in the bonus. He makes both. 

4th quarter (5:10): Just when I thought that the Houston Rockets could slowly catch up, Draymond Green easily gets by James Harden and goes up for the monstrous jam. 

4th quarter (5:25): James Harden drives and finishes with a strong move. 

4th quarter (6:05): After nearly a whole shot clock of no momevement, Trevor Ariza makes the off-balanced bank shot from the gree throw line. 

4th quarter (6:40): TNT mic'd up J.B. Bickerstaff. Smh, that's all I have to say. 

4th quarter (6:56): The Houston Rockets show how bad they are at defense as Shaun Livingston gets the easy layup. Houston Rockets timeout. 

4th quarter (7:16): The worst coach in the NBA, J.B. Bickerstaff gets called for the technical. Why can't he just get kicked out of the game. Klay Thompson makes the free throw, then makes the next two because he got fouled by Patrick Beverley

4th quarter (7:27): Of course, the Houston Rockets fail to come back completely, just like I predicted. 

4th quarter (7:46): With the shot clock winding down, Klay Thompson gets the ball and drives to the basket. Patrick Beverley then gets his fourth foul. Thompson makes both. 

4th quarter (8:07): Despite the Harrison Barnes trying his best to not foul James Harden, he failed, and Harden proceeds to make one of two free throws. 

4th quarter (8:26): After a Shaun Livingston make from midrange, Jason Terry misses a three. Harrison Barnes then gets fouled by Dwight Howard after a nice pass from Livingston. He makes both. 

4th quarter (9:27): Anrew Bogut with the nasty block on Jason Terry

4th quarter (9:44): The Houston Rockets are within three once again, they just need to make sure they don't take horrible shots like they did before. 

4th quarter (9:51): Jason Terry makes the next free throw after the timeout. 

4th quarter (9:51): Jason Terry draws the foul from Leandro Barbosa. He makes one before the Golden State Warriors call a timeout. 

4th quarter (10:24): Jason Terry has played well off the bench, scoring another two for a total of eight. 

4th quarter (10:39): Marreese Speights get sthe offensive foul after James Harden makes a shot. 

4th quarter (11:22): Andre Iguodala finds Leandro Barbosa wide open as the Houston Rockets get confused on defense. 

4th quarter (11:40): Dwight Howard did as I asked in the picture below, as he gets the offensive board off of a Corey Brewer miss and gets the foul. Sadly, he misses both.  

Dwight Howard has played much better in the third quarter. While he did make some stupid mistakes, he's hustled a lot to get offensive boards and also has a few oops. Hopefully, he continues to care about the game in the fourth and final quarter.
Dwight Howard has played much better in the third quarter. While he did make some stupid mistakes, he's hustled a lot to get offensive boards and also has a few oops. Hopefully, he continues to care about the game in the fourth and final quarter. Photo: Cary Edmonson/USA Today

The Houston Rokcets have mangaed to keep it relatively close, but they need to stop launching the ball from three once they start getting closer. They've been way too trigger-happy. Instead, they need to move the ball around, something they made a point of mentioning before the game began. Also, this Taco Bell Quesalupa commercial is making me very hungry. 

End of 3rd quarter: James Harden misses a three at the buzzer. 

3rd quarter (8.2): Marreese Speights makes a three. 

3rd quarter (28.2): James Harden is called for the charge. Klay Thompson gets in for Brandon Rush

3rd quarter (45.6): James Harden makes his first three of the game. 

3rd quarter (1:17): The noise of a million Golden State Warriors bandwagon fans gets annoying. Oh Marreese Spegiths just made a two. 

3rd quarter (1:47): Draymond Green drives to the basket and makes the easy two after the Houston Rockets switch. 

3rd quarter (2:30): The Houston Rockets get lucky as nobody boxes Andre Iguodala who gets the tip-in. However, the referees call it offensive interference. 

3rd quarter (3:15): Jason Terry comes into the game and knocks down a three. 

3rd quarter (3:38): Houston Rockets timeout. 

3rd quarter (4:11): Andre Iguodala makes the nice lob to Andrew BogutJames Harden and Dwight Howard need to learn. 

3rd quarter (5:28): The Golden State Warriors feel the pressure and put Andre Iguodala in for Shaun Livingston

3rd quarter (6:14): After Dwight Howard gets another offensive board and kicks it out to James Harden, Harden drives and lobs it to Howard. But instead of a dunk, it turned out to be a horrible pass, turnover. 

3rd quarter (6:50): James Harden actually manages to oop it to Dwight Howard. The only team work we'll see between them two probalby all game. 

3rd quarter (7:21): Patrick Beverley makes the other free throw.  

Darn Patrick Beverley, back at it again with the annoying defense! He must have something for Golden State Warriors' point guards, he always seems to be on them.
Darn Patrick Beverley, back at it again with the annoying defense! He must have something for Golden State Warriors' point guards, he always seems to be on them. Photo: Cary Edmonson/USA Today

3rd quarter (7:21): Andrew Bogut fouls Patrick Beverley who proceeds to make one of his free throws before the Golden State Warriors call a timeout. 

3rd quarter (7:41): The Golden State Warriors get bailed out late in their shot clock, as Shaun Livinston posts Patrick Beverley up, takes the turn around fader and gets fouled. Livingston makes one of his two free throws. 

3rd quarter (8:09): James Harden gets greedy after his last shot and takes a horrible corner three. Donatas Motiejunas gets the offensive board and gets the and-one, converting it. 

3rd quarter (8:40): Dwight Howard actually hustles hard enough to get the offensive board. But instead of going to the basket, he launches it to the backcourt past everybody. Backcourt vioaltion for the Houston Rockets. 

3rd quarter (9:23): James Harden finally makes a perimiter shot. Hopefully that gets him going. 

3rd quarter (9:55): James Harden misses another three, making him 0-4 from behind the arc. 

3rd quarter (10:25): Dwight Howard fouls Andre Bogut on offense. Shaun Livingston then drives and makes the layup. 

3rd quarter (10:40): Andrew Bogut is also a notable player, as he keeps getting putbacks, getting another one. 

3rd quarter (11:11): Donatas Motiejunas gets fouled by Draymond Green. Before that, the Golden State Warriors missed their first two shots while the Houston Rockets missed their first. D-Mo misses both free throws. 

Hafltime: Notable players: James Harden (16 points, 5 assists, 12-13 free throws), Patrick Beverley (9 points, 5 rebounds), Klay Thompson (20 points, 3-6 3PT%), Andre Iguodala (14 points, 4-6 3PT%). 

Halftime: DJ Jazzy Jeff claims that he can play better defense than James Harden. He is definitely right. 

End of first half: The Houston Rockets have done a much better job off of scoring in Game 2, but a worse job of defending. Still, they remain relatively in the game, needing a run, to get back in the game. 

2nd quarter (1.8): Draymond Green oops it to Shaun Livingston

2nd quarter (7.3): James Harden dribbles the clock down and takes a step back three. Draymond Green fouls him, so Harden will get three free throws for the third time in the half. He makes all 3. He's got 16 points, 12 off of free throws. 

2nd quarter (44.8): While James Harden has been making a ton of free throws, he can't seem to find any other shots, as he misses a three. 

2nd quarter (1:14): Andre Iguodala fouls James Harden, who makes both. Harrison Barnes goes in for Andrew Bogut to stop the Houston Rockets from using Hack-a-Bogut. Golden State Warriors timeout. 

2nd quarter (1:19): The Houston Rockets choose to Hack-a-Bogut, who proceeds to miss both. J.B. Bickerstaff does the smart thing and put Donatas Motiejunas in for Josh Smith

2nd quarter (1:20): Josh Smith strikes again, as he gets an offensive foul. Great idea to have him in instead of Michael Beasley or Donatas MotiejunasJ.B. Bickerstaff

2nd quarter (1:24): Josh Smith fouls Klay Thompson. Thompson then makes both. 

2nd quarter (1:39): After a Josh Smith travel, Andrew Bogut gets the dunk. Bogut is also having a lowkey great game. 

2nd quarter (2:13): James Harden plays good defense for the first time in forever, but Andre Iguodala still makes the shot over him. They need to find a way to stop Iggy. 

2nd quarter (2:33): James Harden makes both of his free throws.  A much better showing than Game 1 where he didn't attempt any. 

2nd quarter (2:33): Andre Iguodala reaches on James Harden as the Houston Rockets go in the bonus. Houston Rockets timeout. Rockets down 51-58. 

2nd quarter (3:00): After the Golden State Warriors get a 24-second shot clock violation, Donatas Motiejunas throws Draymond Green away out of frustration. Offensive foul. 

2nd quarter (3:31): Donatas Motiejunas sets the screen for James Harden, then rolls. Once he gets the pass from Harden, he oops it to Dwight Howard. Finally, a good offensive play from the Houston Rockets

2nd quarter (3:51): Klay Thompson scores a three after Andrew Bogut bats the ball back to him on the offensive board. Houston Rockets timeout. 

2nd quarter (4:29): Harrison Barnes makes Trevor Ariza's earlier shot look alright as he airballs as well. 

2nd quarter (4:53): Patrick Beverley tries stealing the ball from Klay Thompson in the low post, but instead fouls him. Thompson makes both. 

2nd quarter (5:18): Dwight Howard actually makes something. Andrew Bogut then makes hte putback dunk. 

2nd quarter (5:51): Coming out of the break, TNT reminds everybody just how good the Golden State Warriors are by showing all of their broken records.  

While James Harden has been playing better offensively in terms of drawing fouls, he has fouled quite a lot too, already getting 3 with 6 minutes left in the second quarter.
While James Harden has been playing better offensively in terms of drawing fouls, he has fouled quite a lot too, already getting 3 with 6 minutes left in the second quarter. Photo: Cary Edmonson/USA Today

2nd quarter (5:51): Harrison Barnes fouls Donatas MotiejunasGolden State Warriors timeout. 

2nd quarter (6:02): Shaun Livingston draws the foul from James Harden who gets taken out for Jason Terry. Livingston makes one. 

2nd quarter (6:16): James Harden is able to draw a questionable foul from Ian Clark from behind the three-point line. He made all three. Donatas Motiejunas in for Michael Beasley

2nd quarter (6:40): Trevor Ariza steps out of bounds. The commentator has it right when he says that the Houston Rockets offense has discombobulated. 

2nd quarter (7:14): Marreese Speights bullies Patrick Beverley down low, Dwight Howard comes to help but goaltends. 

2nd quarter (8:22): Trevor Ariza, Jason TerryMichael BeasleyPatrick BeverleyDwight Howard for the Houston Rockets. Ian ClarkMarreese SpeightsKlay ThompsonShaun LivingstonHarrison Barnes for the Golden State Warriors

So far, the leading scorer and rebounder for the Houston Rockets is Patrick Beverley with 9 and 3 respectively. James Harden has 5 assists. For the Golden State WarriorsAndre Iguodala has the most points with 12. Draymond Green has 5 rebounds and Shaun Livingston is playing well in Stephen Curry's place with 4 assists. 

2nd quarter (8:34): Patrick Beverley responds to Klay Thompson's three with a three of his own. Official timeout

2nd quarter (9:07): Patrick Beverley stops the Golden State Warriors' run with a weird layup.

2nd quarter (9:22): Klay Thompson gets the pass from Shaun Livingston after making a backdoor cut and gets the and-one. He then makes the free throw. 

2nd quarter (10:25): Shaun Livingston backs down Patrick Beverley a little too hard and gets the offensive foul. 

2nd quarter (10:30): Dwight Howard goes to the line, surprisingly making both. 

2nd quarter (10:38): Andre Iguodala is officially on fire, making 4-5 three pointers, his only miss being a desperation shot to end the first quarter. 

2nd quarter (11:01): Boos from the crowd as Patrick Beverley drives the ball downcourt and gets fouled. They're still sour about his scuffle with Stephen Curry. He knocks down both free throws. 

Donatas Motiejunas started the game strong, as he was given the starting position today instead of Corey Brewer, who did in Game 1.
Donatas Motiejunas started the game strong, as he was given the starting position today instead of Corey Brewer, who did in Game 1. Photo: Cary Edmonson/USA Today.

1st quarter (20.1): The commentator just said that Trevor Ariza went in the game for Josh Howard, who isn't even in the league anymore. Ariza later makes a three before the end of the game. 

1st quarter (35.7): Festus Ezeli missed both free throws. Michael Beasley and jason Terry get in for Clint Capela and Patrick Beverley

1st quarter (45.2): Corey Brewer makes both of his free throws. 

1st quarter (1:03): Josh Smith gets stuck on another scree, and so Andre Iguodala punishes him with another three. 

1st quarter (1:51): Draymond Green makes one of two free throws. 

1st quarter (2:03): Clint Capela scores off the fast break. 

1st quarter (2:24): James Harden scores after Festus Ezeli makes the alley-oop dunk. 

1st quarter (2:52): Josh Smith scores a three off of James Harden's pass. 

1st quarter (3:32): James Harden tries ooping the ball to Dwight Howard just for the ball to go in. A message from the sport gods that Harden and Howard will never be meant to play together again. Golden State Warriors timeout. 

1st quarter (3:49): Andre Igoudala scores another three as Josh Smith gets stuck behind another screen. 

1st quarter (4:10): Trevor Ariza tries responding to Andre Iguodala's three but fails. 

1st quarter (4:50): Patrick Bverley makes both free throws after Shaun Livingston fouled him. 

1st quarter (5:00): Trevor Ariza's horrible shooting season continues as he airballs a corner three. 

1st quarter (5:32): Draymond Green with the two point shot. 

1st quarter (5:59): Offensive foul on Klay Thomspon as he hits Patrick Beverley off a screen. Leandro Barbosa in for Thompson. 

1st quarter (6:41): James Harden makes two free throws after being fouled from the three-point line. Josh Smith in for Donatas Motiejunas and Andre Iguodala in for Harrison Barnes

1st quarter (6:50): The Houston Rockets lose the ball for who knows how many times now, and Klay Thompson takes the ball down the court and scores. 

1st quarter (7:07): Klay Thompson drives to the basket and misses, Andrew Bogut gets the board and scores. Timeout Rockets

1st quarter (7:50): After the Golden State Warriors scored, the Houston Rockets lost the ball, just for Harrison Barnes to score. 

1st quarter (8:39): Andrew Bogut gets the offensive foul. Houston Rockets ball. 

1st quarter (9:14): Andrew Bogut gets fouled by James Harden after the former gets an offensive board. 

1st quarter (10:05): Dwight Howard is charged an offensive foul, after Draymond Green scores, 6-5. 

1st quarter (10:50): Donatas Motiejunas scores yet again after the Warriors make a three. 

1st qurter (11:08): Trevor Ariza scores to make the score 4-0. 

And the game starts! Rockets win the tip and Donatas Motiejunas starts offstrong with a make. 

The Rockets have chosen to start Donatas Motiejunas at the four and Shaun Livingston is actually starting the game. 

Stay tuned for tipoff here at VAVEL USA. Game time is 10:30 PM EST.

It is unclear who will start at the four for the Rockets, but they will have Ariza at small forward and Dwight Howard (13.7 PPG, 11.8 RBG) at center. In all honestly, Howard doesn't seem like he cares about this series at all, so he will probably be a non-factor once again. Hopefully, Michael Beasley (12.8 PPG, 52.2% FG) will get more playing time as he definitely deserves it. 

Playing beside him at the other guard position is Beverley. He got into a small scuffle with Curry the first game. Beverley likes getting under opponents' skin, especially in the postseason, in order to throw them off of their game. Hopefully, it will work better than it did on Curry, who proceeded to light the court up with 24 points. 

On the Rockets' side, Harden will be looking to play much better than he did in Game 1. It will be extremely difficult for the Warriors to stop him two games in a row, so look at him to bounce back. Will it be enough to propel the Rockets past the Warriors, though, is unclear. 

The last two starters for the Warriors will be Andrew Bogut (5.4 PPG, 7 RPG), who will also split time with Festus Ezeli (7 PPG, 5.6 RPG) and Marreese Speights (7.1 PPG), and Harrison Barnes (11.7 PPG, 38.3% 3PT). Barnes may also have a big game tonight especially if the Rockets opt to put their best defenders, Beverley and Ariza, on Thompson and Green. 

Draymond Green (14 PPG, 7.4 APG, 9.5 RPG) must feel slighted for not getting the Defensive Player of the Year award, which was given to Kawhi Leonard. He's going to look to prove that he deserves it by shutting down whoever he's defending, whether its Trevor ArizaDonatas Motiejunas, or anybody else on the Rockets' roster. 

Thompson (22.1 PPG, 42.5% 3PT) will look to make up for Curry's absence if need be, and this just in Curry isn't playing. So Splash Brother number two will have to pick up the shooting in place of his brother. Watch Thompson have a big game. 

Golden State is looking to get the early 2-0 lead, but may have to play without Curry. Starting in his place would be Shaun Livingston (6.3 PPG, 3 APG), one of the best point guards off-the-bench in the league. However, Livingston is out. Therefore, reserve Ian Clark (3.6 PPG) will have to start for the Warriors. This gives the Rockets flexibility, as they can put Patrick Beverley (9.9 PPG, 1.3 SPG) on Klay Thompson

Golden State put on a clinic against the Rockets on Saturday. They shut every single one of their players down, even James Harden (who averaged 29 PPG, 7.5 APG, and 6.1 RPG in the regular season). On the offensive end, they didn't amaze but were still very solid, despite Stephen Curry's (30.1 PPG, 6.7 APG, 2.1 SPG) absence in the second half. Here's a more in-depth recap of Game 1. 

The game will start at 10:30 PM EST at Oracle Arena. Come visit VAVEL for coverage of not only this Game 2, but the entire playoffs.

How's it going, everybody? I'm Youssef Machkhas and I will be providing live coverage of tonight's game between the Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors. I will be giving a summary and analysis about everything that is going on as it happens.