Should we have predicted this good a start from the Los Angeles Clippers?

The Los Angeles Clippers have been near enough unstoppable at the start of this season, and sit at the top of the Western Conference. But we should be less surprised by this?

Should we have predicted this good a start from the Los Angeles Clippers?
How far can the LA Clippers go this season? | USA TODAY Sports

Having only slipped up in one of their games against Oklahoma City Thunder so far this season, the Los Angeles Clippers have been the Western Conference's dominant franchise after ten games, with nine wins to their name.

Not many predicted this kind of start from LA's second-most famous franchise, and whilst there are over 70 regular-season games to go, it's got people talking.

What's more, the side have been dominant against some of their opposition this season. Chris Paul's 24 points on November 9th was part of a 32-point margin of victory for the Clippers over the Detroit Pistons. Two days later, they beat the Portland Trail Blazers by 30 points.

Their only loss so far, to the aforementioned Thunder, was a narrow 83-85 defeat. Since then they have won six-straight games, the longest hot streak in the league at the moment.

But should we have predicted this kind of start?

Keepin' it simple

Blake Griffin blocking Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder. | AP Photo

There's one big similarity between the LA Clippers and the NBA's other top-performing side -  consistency.

Both the Clips and the Cleveland Cavaliers changed relatively little over the offseason, and it's meant they've been able to hit the ground running this season.

Whilst Marreese Speights and Brandon Bass have joined among others, it's a relatively small change compared to their Western Conference rivals.

With Tim Duncan retiring after his long career with the San Antonio Spurs, and both the Thunder and the Golden State Warriors involved in the Kevin Durant saga, the Clippers have had a pretty quiet summer.

Later in the season, it's inevitable that the GSW will come good with their 'superteam', but for now, the starting-five consistency of the Clippers has paid off.

Last chance Saloon

The 2016-17 season will be Paul Pierce's last as a player. | USA TODAY Sports

The golden age of the Los Angeles Clippers couldn't have really come at a worse time. The Championship-less side with only two Division titles to their name is stuck in the era of Golden State and LeBron James.

Having tried and failed for several years, it could be the last chance for the Clippers to really challenge. Whilst we should expect the best out of every NBA player ever season, they may just be giving a little more this time around.

Paul Pierce is a definite departure at the end of the season, whilst Blake Griffin's contract will also expire in the summer.

The latter has been consistently linked with a move to his hometown OKC, and could be tempted if another season on the west coast ends empty-handed.

What's more, 31-year-old Chris Paul also has the possibility of an early contract termination next year, with a player option sitting on his lucrative contract.

Paul has played for Los Angeles since 2011 when he was traded from the New Orleans Hornets.

Simply a roster finally coming good?

Doc Rivers guided the Boston Celtics to the 2008 NBA Championship. | USA TODAY Sports

Despite boasting an impressive team of NBA All-Stars, you'd still be betting at 19/1 for the Clippers to win this year's Championship.

But when you look at their roster, or at least their starting five, it seems baffling that the Clips haven't done more with their team.

Nine-time NBA All-Star Chris Paul boasts career averages of 18.8 points and 9.9 assists, whilst also leading the league in steals on six occasions.

DeAndre Jordan has averaged double figures in rebounds for the past three seasons, making the NBA All-Defensive first team in each of the last two years.

Meanwhile, Blake Griffin has shot over 20 points per game in all season bar one so far, whilst he's also sunk over 50 percent of his field attempts across his career.

When you consider the stats of the side's starting-five, and the NBA experience the franchise have coming off the bench, maybe it's simply a case of the roster coming together?

When you look at it, it seems like we should have predicted this start, but the main question is how long the side can keep this up for?