OPINION: Why Indiana hosting the 2021 NBA All-Star Weekend is a good decision

Indianapolis has secured the rights to host the 2021 NBA All-Star Game. As the self-proclaimed "Basketball State" Indiana seems like a fitting host. With new training facilities, a respected stadium and a crazed basketball city, it should be a can't miss event

Looking back

This will be only the second time the Indiana Pacers will be the host of All-Star weekend. Indiana last hosted in 1985 when the Western Conference beat the Eastern Conference 140-129. As always, defense is barely played in these games.

Boston Celtics' Larry Bird and Detroit Pistons' Isaiah Thomas returned as NBA icons to lead the Eastern Conference. While Ralph Sampson would be crowned the All-Star game MVP with 24 points and 10 rebounds. This would also happen to be Michael Jordan's rookie year and first All-Star game.

Indiana on the rise for big games

The Pacers will host the 70th All-Star Weekend, following their Midwest neighbor Chicago who will host in 2019. Charlotte will host in 2018, another big opportunity for a fellow smaller market. Hosting this season's All-Star Weekend in 2018 is Los Angeles. The All-Star Weekend is an amazing opportunity for these cities and their surrounding areas. We can expect all of them to go even bigger than previous years' hosts.

This All-Star game will actually be one sporting event in a long line of major sporting events for the city of Indianapolis. The Hoosier State will host the BIG 10 football championship game in 2020 and 2021. Indy will also host the NCAA Men's Basketball Final Four in 2021 as well as the BIG 10 Men's tournament in 2022. Then to top it all off, Lucas Oil Stadium will host the College Football Playoff Championship Game in 2022. Indianapolis will be a sports fans destination spot starting very soon.

All-Star Game changes

There also is a shake-up in how the All-Star game will be played. Starting in this season, the All-Star game there will not be an East vs. West game. The teams will be drafted by a captain from either conference, the captains are chosen by which players had the most fan votes for their conference. The starters will still be picked by the 50 percent from fan vote, 25 percent from players vote and 25 percent from media vote. Then the reserves will be picked by the head coach. This just means all the voted-in players will be drafted by a captain, with no regard for their conference.

Exciting times in Indy

As a resident of Indiana, I look forward to the NBA All-Star Weekend coming to my home state. Indianapolis always hosts great events and does very well in entertainment and hospitality. This will be a great opportunity for the city and they will provide a great couple of NBA entertainment!