Clash of titans in South Philly
via: ESPN.

One of the many reasons why Joel Embiid is known in the basketball world, aside from his huge talent, is because of how controversial he is when it comes to facing different players.

The 2-time All Star Center from the Philadelphia 76ers has had his differences with players like Andre Drummond, Willie Reed and Karl Anthony Towns in the past, but it never got to the point where hands were thrown until yesterday.

The Sixers hosted the Minnesota Timberwolves at the Wells Fargo Center, and with both teams undefeated during the current NBA season, people expected it to be a thrilling match.

‘Philly’ ended up blowing the Timberwolves out by 22 points, but the most exciting part of the game came in the third quarter, when Joel Embiid and Karl Anthony Towns went at it after getting tangled up in a good defensive play by the Sixers. After the incident, both players got ejected from the game straight away.

As expected, Embiid went to social media once the game was finished and posted a picture with a caption challenging the Center from the Timberwolves.

’Great team win. I was raised around lions and a cat pulled on me tonight lmao. That tough guy act ain’t cutting it. You know what you are and who you’ve always been. Been kicking your ass and pretty please make the playoffs before you talk. It’s a known thing that I own you.’’ Embiid said.

Ben Simmons was seen acting like the peacemaker, but at the same the Australian is seen putting Towns in a headlock after the scuffle.

The movie between these two will continue, and we’ll have to wait until March 24th. 2020 to see the second chapter of the rivalry between Embiid and ‘KAT’.