'Bronny' wins it for Sierra Canyon against LeBron's Alma Mater
via: Bleacher Report.

One of the best stories in sports at the moment is 'Bronny' James, son of LeBron James, who is currently a freshman in one of the best basketball high school programs in the nation.

The latest chapter of that story was just a few hours ago, when 'Bronny' faced his dad's Alma Mater, St. Vincent St. Mary High School in Columbus, Ohio

With his father and mother in the stands, LeBron James Jr. put on a show, including scoring the game-winning basket after a big steal in the last minute of regulation. James Jr., a freshman guard, finished with 15 points off the bench to lead Sierra Canyon to a 59-56 win and an 8-0 record this season.

'Bronny' would receive the MVP honors and would enjoy the moment celebrating with his family and friends. 

"I'm always going to be indebted to St. V. It's like full circle that I'm here in my home state. My son is here with his high school playing my alma mater and all of my guys from my high school, the Fab Five (at STVM), is here as well. It's crazy." James told Rachel Nichols from ESPN during the game. 

An estimated 13,000 spectators attended the game at Nationwide Arena, which capped a four-game event put on by the Scholastic Play By Play Classic.