Appreciating Zach Lavine's Clutch 4th Quarter Against the Clippers
Yahoo! Sports

On Saturday, the Chicago Bulls upset the Los Angeles Clippers in a competitive game that went down to the buzzer. In Kawhi's absence, Paul George and Montrezl Harrell combined for 57 points, but Zach Lavine's clutch play overshadowed the California duo. 

Lavine made his first of three 4th quarter shots with five minutes remaining and the Bulls down by two. After running a side pick-and-roll with Lauri Markkanen, he pump-faked Jerome Robinson into the air before hitting the and-1 three-pointer. 

A couple of minutes later, down 105-100, Lavine decided to take an even more difficult shot against Harrell who had just switched on defense. Lavine faked the drive, stepped back, and drilled the triple despite Harrell's outstretched hand.

Finally, with the game tied at 106, Lavine sealed the victory by efficiently using the last five seconds to drive straight into a waiting Harrell and scoring the and-1 layup. 

Most fans wouldn't look twice at a player scoring nine points in a 4th quarter (Harden is averaging 10.6 points per 4th quarter), but based on their difficult and aesthetic nature, Lavine's 4th quarter against the Clippers should be remembered this season. 


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