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Popovich Postgame Comments


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Quick Takeaways

Kawhi was almost unguardable, made a huge impact defensively.

There was no answer for the Clippers play in the paint.

The first two minutes of the 3rd quarter ultimately decided this game. The Clippers hit San Antonio in the mouth

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Los Angeles gets their 22nd win on the year, San Antonio falls to 11-17. 
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Los Angeles Clippers: 134

San Antonio Spurs: 109

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Q4 - 0:27

Kabengele, I assume, calls glass on his three-pointer. 
10:46 PMa year ago
Belinelli still chunking, nails an off-balance three to cut the lead to 25. 
10:44 PMa year ago
I'm sure this isn't just happening. 


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Q4 - 2:00

All-Name Team Nominee Mfiondu Kabengele grabs his first points of the game, sends us into a break in the action. 
10:40 PMa year ago
The Clippers have 19 dunks tonight. 
10:39 PMa year ago

Q4 - 4:24

Metu with a big dunk to get the Spurs over the century mark. 
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Q4 - 6:48

Montrezl Harrell receives a technical foul for trying to pull the shot clock down on a dunk attempt. 
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Q4 - 7:11

Lou Williams is still cooking, Harrell fights through the defense for a slam, and an and-one. 
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Q4 - 7:40

Kawhi Leonard: 26 Points, 9 Assists, 7 Rebounds, 4 Steals, 27 Minutes

Paul George: 11 Points, 11 Minutes

Ivica Zubac: 15 Points, 11-11 shooting so far

10:29 PMa year ago
I'm doubtful that we will see Kawhi or Paul George for the rest of this game for the Clippers. 
10:27 PMa year ago

Q4 - 9:40

Lonnie Walker, who entered to rousing applause in the 3rd, scores and gets the crowd something to cheer about. 
10:25 PMa year ago
Looks like Pop is going to be giving his young guys a chance to play for the rest of this one. 
10:25 PMa year ago

A sense of the domination that the Clippers gave the Spurs


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Zubac really turned the fortunes for the Clippers in the 3rd.


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Los Angeles Clippers: 110

San Antonio Spurs: 83


10:18 PMa year ago

Q3 - 1:20

Harrell picks up another offensive board, adds to the Clipper lead. LA is now up by 27. 
10:16 PMa year ago

Q3 - 2:30

Leonard feeds Landry Shamet for three. The downpour continues 
10:14 PMa year ago
Zubac is bullying the Spurs down low. 14 points, 10 in the 3rd alone. 
10:14 PMa year ago
The Clippers are shooting 83% in the 3rd Quarter tonight. 
10:13 PMa year ago
Coyote gifts a Nintendo Switch to a young fan. The gifts keep pouring in for some lucky attendants. 
10:13 PMa year ago
Clippers are up to 56 points in the paint. 
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Q3 - 4:05

Spurs take a timeout, attempting to stop the bleeding. 
10:12 PMa year ago

Q3 - 4:28

Kawhi Leonard with consecutive offensive rebounds, finding Moe Harkless for a slam. Next possession, Clippers steal and Leonard puts it home. 
10:10 PMa year ago
Kawhi Leonard and Derrick White collide at midcourt going after a ball, White is shaken up a little. 
10:09 PMa year ago

Q3 - 5:37

Moe Harkless with a steal, a slam, and the fans are getting restless and the Spurs commentators are becoming more dejected. 
10:07 PMa year ago

Q3 - 6:52

Harkless skys for the dunk, nearly taking out all air from the building. 
10:06 PMa year ago

Q3 - 7:42

DeRozan with a euro step to get a tough basket. Kawhi responds with a layup of his own almost immediately. 
10:02 PMa year ago
Kawhi has been huge on both ends. 


10:02 PMa year ago

Q3 - 8:54

Beverley gets loose under the basket, Kawhi finds him. Clippers lead by 17. 
9:59 PMa year ago

Q3 - 9:30

Paul George gets hit, falls away, hits the basket. Nails the free throw to increase the Clippers lead to 18. 
9:58 PMa year ago
Derrius White names all nine of Santa's reindeer on the jumbotron. 
9:57 PMa year ago

Call Overturned

Beverley proves right, Rivers trusting in his guys pays off here. 
9:56 PMa year ago
Los Angeles has a 40-20 paint points edge against the Spurs so far. 
9:55 PMa year ago

Coaches Challenge

Patrick Beverley runs over to Doc Rivers emploring him to challenge his foul on Bryn Forbes 
9:54 PMa year ago
6 Quick Points to start the 2nd Half, and the Clippers have extended their lead. 
9:53 PMa year ago

Q3 - 11:42

Zubac starts off the 2nd Half with an easy slam. Not a good start for the Spurs 
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Kawhi's Shot Chart in the 1st Half


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Los Angeles Clippers Key Stats


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9:38 PMa year ago

San Antonio Key Stats

DeRozan: 20 points

Aldridge: 10 points

53% FG, 37% 3FG

Outscored in the paint 34-20 v LAC

9:37 PMa year ago
72 points are the most that the Spurs have allowed in a first-half this season. 
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Los Angeles Clippers 72

San Antonio Spurs 61

9:36 PMa year ago
Williams with a floater in the lane, and the Spurs can't convert at the other end to end the half. 
9:35 PMa year ago
Kawhi stuffs it back in. DeRozan knives his way through the defense. 
9:35 PMa year ago
Belinelli fumbles a pass at the rim, Clippers take it back for an easy score. 
9:34 PMa year ago
DeRozan is doing everything in his power to keep the Spurs in it. Attacks Zubac at the rim, makes the free throw along with it. 
9:33 PMa year ago
Forbes hits two free throws to cut the lead to 8. 2 minutes remaining in the 1st half. 
9:32 PMa year ago
Kawhi's first foul of the night brings the first cheers directed his way. 
9:31 PMa year ago
DeRozan has 15 for the Spurs. 
9:30 PMa year ago
Kawhi Leonard. Systematic. 16 points for the claw. 
9:29 PMa year ago
Kawhi finds Beverley for three, then steals it for an easy score. Clippers up 60-52. 
9:28 PMa year ago
Belinelli knocks down a three to keep the Spurs close. 55-49 with 4:44 to play. 
9:27 PMa year ago
Popovich, clearly unhappy with the call, picks up a tech and keeps Kawhi on the line. He nails the extra toss.  
9:27 PMa year ago
DeRozan picks up a flagrant 1 on Kawhi's drive. Grabbed a bit of the arm and drove him down. Kawhi knocks down the extra free throws. 
9:25 PMa year ago
Referees are looking for a flagrant foul on a Kawhi Leonard drive. He fell awkwardly, which sparked the review. 
9:25 PMa year ago
Doesn't matter for Aldridge, doing what he has for his entire career and hitting baseline jumpers. 
9:24 PMa year ago
Spurs are having trouble finding baskets at the rim. Clippers have been protecting the paint and making it tough for easy shots. 
9:24 PMa year ago
San Antonio is in the bonus for the rest of this half. 
9:22 PMa year ago
Coyote is going crazy giving out gifts tonight, handing a professional camera to another fan. The Season of Giving is happening at the AT&T Center. 
9:22 PMa year ago
Huge hustle play by Patrick Beverley to make that happen. Tapped the ball up twice to get over defenders, finds Lou for another triple. 
9:21 PMa year ago
Another triple for Lou Williams. Another timeout for the Spurs. Clippers lead 52-44 with 7 minutes remaining. 
9:20 PMa year ago
Aldridge running the floor to pick up a basket, but immediately leads to a Harrell slam for the Clippers. 
9:18 PMa year ago
Poeltl has been an absolute force on the defensive end tonight, but it comes with a price as he picks up his second foul.
9:15 PMa year ago
San Antonio is shooting 63% so far in the game. 
9:15 PMa year ago
9:08 remaining in the 2nd Quarter. Williams has 9 for the Clippers. 
9:15 PMa year ago
Lou Williams hits another three to put the Clippers up one.


9:14 PMa year ago
Jakob Poertly with another timely block, then sets a big screen to open up a shot for a teammate. 
9:13 PMa year ago
Landry Shamet is up to three quick fouls. 
9:12 PMa year ago
Patty Mills knocks down a three to tie it up. He's up to eight points 
9:09 PMa year ago
And Popovich wins it. Call was overturned and an offensive foul was called on Landry Shamet.
9:08 PMa year ago
Pop is challenging a foul on a three-point attempt by the Clippers. 
9:07 PMa year ago
Gregg Popovich is challenging a call on the floor. 
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9:06 PMa year ago
DeRozan is getting to the rim at ease early. 

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Los Angeles Clippers 33

San Antonio Spurs 31

9:01 PMa year ago
Poertl with a perimeter shot block of Lou Williams to start a transition basket for the Spurs. 
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8:56 PMa year ago
Coyote gifts a young fan a Hover Board for Christmas to go with the Season of Giving the Spurs have been participating in. 
8:56 PMa year ago
Paul George has 8 points, and 2 rebounds
8:55 PMa year ago
Paul George muscling his way to the basket, forcing Pop to call a timeout. 25-20 Clippers.
8:54 PMa year ago
Leonard with a mean left-handed jam just to let the crowd know he means business tonight. 
8:52 PMa year ago
Kawhi Leonard is looking more comfortable in San Antonio. Nails a three in transition as the boos rain from the rafters.
8:52 PMa year ago
Clippers are pushing the pace, getting open looks behind the three-point line.
8:47 PMa year ago
Leonard has 4 quick points for the Clippers, DeRozan with 5 for the Spurs. 
8:46 PMa year ago
LA and Dejounte Murray play a little pick and pop to get Aldridge an open jumper, forcing Doc Rivers to take a quick timeout. 


8:46 PMa year ago
DeRozan feeling it early, with a nice up and under move to give the Spurs and early lead. 
8:43 PMa year ago
The Boo Birds are out for Kawhi Leonard as he nails a jumper. 
8:42 PMa year ago
DeRozan gets to his favorite spot on the floor and knocks down an And-1 Jumper.
8:41 PMa year ago
And Patrick Beverley gets a foul within 2 seconds. The fouling continues from last game for the Clippers
8:41 PMa year ago
Popovich is in the Christmas spirit: a red sweater under the suit coat.
8:40 PMa year ago
Spurs lead the All-Time Series 129-43
8:40 PMa year ago

Clippers Starters

Maurice Harkless

Ivca Zubac

Patrick Beverley

Kawhi Leonard

Paul George

8:39 PMa year ago

San Antonio Spurs Starters

Trey Lyles

Bryn Forbes

Dejounte Murray

DeMar DeRozan

Lamarcus Aldridge

8:35 PMa year ago
Elolf Elementary School Choir kicks us off in San Antonio.
8:17 PMa year ago
Los Angeles Clippers Guard Landry Shamet previews tonight's matchup


8:14 PMa year ago
San Antonio arrives for the home game.


7:34 PMa year ago
Los Angeles is in the building 


7:05 PMa year ago
The Spurs getting warmed up 


6:48 PMa year ago

LA Clippers Jersey Reveal

Los Angeles will be rocking the ICON jerseys for tonight's matchup.


6:44 PMa year ago

Pop gives some praise

Coach Gregg Popovich gives some praise of his young players before tonight's game. 


6:42 PMa year ago

Game Previews

PoundingtheRock.com previews the game here


6:39 PMa year ago

How did San Antonio take advantage of their rest day?

With a little Christmas cheer. The Spurs gave some holiday cheer to families yesterday. 


12:30 PMa year ago
Rudy Gay came to DeRozan's defense, saying he is a "competitive guy and he wanted to be out there and you can’t fault him for that.”


12:26 PMa year ago

DeMar DeRozan has been amongst trade rumors

Derozan has been the subject of trade rumors, and a benching with 4:46 remaining against the Rockets does nothing to quell those whispers.  
12:20 PMa year ago
Kawhi is winless in San Antonio as an opponent. 
12:20 PMa year ago

Kawhi is back in San Antonio

This is Kawhi's second trip back to San Antonio this year as a member of the Los Angeles Clippers. San Antonio won that matchup 107-97. 
12:19 PMa year ago

Spurs looked controlled against Brooklyn

San Antonio takes home court coming off a needed victory against the Brooklyn Nets. The Spurs bench added 63 points to the cause.
12:15 PMa year ago

Clippers need to bounce back

Los Angeles is coming into the game after blowing a 15-point halftime lead against the Houston Rockets. Lou Williams and Patrick Beverley were both ejected from the game.