LeBron's 5-year-old daughter launches her Youtube Channel 
via: Complex.

The business side of the James family keeps growing. With LeBron being the star at the Los Angeles Lakers, Savannah being the face of the 'Calm' App and 'Bronny' playing for Sierra Canyon High School, it looks like there'll be plenty to talk about in the next couple of years.

At just 5 years of age, it has been announced that Zhuri James, LeBron's daughter, will be launching a Youtube Channel titled, "All Things Zhuri" and is expected to air January 1st. 2020.

"She needs no introduction to the world but I’m excited for you all to meet my Princess Zhuri Nova through her eyes," 'Bron' tweeted on Christmas Day. "All Things Zhuri coming soon‼️ Subscribe!!!"

Zhuri James has raised a lot of demand in social media for the last couple years because of the famous Instagram stories that 'The King' has posted, using the hashtag #ZhuriNova in them.

Important figures in the basketball world like Chris Paul, Mikey Williams, Cassy Athena and Brittney Elena are just a few of the people that have followed the All Things Zhuri account. 

The YouTube world is lucrative, especially for talented kids. 8-year-old Ryan Kaji and 5-year-old Anastasia Radzinskaya would know; they are two of the highest-paid YouTubers out there, at $26 million and $18 million respectively according to Complex.