Former NBA commissioner, David Stern, dies at 77
via: Bleacher Report.

Former NBA commissioner David Stern passed away this week at age 77 after suffering brain hemorrhage three weeks ago. 

Stern, who was the NBA commissioner between 1984 and 2014, was the most important non-player/non-coach who ever passed through the NBA and also one of the most influential people in the history of the league.

David Stern is the main reason why there's a team in New Orleans, since he was in favour of keeping the Pelicans there after the Hurrikane Katrina in 2005.

The NBA released an statement with the current NBA commissioner Adam Silver speaking on the passing of Stern.

"Because of David, the NBA is a truly global brand – making him not only one of the greatest sports commissioners of all time but also one of the most influential business leaders of his generation."

NBA legends like Michael Jordan, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Kobe Bryant, Charles Barkley, among others sent their prayers to the Stern family after this tragic event.

It has been announced that the NBA and its 30 teams will honor David Stern with commemorative black bands on player jerseys for the remainder of 2019-20 season. Referees will also wear the special bands on their uniform.