Nike denies removing Kobe's from online shop
via: Complex.

According to Complex, in the aftermath of Kobe Bryant's death, some immoral sneaker resellers have attempted to cash in by raising the prices on their Nike Kobe sneakers.

Nike issued an official statement after Kobe's passing in which it called Bryant one of the greatest athletes of his generation.

It turns out that a "Kobe" search on's website redirected visitors to their Kobe memorial page, which led to several reports that Nike had decided to pull all of Bryant's sneakers and apparel.

As expected, the reason for the redirect on is due to all Kobe Bryant product selling out, rather than being pulled from the site. With this happening, Nike has asked the Foot Locker family of brands to send their Kobe products back to Nike HQ.

Complex reports that currently there are no longer any Kobe-related sneakers or gear listed on sites like Eastbay, Finish Line and Foot Locker.