Should've Bradley Beal made the All-Star Game?
via: SLAM

Technically only three players have the right to be angry about not making the All Star Game this year. Devin Booker, Zach LaVine and Bradley Beal, who are all putting up some unreal numbers and will still not be at Chicago the second week of February.

The Washington Wizard Beal probably had the best case to make it, considering he’s averaging a career-high 28.6 points per game, which ranks sixth in the Association. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, he's now producing the highest scoring average from a player not named an All-Star in 41 years.

Beal also ranks just outside the NBA's top 20 with a personal-best 6.3 assists per contest.

Even though he’s had a phenomenal year, the Wizards have been a disappointment, with a record significantly under .500 and out of the playoff picture in the East.

The Washington record should’ve not mattered when it comes to making the decision of Beal making the game, considering Trae Young is a starter and plays for the team with the worst record in the Eastern Conference.

After finding out he didn't make the All-Star team, Beal said it was disrespectful that he didn't get selected.

"A little pissed off about it but I was kind of expecting it to be honest. It's disrespectful, but the real ones know, si I'm just gonna keep competing.''