LeBron James gifts free college tuition to "I Promise" students
via: I Promise School.

LeBron James keeps responding to his motto 'More Than An Athlete', and once again he has proved he's one of the most influential men in the world. 

Couple of years back 'The King' decided to create his own school supported by the LeBron James Family Foundation, specifically aimed at at-risk children.

193 students from the 'I Promise' school were brought on a tour of Kent State University in Ohio. During the trip and to everyone's surprise, they were gifted with four years of free tuition to Kent State. For in-state students, tuition is $11K a year which means for 193 students, that's over $8 million in tuition. 

To remain eligible for the free tuition each year, the students must remain in good academic standing, must complete a minimum number of credit hours annually and must take part in a required number of community service or volunteer hours.