Devin Booker named NBA All-Star, replaces Damian Lillard
Fans thought he was snubbed from the original list of All-Stars. Now, with the injury to Damian Lillard and the campaigning by the Trail Blazer, Booker will be in Sunday's All-Star Game. (Chris Petersen / Getty Images)

Phoenix Suns Guard Devin Booker will be making his NBA All-Star debut on Saturday, being selected to fill in for the injured Damian Lillard. 

The NBA announced the replacement on Thursday. Commissioner Adam Silver made the pick, selecting from the Western Conference. Booker will also be taking Lillard's place in the three-point contest. Booker will join Team LeBron.

Fans across the country protested the omission of one of the NBA's brightest stars when Booker was not selected by the coaches to be a member of the NBA All-Star teams. Proving to be one of the most agile scorers in today's game, and the sheer youth movement that is taking place in this year's All-Star festivities, a game without Booker seemed to be lacking.

Damian Lillard went so far as to actively campaign for Bookers' appointment to the game, saying to the media after his injury on Wednesday, "Unfortunately I had to be the fall guy, hopefully Devin Booker or somebody like that’ll get the spot.”

Bookers' original plan to rest up during the off weekend will have to wait, as he is Phoenix's first All-Star since Steve Nash made the game in 2012.  Booker has been having his best season as a pro, putting up 26.4 points on 49.6% shooting.

Booker will participate in the three-point shootout and then come off the bench during Sunday's game.