Jones Jr. wins controversial dunk contest over Gordon
via: All-Star Game.

This NBA Dunk Contest did not lack excitement, but maybe it did lack fairness, considering the whole world collapsed when it was announced that Aaron Gordon did not receive the champion trophy.

Even though he got perfect scores on five different occasions and jumped over Tacko Fall (7'5 Center), the Orlando Magic Forward was once again robbed.

Derrick Jones Jr. pulled out some great dunks, which led him to win the first dunk contest of his career. The player from the Miami Heat had some unique between-the-legs dunks which made the jury vote for him as the champion.

This loss brought Gordon some unpleasant memories. Specially of his epic-yet-frustrating 2016 loss in Toronto at the hands of Zach LaVine.

“It’s a wrap, bro. It's a wrap,” Gordon said at the end of the night, and also announced his retirement from future dunk contests. “I feel like I should have two trophies, you know what I mean? It's over for that.”

“My next goal is going to be trying to win the three-point contest.”

Despite his loss, people should recognize Gordon as the most unique dunker in the history of the contest. The way the Arizona product is able to come up with dunks no one has ever seen its remarkable, and there's no doubt he has deserved to win two out of the three dunk contests he's participated in his career.