Full Highlights: Celtics 112-114 Lakers in 2020 NBA Regular Season
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7:25 PM9 months ago


7:24 PM9 months ago
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7:24 PM9 months ago

Career High for Tatum

Jayson Tatum tied his career high (41 points) but still couldn't get the win on the road.
7:23 PM9 months ago

5 straight wins for LA

LeBron James and Anthony Davis combined for 61 points and the Lakers defeat the Celtics at the Staples Center!
7:21 PM9 months ago

Lakers Win

Celtics 112-114 Lakers
7:15 PM9 months ago

Clutch King

LeBron gives the lakers the lead with less than a minute to play in the game!
7:12 PM9 months ago

Q4 - 0:30

LAL - James Turnaround Fadeaway Shot
7:03 PM9 months ago

Q4 - 1:17

BOS - Brown 3pt Shot
7:02 PM9 months ago

Q4 - 1:40

BOS - Hayward Jump Shot
7:02 PM9 months ago

Q4 - 2:06

LAL - Davis 3pt Shot
7:01 PM9 months ago

Q4 - 3:03

BOS - Tatum Jump Shot
6:50 PM9 months ago

Q4 - 5:23

BOS - Brown 3pt Shot
6:49 PM9 months ago

Q4 - 6:19

LAL - James 3pt Shot
6:49 PM9 months ago

Q4 - 6:34

BOS - Williams Tip Layup Shot
6:44 PM9 months ago

Q4 - 7:30

LAL - James Driving Floating Bank Jump Shot
6:40 PM9 months ago

Q4 - 9:19

LAL - Caruso Finger Roll Layup Shot
6:39 PM9 months ago

Q4 - 10:27

LAL - Howard Layup Shot
6:36 PM9 months ago

Q4 - 10:48

BOS - Theis Driving Dunk Shot
6:33 PM9 months ago

Q4 - 11:21

BOS - Langford Driving Layup Shot
6:33 PM9 months ago

Tatum had KCP lost but Kuzma blocked him

6:28 PM9 months ago

Q4 - 12:00

Last 12 minutes of play are on!
6:28 PM9 months ago
Can't get any closer than this going into the last quarter of play!
6:25 PM9 months ago

Q3 Ends

Celtics 87-87 Lakers
6:25 PM9 months ago

Q3 - 1:23

LAL - Caldwell-Pope 3pt Shot
6:23 PM9 months ago

Q3 - 2:27

LAL - Kuzma Cutting Dunk Shot
6:22 PM9 months ago

Q3 - 2:43

BOS - Hayward Pullup Jump shot
6:21 PM9 months ago

Q3 - 3:02

LAL - Caldwell-Pope Running Dunk Shot
6:20 PM9 months ago

JT at it again

Jayson Tatum has recorded his 10th career 30-point game, nine of which have occurred in 2019-20
6:18 PM9 months ago

Q3 - 3:41

LAL - Kuzma Running Layup Shot
6:17 PM9 months ago


5 minutes to play in the 3rd. Q and Jayson Tatum's got 35 points!
6:13 PM9 months ago

Q3 - 5:07

BOS - Tatum Jump Shot
6:07 PM9 months ago

Q3 - 7:18

LAL - Davis 3pt Shot
6:07 PM9 months ago

Q3 - 7:58

LAL - Davis 3pt Shot
6:01 PM9 months ago

Q3 - 9:03

BOS - Tatum 3pt Shot
6:01 PM9 months ago

Q3 - 9:28

BOS - Smart 3pt Shot
6:01 PM9 months ago

Q3 - 9:50

BOS - Tatum Running Dunk Shot
6:00 PM9 months ago

Q3 - 10:24

QLAL - Davis Putback Layup Shot
6:00 PM9 months ago

Q3 - 11:01

BOS - Smart 3pt Shot
5:57 PM9 months ago

Q3 - 11:32

BOS - Theis 3pt Shot
5:56 PM9 months ago

Q3 - 12:00

Second half starts!
5:38 PM9 months ago

Q2 Ends

Celtics 54-56 Lakers
5:38 PM9 months ago

Q2 - 0:35

BOS - Hayward Jump Shot
5:37 PM9 months ago

Q2 - 1:04

BOS - Brown Putback Dunk Shot
5:34 PM9 months ago

Q2 - 2:50

LAL - Davis Hook Shot
5:33 PM9 months ago

Q2 - 3:18

LAL - Kuzma 3pt Shot
5:31 PM9 months ago

Q2 - 4:02

BOS - Tatum 3pt Shot
5:31 PM9 months ago

Q2 - 4:23

LAL - Green 3pt Shot
5:31 PM9 months ago

Q2 - 4:33

BOS - Tatum Driving Layup Shot
5:28 PM9 months ago

Q2 - 5:54

LAL - Caruso Finger Roll Layup Shot
5:26 PM9 months ago

Q2 - 6:14

BOS - Tatum Driving Layup Shot
5:25 PM9 months ago

Q2 - 6:56

LAL - Caruso Driving Layup Shot
5:25 PM9 months ago

Q2 - 7:15

BOS - Langford 3pt Shot
5:20 PM9 months ago

Q2 - 8:05

LAL - James Driving Layup Shot
5:18 PM9 months ago

Q2 - 8:30

BOS - Tatum Driving Layup Shot
5:14 PM9 months ago

Q2 - 9:01

LAL - Kuzma Running Dunk Shot
5:11 PM9 months ago

Q2 - 10:07

BOS - Tatum Floating Jump shot
5:10 PM9 months ago

Q2 - 10:22

LAL - Howard Putback Layup Shot
5:10 PM9 months ago

Q2 - 10:32

BOS - Brown 3pt Shot
5:09 PM9 months ago

Q2 - 10:41

LAL - Howard Jump Shot
5:09 PM9 months ago

Q2 - 10:51

BOS - Langford Jump Shot
5:09 PM9 months ago

Q2 - 11:10

BOS - Tatum Driving Layup Shot
5:04 PM9 months ago

Respect Over Rivalry

5:03 PM9 months ago

Q2 - 12:00

Second quarter starts!
5:03 PM9 months ago

Q1 Ends

Celtics 19-28 Lakers
5:03 PM9 months ago

Q1 - 0:36

LAL - Rondo Running Reverse Layup Shot
5:01 PM9 months ago

Q1 - 1:19

LAL - Kuzma Jump Shot
5:01 PM9 months ago

Q1 - 1:55

BOS - Hayward Pullup Jump shot
5:01 PM9 months ago

Q1 - 2:13

LAL - Davis Cutting Dunk Shot
5:00 PM9 months ago

Cousins still with Lakers

Despite being waived, DeMarcus Cousins is still available to rehab with the Lakers and was putting shots up prior to the game
4:59 PM9 months ago

Bron and KG say hi during the game

4:57 PM9 months ago

That LeBron-McGee connection

4:56 PM9 months ago

Q1 - 3:48

BOS - Smart 3pt Shot
4:55 PM9 months ago

Q1 - 4:12

LAL - Kuzma Turnaround Jump Shot
4:53 PM9 months ago

Q1 - 5:08

BOS - Brown Running Layup Shot
4:52 PM9 months ago

Q1 - 5:49

LAL - Davis Driving Layup Shot
4:50 PM9 months ago

AD and Brown going at it

4:49 PM9 months ago

Q1 - 6:05

BOS - Smart Floating Jump shot
4:49 PM9 months ago

Q1 - 6:37

BOS - Brown Driving Layup Shot
4:48 PM9 months ago

Q1 - 6:55

LAL - McGee Tip Layup Shot
4:48 PM9 months ago

Q1 - 7:39

BOS - Theis 3pt Shot
4:47 PM9 months ago

Q1 - 7:56

LAL - James 3pt Shot
4:47 PM9 months ago

Q1 - 8:15

LAL - Davis Putback Layup Shot
4:47 PM9 months ago

Q1 - 9:06

LAL - James Cutting Layup Shot
4:45 PM9 months ago

Q1 - 9:31

BOS - Theis Pullup Jump shot
4:45 PM9 months ago

Q1 - 10:14

LAL - McGee Running Layup Shot
4:44 PM9 months ago

Q1 - 11:42

LAL - Bradley 3pt Shot
4:40 PM9 months ago

Q1 - 12:00

Game is underway!
4:39 PM9 months ago

Lakers 5

James, Bradley, Green, Davis & McGee
4:39 PM9 months ago

Celtics honor Kobe

4:33 PM9 months ago

Williams and Pierce argue about LeBron

Jay Williams calls LeBron James the greatest PG in NBA's history
4:24 PM9 months ago

Assist leader

LeBron James leads the league in apg averaging 10.7 assists per game
4:23 PM9 months ago

Seems like AD is ready to battle alongside his Lakers teammates

LA jumps into the court for the pregame warmups
4:19 PM9 months ago

Celtics 5

Smart, Brown, Hayward, Tatum and Theis
4:09 PM9 months ago

More Than A Game

Quinn Cook playing one-on-one with a fan pregame.
3:59 PM9 months ago

No Kemba No Problem

The Celtics enter Sunday having won nine of their last 10 games. During that stretch, Jayson Tatum (27.3 PPG), Jaylen Brown (21.9) and Gordon Hayward (20.9) have all averaged at least 20 points.

The Suns are the only other team in the NBA with three players averaging at least 20 points over the team’s last 10 games.

3:58 PM9 months ago

Lakers carry momentum

The Lakers enter this match riding a four-game win streak, which is the longest active streak in the league. During the streak, both LeBron James (25.8 PPG, 10.3 APG) and Anthony Davis (28.3 PPG, 10.8 RPG) are both averaging 25-10 double-doubles.

The Lakers have also had great 3-point shooting from Avery Bradley (12-20, 60%) and Rajon Rondo (8-13, 61.5%) during the streak.

3:55 PM9 months ago

Time to step up

Coming from a first All-Star selection, Jayson Tatum will have to carry the Celtics scoring today with Kemba Walker out.

The Duke product is averaging 22.5 points and 7 rebounds per game this season.

3:53 PM9 months ago

AD & KG Share a Moment

Two of the best Power Forwards of the 21st. Century embracing each other.
3:52 PM9 months ago

Boston's Coach Game Analysis

Brad Stevens said multiple times that Celtics need to keep the Lakers out of transition today in order to have success. That means getting back after misses, and not turning the ball over.
3:47 PM9 months ago

Celtic Reunion

Rajoy Rondo and Kevin Garnett led the Celtics to the 2008 NBA Championship.
3:46 PM9 months ago

Boston legend Bill Russell rocking a Kobe jersey for Celtics-Lakers today

Game respects game
3:45 PM9 months ago

Boston effectiveness

Boston enters today’s matchup with nine wins in its last 10 games. They are one of three teams (along with the Lakers and Bucks) that ranks among the NBA’s top five in both offensive (5th) and defensive rating (3rd).
3:34 PM9 months ago

LA in the building

3:33 PM9 months ago

Lakers Injury Report

Anthony Davis (right index finger sprain) is probable. DeMarcus Cousins (right knee rehabilitation) is out. 
3:32 PM9 months ago

Coach Stevens on Kemba

Brad Stevens says Kemba Walker is getting better by the day and that he put a lot of work in yesterday in the weight room. “It’s not a long-term thing,” Stevens adds.
3:31 PM9 months ago

Celtics Injury Report

Kemba Walker (sore left knee) - OUT Robert Williams (left hip bone edema) - OUT
3:31 PM9 months ago

Our live coverage begins!

We are just one hour away from this 2020 NBA Regular Season game between Celtics vs Lakers.
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Last meeting

The last time these two teams played each other, the Celtics blewout the Lakers by 32 points.

7:12 PM9 months ago

Celtics Preview

The Celtics rank third in the NBA in points allowed, holding opponents to 106.4 points per game. The Lakers are not far behind, however, with their trip to Boston serving as something of an aberration.

Kemba Walker will be out for the game with a knee injury.

7:11 PM9 months ago

Lakers Preview

Los Angeles returned from the All-Star break Friday and defeated eighth-place Memphis, 117-105, in a potential preview of a first-round playoff matchup. The Lakers limited the Grizzlies to 41 first-half points and forced 16 turnovers.
7:07 PM9 months ago

Historic Rivalry

Boston and Los Angeles have 33 NBA championships between them and have met in the Finals a record 12 times. Both are once again title contenders, with the Celtics sitting third in the Eastern Conference and the Lakers leading the Western Conference.
7:07 PM9 months ago

Arena & Tipoff

Sunday, Feb. 23, 2020 • 3:30 PM ET

Staples Center • Los Angeles, CA

7:06 PM9 months ago

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