Barkley and Green go at it once again 
via: 1090KJR

Charles Barkley and Draymond Green have added yet another chapter to their rivalry. The former NBA All-Star made some commentaries about the Golden State Warrior during the Inside The NBA show, which apparently didn't cause a lot of empathy in Green's mind. 

'Chuck' criticized Draymond regarding the current season of the Warriors, stating that 'he doesn't talk as much since he's on a bad team'. 

The former Michigan State star didn't take this lightly, and went right at Barkley, making reference about him winning zero championships during his NBA career.

“(Charles) Barkley should stop before I take his job. Because I can do that well, too...He also can’t talk basketball with me either. Not smart enough, not qualified. No rings, can’t sit at this table.”

It would not take too long for Barkley to fire back. Sending shots at Green for being the most irrelevant player in Golden State's three championships.

“My job is safe. Draymond Green is a nice guy. I like Draymond, and he’s a good player. But you know what he is? He’s like the guy in a boy band who’s the least important member, and he thinks the crowd is cheering for him. He doesn’t realize he’s standing next to Justin Timberlake.''

This is a beef that's been going on for years, and unless one of these two stops, it is expected to keep going for many more.