How will LaVar Ball attract athletes to BBB?
via: BBB.

Despite not being able yet to secure his own sons Lonzo Ball and LaMelo Ball to sign with Big Baller Brand, LaVar has already explained how he plans to attract athletes to sign with the brand. 

Ball plans to offer new athletes an ownership stake.

“I’m going to look for the next best representation of the BBBs and athletes. To get started, I mainly focused on my boys, and that was the thing, and people thought it was just going to be my three boys and that’s it. Nah, they got some superstars coming out every year, and I’m going to start approaching them,” LaVar told Joy Taylor from the “Maybe I’m Crazy” podcast.

“It’s going to be different on my part… I’m going to offer these next athletes ownership. That’s different than endorsement. And when that endorsement falls down, that’s what’s going to be the new business model.”

After being scandalously robbed by his own partner Alan Foster, LaVar Ball launched the 'BBB' again, with a new face and a new meaning behind the brand. 

So far, the only athlete who is committed to Big Baller Brand is LaVar's middle child, LiAngelo, who just signed a deal with the Oklahoma City Blue from the G-League