League to take drastic measures due to Coronavirus
via: NBA.

Adrian Wojnarowski from ESPN reports that the NBA is discussing scenarios that include moving some games to cities that have yet to suffer outbreaks, including opponent arenas or neutral sites.

The league is also discussing several possibilities, like eliminating fans from games or, more drastically, suspending game operations for a period of time. Decisions on those options remain complicated by fact there’s been such a limited amount of public testing for coronavirus.

The NBA already blocked the access from media into the locker rooms and suggested players choose fist-bumps over high-fives, so as avoiding taking items such as pens, balls and jerseys to autograph.

These actions are being suggested by health specialists, considering there is no full understanding of how widespread and debilitating the virus could become in the states.

There have been over 1,000 people affected by the virus in the country and according to specialists, the number is expected to increase in the next couple of days.