Gobert's action that may get reporters infected 
 via: Bleacher Report.

As a part of a joke, prior to him being tested by the NBA, Rudy Gobert touched every single device from the media, despite being told not to.

It turns out, the Frenchman was diagnosed with COVID-19, and has put not only his teammates but the lives of many people at risk.

The Jazz Center should be treated carefully and people should send their payers to him. But let's not forget how irresponsible were his actions, and to say that he should be fined is an understatement. 

Rudy Gobert, who played the last couple of games for Utah, shared the most amount of on-court situations with Christian Wood from the Pistons, Daniel Theis from the Celtics and Serge Ibaka from the Raptors in the last couple of games.