Season could be pushed back until late-June
via: NBA.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have officially announced that they recommend the avoidance of gatherings of over 50 people for at least the next 8 weeks.

After hearing the news, a number of NBA owners and executives increasingly believe a best case scenario is a mid-to-late June return to play, with no fans in the arena.

The league is scouting for possible arena dates all the way through August according to Adrian Wojnarowski from ESPN.

Also, it is expected that the G-League will soon be officially cancelled.

Regular season runs through the end of March and playoffs into April. Despite shutting down the season, the minor-league players have been informed they'll be paid as scheduled.

The fact G-League teams travel on commericial airlines and generally are money-drains for NBA teams make it even harder to move forward for rest of the season. Those organizations have been told to stay in town for now and it is expected that the league releases an statement soon.