Are the Leonards the best marriage in the league?
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No matter on whether its posting workouts, family time or gaming, Meyers and Elle almost daily share what is like a regular day in the Leonards household. 

The Miami Heat Center and his wife got married in 2015 while he was a member of the Portland Trail Blazers, but have met since their times at the University of Illinois, where both attended.

Elle, who was a four-year starter at Peoria Notre Dame High School with over 1,000 career points, has proven to be a close second when it comes to who's a better shooter in the family. Meyers though, averages a career 39% from the three point line. 


STILL NEEDED: A hoop in Miami 🌴

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The 28 year-old from Illinois has posted several workouts all over social media making incredible shooting drills, and at times is safe to say she's more into basketball than the actual player himself.


Meyers really enjoyed having lunch with me today 😅

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The couple is way more than just a basketball marriage, and even started their own company in 2018 titled 'Level Foods'. As CEO's, they make and sell their own Gluten Free Egg White and Collagen Bars, which are distributed all over the United States

Leonard's performance on the court was poor in the 2017 due to health issues stemming from injuries and a thyroid problem, and that's when Elle decided to help her husband. Meyers’ nutritionist had pointed out that his health issues were related to his food, and despite getting healthy again with a structured diet, it was there when Elle decided to create the brand of nutrition bars. 

Despite not being together since High School, this can be as good of a relationship as it gets. Meyers and Elle are transforming the way NBA marriages are looked at, and with both invested into different projects, people can make an argument that the Leonards are the best couple in the league.