NBA Analyst tests positive for Coronavirus
via: Bleacher Report.

One of the nicest and most respected people in the industry, Doris Burke, announced she has Coronavirus in the Woj Pod, by Adrian Wojnarowski from ESPN

Over the years, Burke has become one of the most prestigious NBA analysts in the business, and her relationships with players go way past the court. 

The 54 year-old addresed the situation with her colleague, 'Woj', and gave a detailed explanation of when she started feeling the symptoms. 

"I mean, let's just start by saying that I did test positive for COVID-19," Burke said. "And basically my first symptoms, occurred March 11, which was the day I was broadcasting the Denver at Dallas game. That was the same day when the Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert had tested positive, which set off the ensuing series of events."

Burke underwent testing at a Philadelphia Hospital on March 17 and is now  symptom-free.

The job from the New York made basically consists of traveling at least twice a week to different cities to cover NBA games. This increases the chances of someone getting infected by COVID-19.