Stephen Jackson: “This is not the time to play basketball”
via: Complex. 

One of the basketball figures in the United States who has been the most vocal about the current social injustice/racism situation in the country is Stephen Jackson.

The former NBA champion didn't hesitate to call out Drew Brees after his unfortunate comments, and now, is not supporting the NBA resuming its season in Orlando. 

According to Jackson, now isn’t the time to be playing basketball.

“Now ain’t the time to be playing basketball — Playing basketball is going to do one thing, take all the attention off the task at hand”... Jackson said. “None of these white owners have spoken up. None of them are taking a stand...Playing basketball ain’t gonna do nothing but make them money and take attention off what we fighting for.”

All The Smoke's host, also got the opportunity to talk with The Athletics' Shams Charania, where he addressed the situation of certain players, who are thinking of sitting out the rest of the season