Summary Lakers vs Mavericks (106-108): NBA Scrimmage


9:21 PM4 months ago

See you soon!

That's all from our part. We wish that you were satisfied with our broadcast. See you soon and good night!
9:16 PM4 months ago


Dallas wins by 2 points over Lakers, without their two superstars in the second half. In Dallas has played very well Boban Marjanovic, with 17 points and 13 rebounds; and Seth Curry with 6/6 in the three-points line.
9:13 PM4 months ago

4Q, 0:18

Foul over Justin Jackson, who scores both free-throws. Dallas wins by 4 with 18,4 seconds to play.
9:10 PM4 months ago

4Q, 1:31

Foul from Antetokoumpo over Justin Jackson, who scores one of two free-throws.
9:03 PM4 months ago

4Q, 3:00

And one for J.R., who scores the free-throw.
8:58 PM4 months ago

4Q, 4:13

Rebound and two points for Delon Wright.
8:55 PM4 months ago

4Q, 5:38

Antetokoumpo misses two free-throws.
8:51 PM4 months ago

4Q, 5:50

Foul from Barea over Dwight Howard.
8:46 PM4 months ago

4Q, 7:10

Three points for Marjanovic from the three-points line.
8:45 PM4 months ago

4Q, 8:10

Great hook of Marjanovic to score two points. Moreover, he scores two free throws in the next play.
8:44 PM4 months ago

4Q, 9:17

Two free-throws scored by Cacok.
8:38 PM4 months ago

End of 3rd quarter

The 3rd quarter ends with a block to Dwight Howard.
8:37 PM4 months ago

3Q, 1:23

Three points for Maxi Kleber, what confirms Dallas comeback.
8:30 PM4 months ago

3Q, 3:25

Three points for Seth Curry, who has scored today 6 three shoots.
8:29 PM4 months ago

3Q, 3:40

Three points for Tim Hardaway.
8:28 PM4 months ago

3Q, 4:57

Makes his debut J.R. Smith with Los Angeles Lakers.
8:25 PM4 months ago

3Q, 6:30

Great pass from Doncic to Seth Curry, who scores from the three-point line.
8:25 PM4 months ago

LeBron and Anthony Davis won't play more tonight

Like commented Frank Vogel before the match, they won't play any minute in the second half.
8:21 PM4 months ago

3Q, 7:20

Alley-oop between Kuzma and JaVale McGee.
8:20 PM4 months ago

3Q, 8:11

Doncic scores one of two free throws.
8:19 PM4 months ago

Start of the 3rd quarter

We are back with the second half of this amazing match!
8:08 PM4 months ago

Good job from Lakers

Good first half of LeBron and Anthony Davis, with 12 point each one, moreover the help of the bench. By Dallas, only stands out Doncic with 13 points. We are back with the second half!
8:03 PM4 months ago

End of 2nd quarter

Three points shoot missed by Lakers.
8:01 PM4 months ago

2Q, 0:34

Dunk in transition of LeBron James.
7:59 PM4 months ago

2Q, 2:28

Rebound and two points for Marjanovic.
7:58 PM4 months ago

2Q, 3:00

Two free-throws for LeBron, who scores both.
7:56 PM4 months ago

2Q, 3:37

Alley-oop from LeBron to Howard.
7:53 PM4 months ago

2Q, 4:33

Foul over Luka Doncic, who miss two free-throws.
7:48 PM4 months ago

2Q, 5:58

Foul over Dion Waiters, who scores one of two free-throws.
7:46 PM4 months ago

2Q, 7:00

Great shoot in the bottle of Kuzma in movement.
7:44 PM4 months ago

2Q, 7:25

Dunk of Doncic alone.
7:40 PM4 months ago

2Q, 7:38

Luka Doncic comittes foul over Dwight Howard.
7:38 PM4 months ago

2Q, 8:41

Three points for Porzingis.
7:37 PM4 months ago

2Q, 9:25

Quin Cook scores two free-throws.
7:31 PM4 months ago

End of first quarter

Dion Waiters score three point throw to sum up the 1st quarter.
7:28 PM4 months ago

1Q, 2:10

Anthony Davis score one of two free throws.
7:25 PM4 months ago

1Q, 3:33

Foul to LeBron James.
7:18 PM4 months ago

1Q, 5:02

Steal by Anthony Davis.
7:16 PM4 months ago

1Q, 7:02

Losing the ball from Porzingis.
7:15 PM4 months ago

1Q, 7:15

McGee's 2 + 1 under the ring.
7:15 PM4 months ago

1Q, 8:19

Anthony Davis basket in the middle distance.
7:11 PM4 months ago

1Q, 9:11

Tim Hardaway triple released.
7:10 PM4 months ago

Start Lakers vs Mavericks live!

The initial jump is won by Porzingis.
7:04 PM4 months ago

Lakers initial 5

Caldwell-Pope, Danny Green, LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and JaVale McGee.
7:03 PM4 months ago

Dallas starting team

Seth Curry, Luka Doncic, Tim Hardaway Jr., Finney-Smith, and Kristaps Porzingis.
7:03 PM4 months ago

Confirmed lineups!

We already have the ten players who will jump from the start to the field.
7:03 PM4 months ago

Casualties in Dallas

The Lakers are not the only ones with casualties on their roster. Dallas will not be able to count on important players in its rotation like Courtney Lee, Jalen Brunson or Dwitgh Powel. As the only addition is the base Trey Burke.
6:52 PM4 months ago

Heating up motors

The players are already warming up on the Orlando court, in a few minutes the clash will begin.
6:51 PM4 months ago

Who will start in Lakers?

The losses of Avery Bradley and Rajon Rondo leave with much doubt who will be the substitutes who will come out in the quintet in this restart. Today Frank Vogel could give clues about his bet.
6:47 PM4 months ago

There is a desire in Dallas to play

134 days are those that have been without playing an official match, as announced on their social networks.
6:28 PM4 months ago

See you minutes before the match!

This is all for us so far, when there is about half an hour to start the crash we return. We wait for you!
6:28 PM4 months ago

Results of the first day

If today is the second day, yesterday the first matches were played, with the following final results:

Orlando Magic 90-99 Los Angeles Clippers

Washington Wizards 82-89 Denver Nuggets

New Orleans Pelicans 99-68 Brooklyn Nets

Sacramento Kings 98-104 Miami Heat

6:27 PM4 months ago

Matchday two

Today is giving the second day of preparation games, where in addition to this great game there are interesting encounters, such as the already completed Bucks 113-92 Spurs or those that remain to be played like the Blazers-Indiana or Suns-Jazz.
6:27 PM4 months ago

Luka vs. Lakers Averages

The Slovenian has also excelled with the Angelina franchise as a rival on the court, with 25.5 points, 9.7 assists and 10 rebounds per game.
6:27 PM4 months ago

LeBron vs Dallas averages this course

"The King" this season has averaged good games against the Mavs, getting 28 points, 11 assists and 10.7 rebounds on average in the regular season.
6:26 PM4 months ago

Doncic vs LeBron

The duel that everyone expects to see, the first being the future of the league if injuries respect him, with everyone pointing him out as the successor to "The King", who has dominated the league for many years as we all know.
6:26 PM4 months ago

Previous this course

Both franchises had already played their four games this season, with a record favorable to the LeBron James-led team of 3-1. His last game was taken by the Angelenos.
6:26 PM4 months ago

Time and where to see the meeting

The match will be played at 01:00 in the morning, and can be seen live through the League Pass, in addition to being able to follow the minute by minute here, in VAVEL.
6:26 PM4 months ago

First match after Covid-19 for Los Angeles and Dallas

This will be the first time that both teams have played a match after the break on COVID-19, something we all hoped would come with great enthusiasm. Already in the Orlando bubble, both teams will play their first game in this week of preparation for the restart of the regular season scheduled for July 31.
6:23 PM4 months ago

Welcome to Lakers vs Mavericks live!

Good evening and welcome to the broadcast of the game that will be played tonight by the Dallas Mavericks and Los Angeles Lakers!