Full Highlights: Lakers 119-112 Magic in 2020 NBA Scrimmages
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2:38 PM13 days ago

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2:38 PM13 days ago

Leading scorers

LAL: Kyle Kuzma - 25 points

ORL: Carter Williams - 15 points

2:37 PM13 days ago

Q4 Ends

Lakers Win!
2:37 PM13 days ago

Waiters Dagger

Dion sinks a three and puts the game to bed
2:35 PM13 days ago

Q4 - 0:54

Waiters Fadeaway Jump Shot
2:35 PM13 days ago

Q4 - 1:12

Johnson Jump Shot
2:34 PM13 days ago

Q4 - 1:46

Birch Cutting Layup Shot
2:31 PM13 days ago

Q4 - 3:14

Johnson Driving Dunk Shot
2:30 PM13 days ago

Dion with the handles

2:28 PM13 days ago

Kuz been in the gym

2:28 PM13 days ago

Q4 - 4:10

 Caldwell-Pope Pullup Jump shot
2:24 PM13 days ago

Q4 - 5:14

Caldwell-Pope Running Dunk Shot
2:24 PM13 days ago

Q4 - 5:34

Caldwell-Pope 3pt Shot
2:19 PM13 days ago


2:16 PM13 days ago

Q4 - 7:57

Bamba 3pt Shot
2:12 PM13 days ago

Q4 - 10:10

Bamba Dunk Shot
2:12 PM13 days ago

Q4 - 11:10

Clark 3pt Shot
2:06 PM13 days ago

Q4 - 12:00

Last quarter starts!
2:06 PM13 days ago

Q3 Ends

Lakers 89-87 Magic
2:05 PM13 days ago

Q3 - 0:38

Bamba Alley Oop Dunk Shot
2:00 PM13 days ago

Q3 - 1:23

Smith Driving Floating Bank Jump Shot
1:56 PM13 days ago

Q3 - 2:43

Ross Pullup Jump shot
1:50 PM13 days ago

AG00 putting a dunk show

1:49 PM13 days ago

Q3 - 5:15

Fournier Jump Shot
1:47 PM13 days ago

Q3 - 6:26

James Running Layup Shot
1:46 PM13 days ago

Q3 - 7:46

Caldwell-Pope Running Layup Shot
1:42 PM13 days ago

Q3 - 8:15

Vucevic Jump Shot
1:42 PM13 days ago

DJ doing work

1:40 PM13 days ago

Q3 - 8:34

Gordon Reverse Dunk Shot
1:40 PM13 days ago

Q3 - 12:00

Third quarter starts!
1:14 PM13 days ago

Q2 Ends

Lakers 60-47 Magic
1:14 PM13 days ago

Q2 - 0:52

Augustin Driving Layup Shot
1:12 PM13 days ago

Q2 - 1:46

Augustin Pullup Jump shot
1:09 PM13 days ago

Q2 - 2:49

McGee Alley Oop Dunk Shot
1:07 PM13 days ago

Q2 - 3:37

Ennis III Driving Floating Jump Shot
1:03 PM13 days ago

Q2 - 4:12

Gordon Cutting Dunk Shot
1:02 PM13 days ago

Q2 - 5:19

 Howard Alley Oop Layup shot
1:01 PM13 days ago

Lakers say AD is done for the day after getting poked in the eye

12:58 PM13 days ago

Current first half stats

-Orlando Magic: 6/36 on FGs, 1/16 on 3s

-Kyle Kuzma: 6/7 on FGs, 4/4 on 3s


12:57 PM13 days ago

Q2 - 7:08

Cook Pullup Jump shot
12:52 PM13 days ago

Q2 - 9:28

Kuzma Pullup Jump shot
12:52 PM13 days ago

JR throws a dime

12:48 PM13 days ago

Q2 - 10:35

Kuzma Jump Shot
12:48 PM13 days ago

Anthony Davis is being evaluated after being poked in the right eye. His status is unclear, the Lakers say.
12:48 PM13 days ago

Tough fall by Iwundu

12:37 PM13 days ago

Q2 - 12:00

Second quarter starts!
12:37 PM13 days ago

Q1 Ends

Lakers 35-19 Magic
12:36 PM13 days ago

Q1 - 0:51

Howard Alley Oop Dunk Shot
12:36 PM13 days ago

Kyle Kuzma: Four first quarter 3s.

12:33 PM13 days ago

Anthony Davis leaves the floor after being hit in the face
12:31 PM13 days ago

JaVale Detonates!

12:30 PM13 days ago

Lakers bench having fun

12:29 PM13 days ago

Q1 - 3:42

Davis Cutting Dunk Shot
12:24 PM13 days ago

Q1 - 4:18

Kuzma 3pt Shot
12:23 PM13 days ago

Q1 - 5:27

James Running Layup Shot
12:23 PM13 days ago


12:20 PM13 days ago

Bron looks ready!

12:19 PM13 days ago

Q1 - 6:40

Davis Driving Floating Jump Shot
12:19 PM13 days ago

Q1 - 7:25

Vucevic Reverse Layup Shot
12:18 PM13 days ago

Q1 - 7:40

 McGee Reverse Dunk Shot
12:10 PM13 days ago

Q1 - 11:12

James Cutting Dunk Shot
11:59 AM13 days ago

Q1 - 12:00

Game is underway!
11:53 AM13 days ago

Magic 5

D.J. Augustin, Evan Fournier, James Ennis, Aaron Gordon and Nikola Vucevic
11:50 AM13 days ago

Lakers take the floor

11:23 AM13 days ago

No Morris For LA

Markieff Morris is the lone player who won’t play (aside from the injured Rajon Rondo) today as he continues to get integrated back into the action after joining the team this week.
11:16 AM13 days ago

LA getting ready

Lakers will treat this game as a regular season game
10:57 AM13 days ago

Mo Bamba on having a full roster in practices

10:55 AM13 days ago

Six-game slate for the first Saturday with basketball

Lakers vs. Magic, 12 p.m. ET

Bucks vs. Kings, 12:30 p.m. ET

Heat vs. Jazz , 4 p.m. ET

Nets vs. Spurs, 4:30 p.m. ET

Clippers vs. Wizards, 8 p.m. ET

Nuggets vs. Pelicans, 8:30 p.m. ET

10:54 AM13 days ago

Frank vogel on rookie, Talen Horton Tucker

“I think two things,” said Vogel. “His body changed – he did an incredible job from the offseason last year when we drafted him up until this point right now that really changed his body, dropped a lot of weight, get himself in great shape.”
10:53 AM13 days ago

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“We want to win and we want to compete." - Michael Carter Williams

12:57 AM13 days ago

The King Speaks On BLM Movement

12:56 AM13 days ago

"Justice for Breonna Taylor." - LeBron James

12:54 AM13 days ago

Orlando Lost To Clippers In Scrimmage Debut

12:53 AM13 days ago

Lakers Lost To Dallas In Scrimmage Debut

10:09 PM13 days ago

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